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  2. Sorry to chime in so late but have been preoccupied this week. It was a great ride with a great group as usual. Conditions were nearly epic. Thanks Bagster, SoCalMule and bushwacker.
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  4. Radios or Bluetooth?

    We already have one...you just twist the little knob to "off"
  5. Yep another desert season is upon us!
  6. 1927 farm truck project

    We're showing the 1927 truck for the first time this weekend on Sunday, Oct 21 from 9am to 2pm at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista. They are having their annual engine and tractor show inside, which costs $10. But the San Diego chapter of the American Truck Historical Society sets up in the parking outside the front gate, which means that part of the show is free. Come on by and say hello to me and my brother Paul. http://agsem.com/event-tractor-show.php 2040 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92084 https://goo.gl/maps/bn5NSALJ2wy
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  8. Radios or Bluetooth?

    I guess I need to start designing a digital filter that blocks kereoke!
  9. Alta Motors Co.

    bummer. hope for future investment. If only I was a billionaire....
  10. Base mechanical design of the Ing. Macchi designed DOHC engine were debuted in the 2003 World Enduro championship with Anders Ericcsson winning the championship that year. At that time they (Husqvarna Italia) put out the 250cc version which is the same entire bottom end with a different cyl and head (top end) attached, a way over built 250 DOHC enduro powerplant . I was hoping the RS300R would also be qual for US but the cost vs market for a 300cc DS bike has stopped that model from being sorted. The RS300R is basically a Husky TE310 "big block"from 2010 before the X-Lite 250/310 engine took over. So we can only hope that all the bugs are worked out by now. My 2008 TXC450 was very bulletproof and was rebuilt after @ 300hrs of hard riding and racing. SWM has all new electronics and FI system. Chassis is the base of the 2008 TE/TC/TXC build but is in the 2010 build config, which had minor structural flex changes. So more than not its basically a 2010 model Husqvarna TE510 with super good price point for a 2019 model machine in this market segment RS500R $7795 (8K) for a 500cc high quality component filled EU DS machine. SM500R $8495 (8.5K) for the same in Super Moto configuration.
  11. Options are always good to have. Even if it is a 10+ year old chassis and engine. Consider the DRZ and XRL are 20+ years old and then 10 is almost new.
  12. Trying to put some Baja on the radar before the end of year Looking at the weekend of December 14-16 (would like to incorporate the 13th if possible) NOT very noob or BIG bike friendly - more of a quick intermediate technical boogie through and around the Baja peninsular with shelter, tacos and beer being part of the ingredients chime in if interested 100 mile range, new to baja ok - new to riding maybe not so much
  13. Alta Motors Co.

    I thought the same initially. They must have a tremendous debt from r&d and marketing and this is just restructuring the debt for future progress. Let's hope so. Like you I was considering one. Would be great for stealth rides in my neighborhood canyons.
  14. What a great ride! Thanks guys!
  15. Radios or Bluetooth?

    This antenna is a good upgrade to Rugged / Baofeng radio: https://www.amazon.com/Authentic-Genuine-NA-701-SMA-Female-BTECH/dp/B00KBZLOHC/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1516144366&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=authentic+genuine+nagoya+na-701&psc=1
  16. Alta Motors Co.

    Yeah bummer wonder if just a way to restructure and get publicity for a new investor seems too sudden, keeping up with racing and sponsorship and just shut down. Was honestly gonna look into getting one in 2020
  17. Alta Motors Co.

    Oh no! Say it isn't so... https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/alta-motors-ceases-operations/
  18. Radios or Bluetooth?

    If only for the 🎤 singing.
  19. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Good thing on the decision...If someone can help with using chirp, I’ll buy the beer, dinner or...
  20. Radios or Bluetooth?

    I'm sure there are active members here that are capable of doing that basic programming for you. Our very own Joshua Downs used to do it (did it for me) for members but he's moved to Texas. I know I'm coming into this after you've already made your decision but I'll give my two cents anyway. Radio comms are way better than the bluetooth options, especially for off road use. So you did the right thing.
  21. Radios or Bluetooth?

    He said there is a crackdown on unlicensed use....I’ll find a class, be interesting anyhow. I’ll hit you up for the cable when needed.
  22. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Huh. THAT'S interesting. I wonder what series of events precipitated that policy. They must be taking some heat from somewhere. I'd LIKE to help, but you'll need to find someone with a PC to run the CHIRP. I have the programming cable, and you're welcome to borrow it.
  23. Have some street helmets I am clear out. All mediums, all shoei, all have clear and smoked shield. Ive got the original boxes, helmet bags, manuals, chin skirts, no stains, scratches, or bad smells. RF1000- $100 obo RF1100 - $150 obo This was kept near a window for a while so there is some slight yellowing on one side. Barely noticeable, but one side is pure white. The other is a little off. RF1200 - $350 obo. Has both clear and smoke pin lock shields. Willing to to trade towards a shoei hornet adv helmet. I live in temecula and work in rancho Bernardo. I can meet at either place or somewhere near by.
  24. Last week
  25. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Well, RR called me after I placed order and would not add the 146.505 freq without supplying them with a Ham license. No worries, I placed order anyhow....Maybe someone here has Chirp and cable or Ill wait till I have license. May take you up on that set up help. I have many years experience using handheld radios that ping repeaters for work, but never set one up.
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