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  1. 300 Top End Advice

    I have had that happen- the ring locating pin coming loose and doing a bunch of damage. I had the cylinder repaired, probably by Milennium. It was a while ago. At least get a repair evaluation on the cylinder. Knock the high spots off the head and you should be fine there. If you wanted to be a maniac, you could get the head resurfaced, but I'm not sure you would be able to tell the difference. As for the bottom end, split the cases and take a look. There is a good chance there is nothing down there, but it isn't that much more of a job if you are able to pull the top end off, and you need something to do anyway while the cylinder is away. At this point, it isn't worth the risk of damaging another cylinder+piston to avoid the couple of hours it would take to pull it apart and take a look.
  2. Lake Isabella

    Made it up Saturday night after dealing with some home drama, and did some exploring Sunday and Monday. Sunday we rode the roads and Jeep trails out past the end of Keyesville road, and then found the Kern Canyon Trail Sunday and rode the first bit of it before running out of time. Duncan is coming along, he was able to get through the downhill switchbacks by himself. There looks to be lots more to go back for, and we are looking forward to it. Thanks to Pasta Pilot for the guidance.
  3. Lake Isabella

    Is Keyesville open camping or do I need to find a spot in a campground?
  4. Lake Isabella

    Looking to make it happen this weekend. Same general desire, two track trails to take the kids. If I can break away to do some other exploring, that would be a bonus. If someone has a cool place to camp, I would be interested in hearing about it. TIA
  5. Easy way to create GPX route trace

    Back when Google maps was friendlier for this kind of thing, that is what I would use, and then use GPS Visualizer to save as a GPX. Now, I think you can do your planning in Furkot and save out from there. You can bring GPX files into Google Earth. That can be really helpful.
  6. Lake Isabella

    It is going to have to happen a different time, since both kids have gotten sick. If anyone wants to go riding between now and New Years at Lark or Corral or whatever, I'm game.
  7. I'm looking to go riding later this week/ this weekend with my kids and considering going up to the Lake Isabella area. I'm looking for 2 track roads and fairly easy trails. I've never been and a know there are some members who are familiar with the area, so advice would be welcome. Our backup plan is to go to Hungry Valley, which I think has enough of the terrain I'm looking for.
  8. I haven't done a trip report, but this is from our ecliipse trip. 990 on the slickrock trail in Moab, and then Duncan in the area we camped in the Malhuer National Forest near Prairie City.
  9. Show Me What You Got

    Working on a conversion for the 990
  10. bump. They have been getting rain, and there should be more this week.
  11. I am on the wait list. That weekend is also my wife's birthday. That hasn't been an issue in the past, but this year... I haven't asked for a thumb to be put on the scale. Robert- There is ALWAYS time for work
  12. My old Club, my old enduro. Most of the club is in Napa, so they have had other things on their plate recently, I am not sure how all that will affect preparation and the event. I will be leaving Friday, returning Monday. I have room in the trailer and the motorhome. It is going to return to a timekeeper this year. I am going to have to remember how to do that and get my gear together. http://ama-d36.org/=W=/D36/2017/Enduro/events/11 12 Rnd-6 Steam Donkey Enduro/flyer.pdf
  13. Shift Shaft Bolt Fail

    The previous extraction attempts look like the drill point isn't on center. There is a decent chance I could reestablish a center point and get it out. A hardened bolt is going to add to the challenge.
  14. Damn- already at capacity. I am on the waitlist. Keep fingers crossed.