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  2. The next step (what moto to get)

    WooHoo; good for you!!! Good luck on your search!
  3. The next step (what moto to get)

    Both TWs are SOLD!!!!!! Ok it is not time to officially buy another bike!! I think we have both decided on a DRZ400e. With being vertically challenged we decided that if we got in a situation on a hillside or some other place where it is hard to put our foot down the electric start would be very handy!!! So the official search for a good running DRZ400e has begun. If you know of one or an equivalent let me know!! We have an official budget also. We both have a maximum of $2300 to spend. It might be tuff but I think we can find something!! Again thanks for you help!!!
  4. Today
  5. Warner Springs gas/store open

    I didn't Jim. Sorry. Toss a bottle of octane booster in the bag just in case..?
  6. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    I have Flintstone feet, a pair of Forma ADV's and Gaerne SG-10's. Atomic Moto is great to deal with when selecting boots - free returns (you pay shipping) and no issues. Good pricing on both brands.
  7. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    +1 My size 12W feet love my Gaerne's
  8. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Did you stop for gas? I had heard they only had low grade octane, don’t know for sure though?
  9. Showed up today!

    Very nice! You did all the right things to that buggy! Hope folks see that too and that you get very close to the price that you are asking!
  10. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    Also rocky mountain ATV has some good boot testing videos to help you choose.
  11. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    Look into top tier Italian brand Gaerne SG12 or other models from Gaerne they tend to run wider than the other Italian top tier brands. Also think to use summer type ("Sahara") socks from Moose racing for example to give more space, and still have good moto focus designed socks in use.
  12. Nice good spot for fuel up for my 950 super enduro only 90ish miles to stock tank
  13. Looking for suggestions for boots the you can by in wide width. My current Alpinestar Tech8 MX are good for about 3 hours, then the pain hits on the bone area outside of my foot and inside. So Im looking for a new boot. Right now the only boot I think you can get in wide in Forma?
  14. Showed up today!

    its a manx but the body has no value since it has been heavily chopped for a long travel tube chassis, it may as well be a knockoff, it is very thick construction and that's the only advantage over a knock off. This car is extremely fast and have had it near 100mph on the I-40 near kingman az
  15. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Thanks for the tip Ken!
  16. Showed up today!

  17. Arizona Newb Ride

    Great Stuff!
  18. Arizona Newb Ride

    Great ride and pics. We used to wander out to Tortilla Flats when I was stationed in PHX 30+ years ago. The area's changed a bit.
  19. Showed up today!

  20. This may be old news but I haven't been in that area for a while - when it was closed. The Warner Springs gas station and store, along with the golf course - is open again. Good to know if one is planning a WP to Anza ride or ??? Passed thru on a back roads ride yesterday.
  21. Showed up today!

    Is it a real Manx or a knock off?
  22. Showed up today!

    plating is a grey area in most states so Im going with that, I have the original invoice with serial numbers I will carry with me just in case.
  23. Showed up today!

    manx is for sale, its posted on CL now. The silver thing is a 2018 vette,
  24. Nice report and pics!
  25. We watered the horses near Descanso in prep for the evening gallop Jim probably hates the fact that I don’t care where we go. It’s always a great route. I hereby name Sir Jim - Chief Navigation officer extraordinair. Thing Valley Trail is awesome! Look Jim! It’s a purple throated left wing warbler. Certain obstacle arose but eventually we found our way Campo. Tacos. Locked and loaded. We missed crashing into Tom by about 30 seconds since that’s about how long it takes to water the bushes and snap a pic. I noticed up top that if you stand close to the towers, your hair stands up. Unless of course you’re like Tom and me. When Jim gets quiet and slinks into the shadows, just let him him go and know he’s on the hunt for photos. Atta boy Jim. Go get ‘Em.
  26. Good info, thanks guys!
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