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  1. Might be down there with daughter, saw practice last year was cool stuff, do you know what times didnt see on link
  2. I saw this earlier looks like an awesome time
  3. Do not try harbor freight versions, i have tools like this but never have good luck with the small bolts. Another option find a machine shop and take your bike in they will gladly get it out without problems, probably $50ish but worth it on a bolt in motor case.
  4. Nicely done guys bummer cid you couldn't complete route again but atleast you got bike to triple digits with camping gear.
  5. Counter more scenic i think
  6. That bike wasnt originally ca plated so probable not worth time and $$ to make it ca plated if u can at all. Just keep it az plated
  7. Yup going to dismount this week, just hit 40hrs total so full go threw and regrease on bike.
  8. Nice choice i have regular leatt 3df armor before airfit was available wish i had waited for airfit
  9. Nice i have 2 fatty dst versions ready will freshen up for tecate enduro also gonna do it this year. Really digging the nitro moose 35hrs on it no problemos so far
  10. Welcome, try lark mccain area and should be a decent amount of anza borrego rides coming up and dual sport loops out of ramona.
  11. The 94 is a super highway now no more jaunts at mellow pace, even on my 570 with about 70 cruising speed i feel like im getting ran over. I rode my uncles xt225 for 2 days way too heavy and under powered pay the extra 1k and get crf250l or wr250r and lower it