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  1. That Dino is taking a dump on Jim's V-strom or making love it it. Not sure which.
  2. The 790 Duke is officially out with the 790 Adventure to be released in 2019. The 800 cc engine is a parallel twin making 100ph. As a comparison, my 800 cc Ducati Monster makes only 77 hp so that is some decent oompah! The engine, per KTM, will be used in the 790 Adventure so loads of low end power. The Duke looks like a fun hooligan bike. https://www.cycleworld.com/2018-ktm-790-duke-is-finally-here-to-destroy-any-and-all-pavement-in-your-path
  3. MotoGP is definitely bigger in Europe and South America...It might be more popular if we had more American riders. Most of the current Motogp guys have been track racing since they were little kids and we are only beginning to see that here.
  4. Wow! If you didn't see the Argentina race it was a hoot to watch. Weirdest start you will ever see in a MotoGP race. Absolute panic on the grid minutes before the race with people running everywhere and a mechanical failure just before the green light. And wet conditions causing havoc. Let's just say the Marguez and Rossi feud is back on. 4 minutes to race time and every bike going back into the pits except one. Pedrosa....air...borne Rossi not so happy.. Marquez "Sorry bud, I just f'd your ride up".
  5. Recommendations for Big Bike tires

    If you are limited on time, tools and/or garage space, 8 Ball will mount anything you bring in and generally has a quick turn around.

    Danno- I rode from Tampa to Key West and back with a law school buddy a few years ago. I rented a big fat Harley like you did. It was like riding a couch. We had blast, especially going across "Alligator Alley" at night. There were huge gators on the side of the road here and there. Not a place to break down or run out of gas. The ride into the Keys is epic. Each little island has its own little unique beauty to it. Fun time!
  7. MotoGP 2018 - Last Lap of Qatar

    Will be going to COTA also...PM me and we can grab a beer while we are there.
  8. The 2018 season has started and the first race at Qatar did not disappoint. Dovi (Ducati) and Marquez (Repsol Honda) battled it out and the last lap was a pretty awesome with Marquez overtaking on the last corner and Dovi diving back under! These guys are amazing to watch. Dang it...mean to put this into roadracing...

    Nice! The views going down to Key West are epic, and just when you think they cannot be topped, they get better.
  10. Autonomous Vehicles in Arizona

    Saw the video on CNN. The bike appears out of nowhere. Even if the driver was looking, which she clearly wasn't, I don't know if she could have avoided the impact.
  11. Happy Birthday Mikey, Zubb, WC

    Thanks guys!
  12. KTM Twins beware!

    Clearly, they are having some issues if they are sending emails out like that.
  13. KTM Twins beware!

    About a year ago and a half ago, KTM Twins was purchased by a new owner. Before the change, I had nothing but good experiences. Not so much with the new owners.
  14. My new ride

    Nice bike! I would do garage07s list first. Worry about taking off all the smog/tuning as you have time. You can have a hell of a lot of fun with the stock suspension and tuning, but running low on gas and bashing up you engine casing sucks.
  15. Anyone lose a dirt biker?

    At least if they got lost with me, they would have some really good scotch to keep them warm.