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  1. Nice good spot for fuel up for my 950 super enduro only 90ish miles to stock tank
  2. Surprised they posted still 40 spots available, me blake and jacob will be there
  3. Google pio pico dont think they sell tacos they do have limited beer selection. I'm a maybe havent ridden 950 since last one
  4. Mission valley rider

    Did you stay on the main road of venture off side trails? you can't really get lost on main road just a out and back theres maps online and at kiosk at trail head
  5. I had a blast, little bummed i didnt push it harder could have improved time alot I think. But came home, safe, full of tacos and beer im a happy camper. Guys if you wanna ride down there on closed course single track do it I will forsure do full schedule next year
  6. Mission valley rider

    Sweet pink bicycle in background
  7. SDAR Padres night 4-18 Dodgers

    Might wanna check dates already past 4-11
  8. Me and jacob will be there tomorrow see ya there
  9. 300 Top End Advice

    Winner winner
  10. Awesome need to do this run pronto
  11. 300 Top End Advice

    Agreed minus big bore kit its already a 300. I would personally throw new cylinder and piston kit and upgrade to rktek head saw big gains and cooler temps on my 300xc from it Edit: or just do this complete kit and try and sell back ur cdi on eBay since wont need 2 https://slavensracing.com/shop/slavens-mule-250300-cylinder-kits/
  12. 300 Top End Advice

    Try messaging spaugh on here see if he's still doing work on bikes if you don't wanna do yourself, he's awesome with 2 stroke For parts check with these guys ://www.cookseycrank.com
  13. He's out until tomorrow riding in death valley probably hating life today fyi if you don't hear from him in a day or so. Normally super quick email response
  14. Need help with a bike recovery Sunday.

    I'm assuming it's on the down low not open topic approved
  15. I've taken my old 350 with tubliss at moderate pressure not crazy low like 4 or 5psi for 2hrs straight at 70ish no problems multiple times. I doubt Kenny gonna do long highway just connectors and tubliss perfect for that