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  1. Alta Motors Co.

    Yeah bummer wonder if just a way to restructure and get publicity for a new investor seems too sudden, keeping up with racing and sponsorship and just shut down. Was honestly gonna look into getting one in 2020
  2. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Used sena units with my dad but pretty limited. Rugged kit with sdar group. Can manually enter group frequency no need for programming. Just watch out for the old farts talking politics
  3. Kids desert trip

    Ocotillo wells lots of well used tracks that get compacted and sand if they get wild
  4. Me, Blake, ty, and yes the mtn man seth made it. Fly in drink ride drink then fly out.
  5. Open cut another trail sounds like fun and awesome rangers are working with group to keep stuff open and make more when all your hear about is closures.
  6. The trio got an early start on ranger and marked the rocks on the proper routes not the bypasses.
  7. Yup bunch of guys i know all got in. Right before 7 buddy ty wasnt close to computer so i registered for him made 274 out of 292. So only 18 left in less than an hour
  8. Me too hope to be there before sunset. Im planning on bobcat meadows. Blue dodge ram with roof top tent
  9. Probably same size as rekluse cover which adds almost .2litre and still fits well with no mods to brake lever
  10. Yes to pass and yes its a big gravel area at 4 corners for parking. If full cause of other group doing maintenance there(doubt it) you can park in overnight campgrounds with pass.
  11. Ranger is the black diamond single track trail on south side of area. Ill be camping night before and should be fresh to do the same
  12. Delorme SOS

    What a wierd thing to happen. Wonder if delorme was looking at your progress moving as well and could have seen that also