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  1. Welcome Mario, are we gonna get like buttons?
  2. SD Noob

    Welcome Steve, you’ll have great opportunities to improve with the inmates 👍
  3. New Member - DangerDave

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your bike. Gotta love the VStrom👍, I do!
  4. I probably can’t make it 😕, I’ll chime in if I can
  5. Ride tracker

    That’s really cool, someone posted one on SDAR a while back.
  6. New Member Intro

    Welcome SacRider, see ya on the trail 👍
  7. 2018 desert dash skill level

    PM ADVbum
  8. Maybe for me, thanks for the nice offer. I’ve been pretty intimidated to try hah😬 I can’t commit yet though.
  9. New bike - ALTA EXR

    Congrats, welcome👍
  10. Two-wheeled Antarctic adventures

    That was a fun read👍
  11. Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    I’ll follow with the GoPro
  12. He has quite the following, I subscribed to his channel after finding his videos from the trip you guys rode with him. 👍👍
  13. Black Friday Shopping

    Nice👍, I bought a 20 year old truck a couple weeks ago.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Thanks Mike, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the SDAR gang.