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  1. Dealership paper plate. Track down the dealership, track down the car, then track down the perp.
  2. Fire in Jamul

    From the photo it looked like they were just hitting the edge to keep the embers down, but you're right they put it completely out. Total 'tards if they are putting out your backfire. You don't leave unburned fuel between your blackline and fire front unless it is way inside the line.
  3. Fire in Jamul

    Nice pics Reximus! Putting down some black with the drip torch!
  4. UC Davis and Daughter Ride

    Awesome that she enjoys riding and camping with her Pops. Great memory building adventures.
  5. Fire in Jamul

    Idiots. Go 10 minutes down the road to South Bay Rod & Gun Club and shoot safely.
  6. Fire in Jamul

    I was hoping the casino would burn down. Mikey doesn't like it.
  7. Fire in Jamul

    I am getting old and that bike hurts after an hour. I am in denial of reality.
  8. Fire in Jamul

    I was on a street ride today and took the 94 east and saw a big smoke header on the horizon as I got near Jamul. I was expecting the road to be shut down earlier, but I was able to ride past the new Hollywood monstrosity of a casino to Honey Springs Road and Otay Lakes Road. I got to see the fire up close as it burned over the ridge heading west/southwest towards Otay Lakes Road. I stayed around for about a half hour. I couldn't see how far south it went, but it was quite the airshow going on. Cal Fire Incident Link http://www.fire.ca.gov/current_incidents/incidentdetails/Index/1503 Taken from Honey Springs Road.
  9. Nicky Hayden

    News is not getting better. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/may/18/nicky-hayden-bike-crash-injuries-motogp
  10. Nicky Hayden

    Medically induced coma...not good. Hope he pulls through.
  11. The newer, bigger KTM's past the 990 era have a lot more electronics in them to make them more streetable (to compete with BMW). Many of the other brands (like BMW) have had the benefit of developing their electronics packages across a broader range of products, such as their sport and sport touring bikes which has given them an edge. KTM has been slower to the market with more sophisticated electronics packages. When the RC8 was last out (I think in 2015), it didn't have all the high end electronic rider aids that its competition had. There seems to be a learning curve going on.
  12. You should go to some of the races...They have beginners levels (run what ya brung) and there ain't much talent on display. You just might get hooked.