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  1. Don’t think there’s a board, but I’m sure you can find someone to tag along with.
  2. I’ll put in the fist 10k, who has 1,240,000? Maybe 125 of us can go in on it?
  3. GPS Question

  4. Monday holiday

  5. About time I joined...

    Welcome to the forum, no snarkyness from me. See ya on the trail👍
  6. Happy Birthday Mikey, Zubb, WC

    Happy Birthday all, now shut up, and get out and ride damnit!
  7. viewing ads

    Currently seeing satmoto top and bottom with iPhone
  8. 14 Legs, 7 Wheels

    Bumpity bump!👍👍👏👏😥
  9. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Don and Jon saying there goodbyes The food and beverage table, with the workshop off to the right Get’er done Kelly Parts are parts Some kinda Geramanic face signal! Good to see you all, and nice meeting Don, Mike, and Wayne. Hey Waynne, I read Piratemonkey’s rr last night, what an excellent adventure and write up. If anyone’s interested, it’s on page three of 4 day and longer rides named " 14 legs and 7 wheels ". I’ll go find it a give it a bump.
  10. Oriflamme Canyon Sat 10

    Thanks, you’re welcome
  11. New Member in Borrego Springs

    Welcome Mark, that’s a nice invitation. I’m sure you’ll have some takers. See ya on the trail
  12. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Dave thought Kelly needed some new crash bars for his crash bars😂 Thanks a lot for hosting this Dave👍👏👍
  13. Investment,,,In Offroad

    Words of wisdom Bagster, " the ride " sure helps me out out. I come back feeling rejuvenated, and thankful for the beauty around us. Well worth the investment. I only wish I had never stopped, but am grateful to be riding now. Ride on, Wierdrider
  14. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Just have a beer ready for me when I fall over