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  1. Welcome to the short leg club. This is something I have also been meaning to do and I think well worth the expense. You will compromise some ground clearance but compare that with how many times you have fallen over/dropped a bike trying to get a foot down at 0-1 miles per hour. Also, if you are doing a BDR/camping on a small bike, it can also be tough getting your leg over on a fully loaded bike.
  2. Those pea gravel spots near the mine are pretty gnarly on a big bike.
  3. Nicely done guys! Nice to see a big bike ride!
  4. The chrome tanked Seeley is sweet. Some great bikes in that collection.
  5. KTM!, KTM!, KTM!
  6. Nice camping set up Kug!
  7. Not moto related, but got a New Weber grill...
  8. 14/52. I was able to do 65'ish, but it was close to being topped out.
  9. I did part of the Utah BDR on my KTM EXC 350-F. (We did not finish because of rain). It wasn't soo bad, but would have rather had a 500/525 for that trip to keep up with Cid and LB and less strain on the motor. Having done the AZ BDR on the 990, the smaller bikes are way more fun especially if you are doing expert sections. Even slabbing long sections wasn't horrible.
  10. Happy Birthday bud...Looking forward to riding in 2018!
  11. You have these dummy. https://www.rei.com/product/877258/rei-co-op-flexlite-chair https://www.rei.com/product/878520/rei-co-op-half-dome-2-plus-tent
  12. REI Camp Chair is on sale for $49.99 from $79.95 until 12/3 (See endless camping chair thread). REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Plus Tent is $129.99 from $219.00 until 12/3 (good bike bike tent).
  13. My son wore this twice and outgrew it. $20 (Goes for $116 new). Comes with Scott googles and a pair of tiny gloves. I would say this would fit a 3rd-4th grader. https://www.amazon.com/ONeal-Youth-Piston-Helmet-Medium/dp/B008OWXVN4