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  1. What a bummer, surprised hasn't happened on other sides also
  2. Sounds like a fun event I saw ur pics on FB bummed I couldn't make it
  3. Nice glad to see bike is working out. Fun little ripper. I still haven't ridden as fast as I did on that bike on this one section at McCain super tight and twisty between windmills as I did on that 12 year old 200, it put my 1 year old 300 to shame
  4. New legs

  5. Tire cupping

    I gave up on a more dirt tire than dot 50/50 and ride more dirt Bruce, Shame on you
  6. Nice route rain supposed to hit tomorrow
  7. good thing you avoided that head on and agree with midweek there, gary does good work but last 2 times i did his classes the skill level was way over the board and really frustrating. i do not think he does enough screening prior to booking its more like if there openings he lets anyone in. i had same issue last year on his level 2 and 3 classes.
  8. Rain in mountains

    I rode behind tire spinner cody on his 200= mucho dust
  9. Rain in mountains

    Just ride McCain afternoon Thursday ride, zero moisture made it out there
  10. Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Welcome try this link also on advrider https://advrider.com/index.php?threads/baja-adventure-riders.926440/page-99#post-35598141
  11. looking back at kennys post he said extreme moutain hybrid i didnt catch that, i used the original mountain hybrid and traction wasnt good at all in sand or hardpack but was good on street and lasted forever was also really heavy and big for a 120. looks like mountain extreme has more spaced out knobs so might be better, think i might put one of the extreme mountains on my husaberg 570 dual sport rear wheel and i leave a knobbie on desert wheel
  12. Check rmatv.com I agree on shinko front but never liked the motoz mountain hybrid rear but tires are picky for people
  13. people would need to stop buying ktms for them to realize there is a problem. if they make them all choked up and sales numbers still increase doesn't sound like a problem to them. but i do not agree with the ruling for different makers same goes for niche auto makers as well