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  1. Great group pic with the groms.
  2. These are cool indian sites in that general area: Palatki Heritage Site 4.7 (61) · Historical Landmark Archaeological site in a red sandstone canyon, home to ancient cliff dwellings with pictographs. Sedona, AZ Honanki Heritage Site Tuzigoot National Monument 4.4 (216) · National Park Montezuma Castle
  3. Do it! Jenny and I have had a lot of fun two up on the 990, especially exploring places like Death Valley. Having more of an offroad capable bike just gives you some extra options.
  4. Just passing this along...this would be a nice big bike for somebody here. Looks clean and well kept and some nice mods on it. $7,500 for 13,853 miles is not a bad price. Not mine and I do not know the buyer. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2010-ktm-990-adventure/6383134235.html
  5. I was going to put the same thing. Probably the easiest noob ride around. Plus, the decomposed granite is good practice.
  6. I hear ya Bags. It is actually hard to ride a Panigale at lower speeds because of the power band. It is actually painful.
  7. This was posted on the San Diego DOC FB page...just a friendly reminder to watch out for wildlife in the backcountry. There is a peacock on Eagle Creek Road that always runs out at me..one of these days it might just die from my tire roosting on its head. Hey fellow Ducatisti,I wanted to put out a word of caution to those of us (many of us) on the fun roads of San Diego County.While out on Otay Lakes Road Sunday morning I unluckily encountered a couple of deer that decided to dart across the road ahead of me. I T-boned the second one about 45 mph and well that’s the beginning of the last 10, less than fun days I’ve been recovering in hospital, (lacerations due to the bike landing on me). Wear all your gear as I was, it did its job keeping my skin off the asphalt. No brainer right?Moral of this story, you never know when your time will be so ride safe out there but be ready, in all the ways you can think of, for the worst at all times. Look forward to seeing all of you soon.RaulBtw I think she’s totaled 👎🏼
  8. The sad reality is me face down in a mud puddle pinned by my bike and LB trying to get it off me. True story.
  9. Seriously, how to you do that and not realize it?
  10. Man...I didn't know those camera guys and drones were out filming LB and I on our last ride.
  11. Nice pics and vid. Sand on 60/40 tires is no fun.
  12. Nice works gents. Looking forward to the pictures.
  13. You are too lazy for that...one flip flop will do.