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  1. Always wanted to check out this area, but too much of a drive for exploring with mccain, pv and corral so close
  2. Agreed i tried the grease once and a whole handful of wheel bearing grease was gone in 15hrs ride time maybe got soaked into tire and tube?!?! Just proper install and maybe baby powder if completely dry.
  3. Pretty technical think they do it for safety and only 1% on 4 wheels can make it. Diablo and other one arent horrible but assuming for flow and safety only one ways
  4. Hes asking if its legal to go uphill heart attack hill and no it is not, diablo drop, heart attack hill and one other i believe drop on borrego wash might be wrong name on that one its east if ranger station in oc wells are all one way
  5. been in the market for a rv last couple weeks and keep debating how to get motos and a toad on the road and what do you know pops up on google i totally forgot about this thread. currently have a 24ft travel trailer and major pain loading everything in my bed, 1 moto, electric power wheels, generator, firewood its crazy and probable above maxed payload. this re sparked my interest we are looking at getting a super class c diesel on a kodiak 5500 chassic so tongue weight and 10k tow rating is non issue. another option i saw was to build something similar to this he wants like 6-7k for them though i could probable build myself for 2k, i did say thought a couple years ago after i hand built 3 personal trailers i wouldn't do it again but trailer builders just charge way too much and are often so cheaply made i like both of your guys options the 3 point hitch hauler with receiver and really like the joe hauler cargo rack with receiver for versatility and will then just flat tow one of our vehicles.
  6. Cool ride, dont ever go one a ride with jim you two wouldnt get much riding done
  7. Step ups

    tomorrow friday the 7th, free schedule after 9am to ride, getting bored of mccain on my 450xcf plated but running mousse in tires so minimal street
  8. 2nd attempt, last year way more prepared but crashed out 18miles into loop 2, this year kept saying was gonna start training for endurance 6months out but stuff kept coming up and never really got into it until race day. This year 2019 plan to hit puerta series and couple other events and keep training in between to get into shape.
  9. New bike - ALTA EXR

    To be honest if i got an electric bike i would poach, but i do have an electric assist mountain bike that i hit up legal trails near my house and its amazing the climbs i can make where a normal pedal bike couldnt make it
  10. New bike - ALTA EXR

    Thanks for your input now back to dirt bikes please
  11. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Or a insanely good rider. Remeber a xr250 couple years ago and guy was fast
  12. New bike - ALTA EXR

    Awesome bike bummer about compqny going under hopefully someone will pick it back up
  13. Changing a tire

    Good tip, for the 140 size motoz desert ht for my 950se that tire is a monster i had to put it under a welding blanket and 2 ceramic space heaters last year in winter so much easier. Also yes cid those levers are amazing did 2 front golden fattys yesterday with filled mousses and only the curved ones would get in there