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  1. Bummer i cant make it truman big bear is awesome need to get another weekend back up there. Had so much fun last time we stayed at your "cabin" and did those big loops. Awesome staging area and perfect location right in middle of trail loops and in town. Guys seriously take him up on his offer you wont regret it.
  2. From cabin staging area would be plated only. 200exc would be awesome there but would have to stage at all trail heads and backtrack or find connector trails back. Good area for only non plated bikes is pinnacles, crab flats, big pine or cactus flats
  3. Yup look on advrider plenty of stuff and info guys using stabdard hardware from home depot and tapering end. Thats what buddy did who did my valve check
  4. It was hot when we got done with our loop surprised you went back at it
  5. Awesome good seeing you yesterday glad bike working out great
  6. Just go to whole foods im sure one of the 5 dozen hipsters hiking there this weekend will be shopping there
  7. Damn 60lbs congrats gonna be a force to be reckoned with when riding season comes
  8. I'll look tomorrow in my attic had takeoffs from my dad's husky 650 forgot if up there or already gave them away
  9. Cool stuff interesting about the piston big bore thingy
  10. I will take it all wheres pickup?