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  1. I guess it is on a Sunday, in a month! July 15th
  2. There’s a street ride for Alzheimer’s on Saturday I might attend. https://m-alzsd.akaraisin.com/15820/?Lang=en-US&Lang=en-US
  3. Lotsa options. Welcome to the forum👍👍
  4. That’s amazing! Im always fascinated seeing roaring rivers being a native San Diegan.
  5. I rode twice this week.

    Really nice Paul, perfect way to spend some alooone time👍👍
  6. Congrats on the upgrade 👍👍
  7. flatland racing radiator gaurd

    He already did!
  8. Thanks for the update, beautiful photos.
  9. Beautiful 👍👍
  10. 2019 CRF 450 L

    04 racing four stroke with 12,000 miles👍👍
  11. Wheel lacing

    I followed this guy home last night with a side x side tire strapped to his Yamaha, he could probably do it?
  12. Nicely done👍👍 Here’s a few photos from my last ride out there.
  13. WTB ATK 605 DS

  14. Very nice👍👍 How awesome to have the sheep go through camp!
  15. My new ride

    Congratulations Mimi👍👍