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  1. Nice write up.. Brings back memories with LB and CiD. Lockhart was an a$$ kicker, but well worth it.
  2. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    I use an Arai XD4 for almost everything. Decent all purpose helmet. I have a dirt bike helmet too but usually reach for the Arai when any type of road work is involved.
  3. Pretty cool looking. Edgier than the Grom.
  4. You have to ride with four people just to pick this thing up if it ever tips over. Sooo late to the game makes me wonder what is going on with HD. Maybe they finally figured out making the same old metal dinosaurs year after year with old fat guys with beards as your brand image will not keep them in the game. https://www.cycleworld.com/breaking-down-harley-davidson-pan-america-frame-by-frame
  5. My 17 year old me and 48+ old me wants this. Good for scootin' around town, fun in the canyons, all around great bike.
  6. This is an incomplete hypothetical question. Are you asking my 17 year old self, or my 48+ year old self in my 17 year old body? Cuz' my 17 year old self didn't know jack.
  7. This came via email. Just passing it along. CELEBRATE THE 4TH WITH OUR GEAR UP SALE! GET 20% OFF WITH THIS DISCOUNT CODE IN YOUR SHOPPING CART 18WOLF4thJULY (Cut and Paste code. Must be purchased online atwolfmanluggage.com ONLY from 6/29/18 to 7/5/18)
  8. Spent the weekend with wifey at WorldSBK in Monterey. Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) took both races and makes Laguna Seca look easy. The other riders behind him, not so much. We generally hang out at the Corkscrew and this year saw some pretty spectacular calamities. A Turkish rider lost the back end at the middle apex on the Corkscrew and high sided. When they were loading his bike onto the truck, you could tell it was almost split in half. The slo-mo video is spectacular. Watch the rear tire compress during the initial slide. The rider was okay after taking it easy by the side of the track for a while. The Honda Rider, No. 46, is Jake Gagne from Ramona! He placed in the top 10 both races, his best finishes ever for his rookie year in WorldSBK. The Liqui Moly Junior Cup races also took place. The factory KTM riders took first and second place. When they came by on the parade lap I waived a KTM shirt I bought at them. KTM rider Sean Ungvarsky stopped his bike on the Corkscrew, took off his visor, and tossed it over the fence to me. He was super pumped on his finish. His friends come over to us and snapped a pic and later he came back up to the Corkscrew also. Got a pic with him. These races are a ton of fun because the riders are super accessible and like to meet the fans.
  9. Welcome to SDAR! Groms are cool. Off road Groms even cooler. Build it. Otherwise, buy a KTM. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Indian FTR 1200

    Will probably end up with a horrible fat, eco friendly can exhaust like this junk below. Total boner killer.
  11. Cool looking bike... https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/indian-ftr-1200-confirmed-production-2019/
  12. Honda Super Cub

    You see entire families on a Super cub in Asian counties.
  13. FOD

    I like to change my tubes/tires with the spikey side down.
  14. Looking for Honda CRF150F

    Thought I would try my luck here before dealing with CL. Less scoundrels...well...maybe.