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  1. 2019 CRF 450 L

    My husaberg fe570 about same.specs and crf450l and mine at 305lb wet and its significantly heavier and harder to ride in anza borrego than a new ktm 350 or 500
  2. I need a set of stock bars off a ktm if anyone has any takeoffs I would love to buy or trade for beer. Pm me please
  3. Sunday Ride 6/24

    Nice connector south east of town to drop you back onto hwy 74 never seen it before is it also doable in a truck?
  4. Dropped Pin near Mccain Valley Rd, Boulevard, CA 91905 https://goo.gl/maps/XhS3MtbAVHp
  5. Sunday Ride 6/24

    Look up Hixon and allesandro off bautista not on route but not way out of way either. There's also a black diamond jeep trail off san Jacinto near pine cove
  6. Sunday Ride 6/24

    Bautista, up to Thomas mountain on 6s16 here https://goo.gl/maps/rBCTjBzTxBK2 Then left onto rouse hill road 5s15 here https://goo.gl/maps/JWtJnrRQErT2 Down to get 74 go east like 1/2 mile up to bee canyon left here https://goo.gl/maps/Z1dzR2fmsMP2 And then right on san Jacinto truck truck trail here https://goo.gl/maps/ZpY3185bZyP2 into pine cove and take the 243 South 5 min on road to idyllwild
  7. Beta X-Trainer

    I sat on one at c&d its small, rode one around camping spot at tecate enduro very small thing was lowered 1" more. But I'm 6'2" 230lb But ridden with 2 guys with then impressive not think that much different than 300rr,
  8. WR250R maiking progress

    for whatever reason everytime i see someone upgrade these i want one even though i currently have 5 ktms
  9. Wow surprising Robert, 2 weekends ago 200yards from camp 1 I went over a rock and slid rear end out while going over and landed on a rattler huge one too, then saw 1 more out north within 30seconds of 2 farn deer. On last Saturday i saw 1 rattler again small one and another snake maybe gopher with 2 more deer. Never seen this many deer in long time Bummer i didn't see you out there rick on Saturday i was staging at camp 2 did swing by oak tree but didn't notice any trucks
  10. I'll put on calendar, might show up on 950 super enduro but I'm good with single track up there on it.
  11. Umm you do know it was a high of 75° and 20mph winds at mccain. Shame on you
  12. Nice your crazy also for driving up riding all that then driving home.