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  2. Thanks Weirdrider, but don't want to rush the fixing and installation of a new tank just now, appreciated though. Those new tanks cost so dang much. thanks Bagstr, good layout (the orange/red bag looks like one of my crampon carry pouches) breathes well. Wonder if anyone local makes compression bags that squeeze to long slender shape?? My coyote bag is gray also, it came with a dry bags, but I will likely use more dry bags to compartmentalize gear. Bp, I often think about the downsizing, don't dig the bulk, but frankly, cooking in the evening is a treat, and the morning hot coffee, toast, oatmeal.... at the campspot, is always golden, it is part of the ride for me, so just gotta have it. cheers.
  3. I'm not plannig to go into gnarly area this time. My plan is 2N54, 2N13, 2N80?, 3N14, 3N12, 3N16 Possibly 3N11 to Wright mine Mostly fire roads, The wright mine portion is the hardest part planned. It's not real rough or loose, but is a long hill with a steep drop off. It's video is from the mine out. Start to 2:11 is the mine trail, the second part of the video is 3N17 heading East
  4. Lol🙃
  5. If it's not gonna be to gnarly, and it's convenient enough to hitch a ride, I'd like to go. I'll check to see if a friend would want to drive us up.
  6. If you wanna borrow the big tank you're welcome to it. I haven't used it at all. Still have to install a he new petcock.
  7. Red is back-pack with water bladder, wide light straps to carry light clothing. Back-pack rests on Coyote when seated. Nomadic Rack carries Coyote small bag and climbing shoe bag at rear of GL.
  8. Interested in this, havent heard of anything connecting up to la from elsinore or 74 area. Have family all over la and mainly in yorba linda i can see trails lead to there but from internet all routes say closed. Please pm me for route im into a super long 400mile day even if its for scouting
  9. Ride was HOT! Fun, but hot. Didn't do the stuff up by Lake Elsinore as planned. Want to make it up there soon but will wait until I can do a two day camp & ride. Was going to be almost a 400 mile day with the off-road dumping out near LA. I know a great camp spot near Idywild that would be a good morning launch spot. Thinking about going this weekend if the temps drop a bit.
  10. Crab flats is awesome staging area, maybe not for trails you wanna do theres some gnarly stuff around there
  11. thinking.......thinking.........lurking........ sounds like a good chance to start getting familiar with that area. If my week goes well, I might be in (with room for a extra bike or 2) in the Ford King Cab.
  12. testing short , need to master the 125 action.
  13. I had to get creative to get the job done...but, it worked! Haha...
  14. Yeah looking at that tall neck on gas tank don't think any tank bag will fit well, looks like alot of stuff definitely need to down size. I stopped bringing cooking stuff or stoves rather just grab food at last gas stop or eat bars then carry all needed stuff
  15. Thanks Bp, I bought a nomadic rack down in Santee, it fits well, I always wanted one of those big gas tanks, but didn't get one yet. I could use a couple msr fuel canisters, always have those. They are good for about 8-9 miles each. If I mount the rotopak 90 degrees off to actually increase width, maybe the top duffel placed across the back with light stuff in it would have more lateral support - hmmm!?. Bad news when a wide bag droops over to get hit by exhaust - grrr. Bagstr, that sure looks like a small area for your butt in front of that red bag . Is there also a small bag under the blue bag? Maybe tools/tubes? Thanks for suggestion about sleeping bag last, makes good sense to put small stuff down in deep first as it looks like quite a deep hole down each side leg to get lost in - smiles. Looks like a full unpack and repack for overnights to get comfy attire, stove, food, etc.... Just now in the garage I stuffed my sleeping bag in the coyote to puff up the new coyote bag, admittedly not in compression sack, but it virtually filled it - dang, so was thinking about putting the sleeping bag and other light weight items in bedroll out of coyote. I've got a bunch of dry bags to choose from. This could help to address Bp's idea about not having too much weight on back subframe. All of my compression bags make things short and fat, seemingly more difficult to pack! Funny, but the tank bag I bought from Bp doesn't fit all that well and I dislike being all crowded in on a long ride, especially if the bottom of my hydration pak hits the top of the Coyote.... or duffel. Heck, the whole purpose of the coyote was to lower weight and expand volume, so I wouldn't have the big red blob bag on the back like my last 20 trips....shown below.... and there needs to be a fifty/ fifty canister on the back for cold beer... gotta draw the line somewhere - haha. Thanks.
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  17. Husky TE 511. My trailer is tiny only room for one bike.
  18. What bike are you riding? Got room for another bike?
  19. Yep just day tripping
  20. Is this just a day trip?
  21. Coyote with a large roll-top, plus a backpack. Pictures give general idea. Definitely use a compression stuff bag on bedroll, last addition at top of Coyote then zip-it. Small stuff bags in bottom of the Coyote legs.
  22. I remember seeing a good review of coyote packing on youtube they put sleeping bag in loose and formed it to the u shape of coyote. Fyi with rotopax sounds like decent amount if weight on subframe think those had pretty weak ones to begin with but i could be wrong
  23. Been watching the snow melt reports for passes in Colorado. Last year, I had to skip a piece of the CO BDR due to fires. I plan to go get those sections done beginning about July 11/12 from Basalt or nearby, (even though Hagerman pass might not open until about July 15, so it will be touch and go there, AND Cottonwood pass is getting paved so the original BDR has an alternate route) but I also have about 3-6 other routes that I have always wanted to do, and a couple of new ones I might check out. Therefore, with good loop planning and open passes, I will do about 3-5 loops, each about 2-5 days long (some BDR mixed with some central Rocky wandering), mostly solo, although some riding buddies have hopeful wishes to join in. If you are in the area and want to wander for a day or for one of the loops, send me a PM. Loops may begin in different spots, dependent upon my truck/car camping spots. Also interested in Rainbow Trail near Salida, and Rim Rocker to Moab, but those may depend upon heat, not snow! If you know of anything I should consider near the very center of CO, feel free to share. I may camp from 2 different bikes, dependent upon street dirt ratios of loops. A Vstrom can be used like car camping after wandering long windy asphalt over the continental divide and finding traditional campspots. Camping off of the orange 525 will add a lot more flexbility to camp anywhere in the Rockies as I go over rough rocky terrain at high altitude (golf clubs, kayak, hikingboots and bicycling will also fill in the gaps between motorcycle loops) I originally hoped that the Coyote bag would fit more horizontally over my E-10's, but today I looked and the very firm interior side of the coyote, and it doesn't seem to allow that as an option. so, I will take off the E-10s and other bags and strap on the coyote today, this week, or weekend. I also hope to load it on top of a rotopak. If you have any insights to good installation, feel free to share, and also, order of packing the coyote??.... sleeping bag 1st or last, sleep pad, tent, chair, stove, tools, tube, clothes, etc... and best strategy for a firearm (lawfully in CO). Thanks. Cheers.
  24. I'm planning to trailer up and park at the crab flats trail head. Easy fire roads newbie and big bike welcome. Kickstand up at 9:00. 40 Mike loop plus some side trails depending on the group. Trail head Dropped Pin near Crab Flats Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA 92341 6195079862
  25. Bags is on a "Rocky Mountain High!" Great pics...
  26. That was cool Kug! Thanks for posting!
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