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  2. I like that, things you brought but didn’t use. I have been gone about 60 days and have a pretty good list, but I’m not home yet so maybe they could be used?
  3. Stopped By Suspension 101

    George and I had lots of laughs. As In, who can we do evil to. We have a long list. He had just returned from a week of water skiing, and had achieved the proper attitude adjustment. All in a good way!
  4. Stopped By Suspension 101

    Pfft. Who cares what you WANT. You get what you deserve. And apparently Bagster thinks you deserve Penzoil. In the yellow can.
  5. Stopped By Suspension 101

    Sad = I wanted Rotella
  6. Today
  7. not me but some trail views....I was tip of the spear after a few miles in, race training no pit 1 stop rode the loop straight to the tower. Viddy courtesy of IKA Sushi Chula Vista support the the supporters (Sammy M)
  8. MXON

    I sure hope this is televised, I’m cheering for this team. Bringing back open class two strokes. https://www.google.com/amp/s/motocross.transworld.net/news/2018-motocross-of-nations-team-puerto-rico-announced/%3famp
  9. He sometimes goes up to 40 Wt, so i think I'm golden (Penz is gold colored right? Yellow bottle?) at 30! What's a couple hour wait, it will give you a head start - our handicap!!
  10. Stopped By Suspension 101

    HA! I was there a few days ago, and I got punked by George. He knows my dislike for stickers and such. He did a little work on my forks, I loaded them up and took them home, installed them on the bike- all good. The next morning I was returning from walking mywifesdog at the dog park and parked behind my SUV- the vehicle I'd used to make the trek to Alpine. And there it was. And crooked, too. He'd slipped away from the trailer very briefly, presumably to get parts from his garage. No kidding, he had less than 30 seconds to perform the deed.
  11. I dint use the: 3rd pair socks, 2nd flash light, Water tank (Empty all times), spare fuel hose, warm sweeter, hood, 2nd civilian pans, I-pad, BBQ-Grill, Spare parts, tow strap. But If you leave them at home, you need them. And I had one day in the wash salon.
  12. I like the Truck, I got a German Muscle car years ago where a Opossum family where living in for 20 + years, and I fixed it up. Bring it home. Here a Before and After $ spend .
  13. San Diego to Alaska

    You’re never leavin there! Good knowin ya.
  14. I spent three days in Clinton, Iowa helping my sister by remodeling her bathroom. My brother also came down from New Jersey to help. Tomorrow I am headed to heaven...the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery in Milwaukee!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hey Van & Ken, Dropped my shock off today and George said he was Happy to bump you two to get my shock re-built. Additionally, I talked him into using Pennzoil 30wt on your units. That should slow you two down. Yours in Brotherhood, Dave
  17. Gunson's Gas Tester

    Well you may or may not know this about me but I’m a bit competitive also. So I’m going to double your bid to $8.00, and that’s cash money. Covered in Bids
  18. You should have bought Alyeska's trailer! Since this was an extended trip, it might be helpful for some folks here to know what you didn't need. How much of your load did you not use and not need? Very cool trip Udo. Welcome home.
  19. Otay Mountain

    I like you SDAR sticker. Otay is my back yard, its to bad there paving it
  20. I know the bike is loaded, but what do you need for camping with unknown days.
  21. This does not fit me quite right. It is white I paid over $500 at FBC I will sell here for $375. Only used it for A couple rides. No scratches.
  22. I think it is the same work they did A few years back. It did get chunked up pretty fast last time.There is A lot of LEO traffic out there.
  23. Gunson's Gas Tester

    I bid $4 - Because I'm competitive This tool was used to tune my FJR 1300. I installed threaded ports in the the individual headers ( 4 ) and adjusted to the 14% target.
  24. My math puts you in the seat for eight full 24 hour days-wow!! Looks like a great trip and I must admit that I LOVE "did it kill me-NO!". Such a great outlook; welcome back home!
  25. It will break up and get pot holy just fine !
  26. Beautifully done Udo, welcome home 👍👍
  27. https://www.amazon.com/There-Are-Electrons-Electronics-Earthlings/dp/0962781592
  28. Gunson's Gas Tester

    I’ll start the bidding at $2.00. I have no idea how to use it or why, but have an open spot in one of my tool boxes. CiD
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