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  1. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Did you stop for gas? I had heard they only had low grade octane, don’t know for sure though?
  2. Glad you guys had a great time, excellent rr as usual. Thanks for taking us along 👍👍
  3. Burritos, Beer, and Bandido’s Kelly showing off his knife Mike’s enjoying life, good to meet you 🍻Tom scarfed his burrito down, I think he wanted that one too.Huh?As the world turns👍👍Getting up close and personal Retirement changed Tom, ya think? More soap opera Ducati dude enjoying the view TJ was lit up brightly Zubb and I did an extended ride beforehand, Japatul Valley up to Descanso, down to PV, up Sunrise Hwy., and down Thing Valley to La Posta to 94, we stopped in Campo for our Burritos. Zubb will post up photos of that part. We rode up from Marron Valley road, if Kelly hadn’t stopped to ?, we would’ve run into Tom and Mike at Doghouse Junction. Great day of riding, eating, drinking, and BSing!
  4. The next step (what moto to get)

    Did you sell any TW’s? Here’s a DRZ on cl https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/mpo/d/drz400s-2800-baja-ready/6561850220.html
  5. Mission valley rider

  6. New member in Clairemont

    Welcome spoofy, see ya on the trail👍👍
  7. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    Congrats to the two of you, see ya on the trail when you get that bike👍👍
  8. Birthdays and The Kug

    Happy Birthday Kug🍻
  9. The next step (what moto to get)

    I would pm advbum to expedite
  10. The next step (what moto to get)

    $20 annual donation
  11. Looks like he’s heading further South!He must be on the runDamnit, they caught’m! Still smiling though, good luck hombre🖖🏻
  12. New GPS advise.

    There’s a 64 for $250 and a 60 for $100 on cl I just saw
  13. The next step (what moto to get)

    Here’s a DRZ https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/suzuki-drz400e-and-drz400s/6550021156.html