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  1. Yesterday
  2. Your welcome to join. Dress in layers 3400 ft descent. PM Sent.
  3. I will post up options this weekend for locations to camp
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    I see ‘em. Well done.
  5. I'm 90% in, keep missing out on rides, to many chores! Can you be more specific on meet up time and location. Thanks
  6. Moab March lets go!

    Good with either, open on time and date pretty much. Or, I have zero knowledge of the Moab area, so if options are presented here, willing to vote my preference.
  7. Last week
  8. I think you are limited to 20 saved Tracks. You may want to save and clear your existing tracks in the handheld to have room.
  9. I am thinking about running out there early morning solo in my White Tundra with a XR440 on a Joe Hauler. Maybe the straggler group will have me? (Don't wait if I don't make it). Hey, will the Desert Dash GPS track download cleanly (via USB) into one of these old-school Garmin 60CSx? Sometimes I have to break the tracks into small sections in order to get it to download all portions of the trail.
  10. I need to get together with everyone that's going in the next 2 weeks so we can work out camping location and other details. I am in Borrego so I was thinking a meeting in Julian or Ramona, whichever works out best for the group.
  11. It would be nice to have some snow and rain to keep the dust down.
  12. San Felipe?

    pretty good, made it down from border on one tank (3 gallons) and made it back on a tank so that really surprised me. The mirrors buzz pretty bad at 75 and you cant see anything but other than that it did great even in light winds, burned about 6oz of oil I hope that's just because of break in.
  13. Thanx! RFS, OK; not my style. Not ready for a rebuild, but building a support team for the future. Maybe I will hire you for the job . You have a garage, right?..
  14. Nope. He's in a garage in San Juan Cap. Great guy. But only RFS motors, I believe. If you contact him, tell him you were send by FakeName.
  15. Does CA Flash have a Web presence? Google search is not being successful. Or is it just the telephone? Thanks, B / G
  16. Sondra's 2007 450exc

    http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/2007-ktm-450exc.1284313/#post-34407476 I know both owners of this bike personally and it's a an excellent example of the best year RFS bike- street legal from the factory, so no license monkey business. I've told her $4800 is a good deal for the buyer, and she should hold firm. But she IS an SDAR member, so take your best shot.
  17. Hey Lunchbox, You can join our 2 man team if you want. We are both newbies and welcome the extra brain power. Will be there around 7 in a silver F150 4door. White DRZ and red Honda. Jack and Kyle
  18. Another for CA flash. He has these RFS motors down to a science and can build you a reliable stock motor or some kind of fire breathing monster between the SX/XC/EXC variations with any transmission. He did some head work for me and was reasonably priced, quick turn around, and a wealth of knowledge. If you want all the small details worked out while your in there, he is the guy to talk to. He was very helpful with my constant bothering a few years ago on my 07 450xc I think Hopkins is up north in Washington or Oregon, but I know just as many happy guys that worked with him too.
  19. Hang Around the Registration Room / Tape a notice on the fireplace / chat people up. You will find plenty willing to add you to their group. Park your bike in front, you will attract like minded folks. Have fun! The same applies to Friday evening.
  20. Don’t think there’s a board, but I’m sure you can find someone to tag along with.
  21. Excited to be joining in on this ride, but got a question. My ride partner may not be able to make it this weekend, so I'm curious if there's like bulletin board or something at the campground where people attending solo can find a group/partner?
  22. I wish! Doing birthdays on Sunday. Wife's AND mother-in-law.......
  23. Break out the 500 and ride with us Sunday. Sunrise Hwy to Butterfield and beyond. Late lunch In Julian.
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