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  1. Umm beer, need to take bike out havent done otay sunset in a while
  2. Have a front in my fatty 45hrs now just restuffed it with m16 cutoff still feeling good,
  3. Mike picked up today sorry
  4. Ford obd1 code reader and lookup book
  5. 140/80-18 pirelli mt21 130/90-18 dunlop d606 Bottom two in picture, both look to have over half tread left older takeoffs but still good condition, pm for pickup
  6. X2 awesome route short and sweet but very scenic Edit: do this after their 2nd or 3rd time on dirt there are a couple spots that aren't graded, do the boulder creek route, Fyi to anyone else pine valley loop and corral canyon main road are in process or planned very soon to be graded smooth
  7. I got that same kit last year works good on my small bikes but wouldn't jump my 950 or a small 4cyl car like the antigravity xp1 would but they are apples to oranges
  8. Pickup by thanksgiving please, if I have to move to new place a 6pack surcharge will be added
  9. Open to any offer on the first gear jacket, and i would like all items to be picked up by thanksgiving or if I have to move them to new place in December there will be a 6pack surcharge added
  10. Nice yeah looks like expanded version kit of one i have, looks like good light
  11. There's is this little thing called the baja 1000 Baja_1000_2017_Print_v4.pdf
  12. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable Warm White, 12W 900 Lumens, 3 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ARQY31S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_O45.zb0QEXQSQ I just installed these in a closet that had no light pretty impressive light
  13. Don't quote me but I believe a long time ago they tried something similar $5 day use and it failed miserably cause of exactly why you mentioned such big area and no way to enforce with all the entrances, if they do something should make it like forestry pass where you can buy at multiple places and get year passes