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  1. Great slide show Udo, music selection was good too👍 When a German dude invites you to a party and is serving Brats, you should always say yes!😜
  2. 👍👍
  3. I talked to someone yesterday about that type of scenario. He had ridden up to a scene where a Goldwing had been hit head on. He took charge of the scene and pulled out his trauma kit where a nurse was helping the guy. Gotta keep cool Thanks for sharing👍
  4. Congrats Roger and Princess Leah👍 That is a great photo!
  5. Good evening 😜
  6. See you Saturday 👍
  7. Welcome to the forum, congrats on the Husky👍
  8. The one on kerney villa matches prices and is giving SDAR 20% off labor through September
  9. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Udo 😁
  10. What a great day for a ride with everyone, biker people are sooo cool. It was good to see some SDAR riders and finally get to ride with them. Thanks for posting up DD👍 Photos to prove the ride happened, The crew DD telling how he made it up the hill in second on his "Rocket" ship! Zubb showing Mikey how well his crash bars work! The crew plus me The Duc man admiring my Wee👍 Nice meeting you Dave, thanks for the input on the Wee. Dibs on that motor too! DD is into group things😘 The riders The shot of the day, our fearless leader😬 Oops! Bob was just to fast I'm sure most of you recognize that location After a great lunch and the bike started, DD feels goood! Zubb getting creative. Kelly takes great photos 👍 Should I stay or should I go?
  11. It was a good day for the lizards to die!
  12. Thanks Mikey, fun ride today👍
  13. I sure hope you checked with Jay that he'll be open🙏🏻 Where can I meet you in the morning?
  14. I might make this? How early?