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  2. Way way back when I played fireman for the state campfires/warming fires were different than cooking fires. If people knew to have a hot dog with a coathanger stuck thru it when we showed up we couldn't do anything to them. This may have changed ,check your local regulations.
  3. Never used Haustrom but, from looking at a few items on the site, the pricing seems pretty reasonable in general...
  4. I've made the same mistake- that's how I caught it ; )
  5. https://www.worldmarket.com/product/campfire+led+night-light.do https://www.rei.com/product/100706/mpowerd-luci-color-inflatable-solar-lantern The Luci lantern is my current favorite campsite mood setter
  6. It was a good one, thanksπŸ‘
  7. The part of Ocotillo Wells east of pole line road is BLM land so they could get picky and require the permit for campfires there.
  8. I'm looking at a web site for some gear, anybody ever use Haustrom? Seems like good prices on Klim.
  9. I had a recall for the door latches on my 2013 Ford Focus. Problem was they didn't have parts but said I could continue to drive it but be aware that doors could pop open at any time. REALLY!! I took care of the problem and many others with the vehicle by getting Ford to buy the car back under the CA lemon law program. I used to think Ford's were good vehicles with good quality control but not any longer. They are just another POS like many others these days... Sad but true.
  10. See what happens when you continue to support the NFL and advertise while the players use our National Anthem to make a statement and be disrespectful (my opinion)............ Rant over; sorry for the detour
  11. Happy B Day Jim
  12. Just an FYI for those of you with F-series trucks. Ford recalling 1.3 million F-series Super Duty pickups trucks, the best selling vehicle in America, for a problem with a door latch that could allow the door to open unexpectedly. The affected models include some of the model year 2015 F-150's, as well as some 2017 Super Duty pickups. In addition to the problem with the door opening while the car is moving, the latch can also prevent the driver from opening the door when they need to. Here are the models affected: *2015-17 F-150 vehicles built at Dearborn Assembly Plant, March 12, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2016 *2015-17 F-150 vehicles built at Kansas City Assembly Plant, Aug. 11, 2014 to Dec. 30, 2016 *2017 Super Duty vehicles built at Kentucky Assembly Plant, Oct. 8, 2015 to Sept. 1, 2016 Ford estimates it will cost $267 million to make the repairs. Ford said it is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the problem. http://www.wxyz.com/money/auto-news/ford-recalling-13-million-f-series-super-duty-pickups
  13. Dang, good catch. Saved yourself a bit of a headache.
  14. Hey, Enjoyed watching your progress. That was a bunch or riding! You ready to go back to work to rest up?
  15. You almost got me into big trouble on this one, I was about to spring it on the wife that I was going to be out riding until I remembered that her birthday is on Tuesday. Maybe next time, I don't need that kind of drama in my life!
  16. To quote my quote from the first post: "Campfire Permits are designed for use on federally controlled lands including those falling under the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management, and private lands that are the property of another person. On private lands you must also have written permission from the landowner for campfire use. " I'd say you are correct, no permit required on state land. The rangers at OW are pretty helpful, I might give them a call just to make sure.
  17. Please provide a link for the state camp fire permit requirements??? because as far as I can tell, it only applies to federally controlled lands, i.e. forest, BLM, etc. Ocotillo Wells is state land and I've never heard of a camp fire permit being require there.
  18. HBD, hope it was a good one!
  19. Happy Birthday Jim...from Mike & Jenny
  20. As noted in the application, you need one even to use a portable backpacking stove outside a designated campground.
  21. May I add that Firewood Restrictions in California make it difficult to enjoy a Good Wood campfire anymore. What is camping without a Campfire? Suggestions to buy wood locally do not work always in our desert areas because it is suggested to transport wood no further than fifty miles. Personally I burn propane when fire restrictions are in effect and Pellets when I absolutely have no other choice. (Yes, there is a Pellet burning Campfire Pit and it works great!) Otherwise ....... give me a good 'ole wood burning Campfire! The tree devastation in the Sierra National Forest has many factors besides the beetle. Forest Management, Fire Policies, etc. But Pests still damage so many types of trees needlessly by the carelessness of others. Hopefully we learn from mistakes of the past policies and the forests will survive and thrive. http://www.firewood.ca.gov/research.html Really....... Dammit, I sound like a tree hugger....... S Side note. I am looking for a log splitter....... to rent if anyone has one.
  22. Just finishing up the Blanding/Moab ride and turning back towards San Diego. Returning with one leaking fork seal. Hope to join the fray soon but not this week!
  23. Getting to the party a little late; Happy Birthday!
  24. I'm pretty that was celebrating 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 Thanks everyone, getting ready to go do the family thing.
  25. Kendall's, What can I say, it is a senior ride. seniors have moments Good Luck with the shoot https://keltonsinc.net/
  26. Kendalls. Not Keltons. I'm a 30% on this one. Big video shoot Thursday and I'm not sure I can make the jump.
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