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  1. USGP MXdN

    Also interesting- Italy wasn't on anyone's radar for even a podium position, and they nearly won. There is an interview with Cairoli after the races and he is clearly bummed as he goes through the opportunities they had that would have swung the result.
  2. USGP MXdN

    To take a currently unpopular but contrarian view, while it wasn't good, it wasn't near as apocalyptic as many are going on about. Consider: In 2015, in France, the US team came within a whisker of winning. We didn't send our best team possible. In 2016, the US would almost have certainly have won if Jason Anderson didn't get landed on after winning the first moto. The US was still in the lead when Cooper Webb went down with a lap to go in the final moto. This was a team with 2 250 riders on it (Webb rode a 450 for this race). Last year, at the USGP, Tomac went 1-3 in MXGP and RJ Hampshire went 1-1 in MX2. The GP guys didn't turn into supermen over the last 12 months, nor did the AMA guys forget how to ride. What is for sure is the GP field is deeper than it has been in 30 years, and the US riders had terrible starts (likely related to the significantly different starting procedure used in the GPs) and really needed their A game to overcome, which they didn't have. Not helping the US cause was riders having career days (Coldenhoff and Lupino) or by far their best day of the year (Paulin). It just wasn't the US team's day.
  3. USGP MXdN

    Not to nitpick too much, but it is not the USGP, but the MXdN. And I'm leaving tomorrow.
  4. I just checked some of my ride data- I have a funny story for offline later.
  5. 5C? We're such morons. You are the only one there I would have recognized.
  6. I finally made it out about 9pm and met up with a former riding buddy/roomate, and wasn't able to connect with any SDAR members. I only fell once and finished without any real problems. I am definitely out of riding fast practice, the whole first loop I was just trying to get my eyes to look where they should. My last loop, I was definitely in 'lets finish this' mode. I was trying to explain to my son about how you used to get a carbon copy of your scorecard. He had no idea what carbon paper is. I like the idea of taking a picture of the scorecard, I wish I had thought of that.
  7. sent the threatening participants a DM with my contact info. There are a couple of places they have staged in the past.
  8. By my reckoning, you could come back to the pits after every test if you wanted to. 8 tests, around 6 miles/test. Terrainwise, my expectation is that it will be more geared towards technical desert rather than top gear whoop sections. I generally do not feel outgunned on a 250F.
  9. I've made my arrangements. If someone wants to split the rental car and hotel, let me know. Leaving Thursday, returning Tuesday.
  10. Got the random email from Rob that reminded me to sign up for this: I'll be leaving Saturday afternoon with my son (who isn't racing), and we have trailer space and a bed available. My goal is to finish.
  11. Wheel Bearings

    Motorcycle axles and wheel bearings are not designed this way. Motorcycle wheel bearings are ball bearings, with limited ability to take thrust (they don't need to) and should have no side load on them at all when assembled, regardless of axle torque. If axle torque is making a difference, you have other problems you need to fix. Those of you prying the seal off a bearing and adding grease are only getting away with it because motorcycle wheel bearings are a low speed application for bearings designed and developed for high speeds. The amount and type of lubricant that the bearing comes with is the result of a lot of ruthless testing. My understanding is too much grease is almost as bad as no grease at all. If you could keep a motorcycle wheel bearing free of water and dirt, it would live forever. On dirt bikes, though, the outer seal has a hard life and gets old and hard, it starts wearing grooves into the wheel spacer, and water and dirt start working their way in. A sealed bearing can hold this off for a while, but not forever. It eventually goes. If you have to replace bearings, get good bearings (like SKF) and you should replace the outer seals as well and take a good look at the spacers. Water and dirt made their way past these two items when they shouldn't, and will again soon if you don't fix it.
  12. PM sent with contact info
  13. My van developed a fuel leak Friday, so we didn't go. I'm hoping that between the Q silencer, flywheel weight, and 6000' elevation, that it will be tamed down to within reason. We will also have the TTR125 along, but he is pretty anxious to get on the KX and make it work.
  14. This is what I wanted when I was 17 I bought one when I was 18. I still have it.
  15. BTW after not having a 2 stroke dirt bike for a while, this thing sounds AWESOME