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  2. Hey Wildwood, that is GREAT! Well done. Nice report. Sure would have liked camping near you on that trip. Having your gal on a quad seems like a good idea (besides that fact that those quads can easily carry picnics and cold ones - smiles) . That area is so nice! cheers.
  3. Great report. Took my kids up there fishing many years ago. I've always wanted to go back with a bike. Definitely have to make that happen now.
  4. Nope. There's an addition in back and I pulled a small section off where rats were nesting and there's not much underneath that.
  5. Any idea what is under the siding?
  6. My current home project is to replace the 30 year old, faded, blue vinyl siding. I'm still kicking ideas with what to do after the siding comes off. Stucco, boards, bubble wrap, etc. Does anyone here perform this type of work? Maybe another riding buddy. I'd like to get started in the next couple months. Jon
  7. Looks great. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I spoke too soon. I wouldn't be able to get there until Friday.
  9. Hmm I might be able to. I can't. If I can (can't), I'll be on my YZ but you're right to take a plated moto. How many in your party?
  10. The wife & I got away for a week of camping at Sherwin Creek Campground, bringing along the Triumph Tiger for some 2Up touring, as well as the little bikes. We posted about 180 mi. over a couple days on the big bike checking out Crowley Lk., Tom's Place, Mammoth Lakes and the June Lk. loop. I also got in about 200 mi. on the Husky 310, including a 99 mile day with Amber on her quad all the way to Mono Lk. and back. Perfect weather, with temps at 75/45 and just a little rain on Wednesday. It seems like I'm seeing more designated single track laid out in the local trails around Mammoth, which was nice. Superb place to spend some time, highly recommended area. One of the Whitmore tubs, a pleasant 90 degrees. Northern edge of Crowley Lake. A lot of prime beef being fed in the area. I encountered a large group of cattle along a road not far from here, some of which had gotten through the fence & on to the road. As I was almost past the group, one particular steer still inside the fence split from the rest and began pacing along next to me a little spooked. As I tried to speed up and pass him, the dang thing started racing me and then jumped the fence (to my utter amazement) and cut right in front of me. It was like 'holy sh*t' as I panic lockup on the brakes, I've never seen that before. Never let your guard down. Later in the day on Tuesday, I went back to take Amber out on the Tiger. Lake Mary Lot's of water and waterfalls to view this time. Kickin' it in camp with a cold one, after a great day of riding. On Friday we had a good 99 mi. ride out to Mono Mills, then over to Mono Lake to see some Tufa Pillars. From there it was over to June Lk. to gas up and make our way back to camp. Food for the soul......
  11. Yesterday
  12. Congrats to you both. Roger and Leah, wishing you the best on your new start! S
  13. Auction is over and the Ktm's went for $4200-4300, not a bad price but not a deal good enough to flip - remember the 13% buyers premium. The two newer ford van's went for big bucks, a 2000 E350 with super low miles of 28,677 went for over book @ 6900 and the 2006 E350 with 156,355 miles went for $4200. This one was a little rough inside. The 1988 Chevy van went for cheap @ $1500 with only 28,917 miles but it's old school and not sure I'd want to drive any distance in it. Would have been a good local moto van.
  14. Thursday 8/31 from 6-9 PM, ride what you have - dual sport, cruiser, rocket or whatever your cruising around on! Flat track race bikes will also be on display to promote the upcoming 11/4 race at Barona Speedway hosted by IV League Flat track (same promoter that does the Del Mar races). Special appearance by the #1 nationally ranked 250 amateur flat track rider 12 year old Travis Petton IV - be there! This is also the same night as Ramona's American Graffiti Cruise Night so there will also be some pretty cool hot rods cruising up and down Main St.
  15. Hi All, Planning a trip to Kennedy Meadows September 6-9 (this is a Wednesday through Saturday). I am bringing a dualsport, but all bikes are allowed up there as long as you have a spark arrester. Camping will be at Kennedy Meadows Campground.
  16. Actually, may go to HU now instead...just found out we can't enter our sidehack in the Cool Overland Rig Contest since we were a finalst at last Overland Expo but couldn't make it, so no reason to go cross country for the Overland East. We'll be able to get valuable info at HU and meet lots of world travellers, so think that's what we'll do. So we'll probably see u there !
  17. I thought about it, but think we're heading to Overland Expo East in North Carolina Sept 29th instead. The HU event should be a good one !
  18. Got an update email. Siretta is OPEN and an adjacent trail may be reopening. To discover the Forest Service has closed the Sirretta Trail to the very folks who have volunteered to keep it enjoyable for everyone is a real blow for all forms of recreation. This illegal closure is totally unacceptable and a slap in the face to Stewards volunteers who maintain the trail. Ranger Al asked Stewards to wait a week so he and his staff could have closed door meetings about the Sirretta Trail issues. He would get back to me then with the documentation regarding the closure. We asked if Stewards could attend the meeting so we could better understand any issues with our Adopt A Trail and possibly help with solutions. Ranger Al insisted these needed to be internal closed door meetings I was concerned that Ranger Al and his staff might be working primarily with one sided information so Stewards sent him a detailed letter of objection to the closure also felt that he needed to hear from our members to better understand how much motorcycle riders loved the Sirretta Trail. I decided to send out an Alert to a small segment of our members. I want to thank the hundreds of you who emailed and contacted Ranger Al over the past few days. He appreciated hearing from you and did respond initially to some of you. As the emails and calls continued to pour in Ranger Al said he was upset by what he called vulgar, disrespectful and unprofessional language. Stewards always asks our members to be polite and we are sorry to hear people were disrespectful with Ranger Al. Respectful discussion is the best way to solve problems. There is nothing to be gained by disrespect or vulgar language. We continue to urge Stewards members to be polite and respectful when dealing with the Forest Service. Stewards also contacted Congressman McCarthy and his staff were immediately concerned about the closure of Sirretta Trail to historic motorcycle use and that the Forest Service had not followed procedure or notified the public about the closure and could not provide a documented reason for the closure. Yesterday I met with Congressman McCarthy's Legislative Director and other staff who fortunately were back in the District from DC this week. They promised to contact Ranger Al later in the week to find out why the trail was closed to motorcycles and to urge him to reopen it. Sirretta Trail Reopened Later that same morning McCarthy's office received an email from Ranger Al informing them that the closure was due to a false allegation by someone claiming there was unauthorized motorized use of the adjoining Machine Creek trail. Forest Service had gone out but found no evidence of motorized use on Machine Creek Trail. We are happy the Sirretta Trail is reopened, however we are troubled by the Forest Service keen jerk inappropriate closure and concerned about how they are handling trail issues. Stewards has asked Ranger Al the following and are awaiting answers- Shouldn't the Forest Service verify allegations prior to taking aggressive action such as closing a trail? Wouldn't enforcement be the first step to ticket alleged law breakers rather than closing a different trail to everyone? There are speeders on our highways but we do not close the roads. What is the threshold for violations prior to triggering the closure of a trail? When was the last time any other form of recreation was held to this high of a standard? When are non motorized trails closed based on an allegation without verification? Had Stewards members not contacted the Forest Service expressing their outrage would the Forest Service have field checked the allegation or just left the trail closed? Will the Forest Service be filing charges on the person who made the false allegation? Stewards have also requested any and all reports of the allegation including the name and information of the parties who made the false allegation. We want everyone to keep in mind that Ranger Al has been a friend to motorized recreation in the past. So we all need to give him the benefit of the doubt now. It may be that his hands were tied on the Sirretta Trail closure. We urge Stewards members to not make this personal. Lets stick to the facts as Stewards continues to get them. Some Stewards members may have posted our call to action on social media. With the trail reopened it is time to call off the dogs. Please remove those posts or add that the trail has been reopened due to protests by Stewards of the Sequoia, and there is no need to continue to contact Ranger Al. Machine Creek Trail Possibly Not Legally Closed The Forest Service is required by law to provide a Forest Order documenting the "extreme adverse effects" for the particular use being prohibited for any trail they wish to close. Many years ago, long before Ranger Al, the Forest Service illegally closed Portuguese Pass Trail merely by posting closed signs. Stewards worked for two years to get them to reopen that trail. With the recent closure of Sirretta Trail there appears to be a trend.of closing trails without procedure merely by posting closed signs on them. This got us to thinking was Machine Creek trail legally closed or just signed closed to motorcycles decades ago? This is the trail the Forest Service was using to justify the closure of Sirretta Trail due to motorcycles possibly trespassing on Machine Creek Trail. Stewards asked the Forest Service to provide the Forest Order closing Machine Creek Trail and the Forest Service informed us they have none. So it appears Machine Creek Trail was never legally closed. Stewards will continue to work for the reopening of Machine Creek Trail to historic motorcycle use, as well as urging the Forest Service to be more forthcoming in future regarding any trail issues especially those for Stewards Adopt A Trails. Your donations are what allow Stewards working and winning to keep your trails open. Stewards performs 83% of all trail maintenance in Sequoia to keep your trails open and enjoyable. Please consider doing you part by making a tax deductible donation to Stewards today. Please urge your trail friends to do their part by donating too.
  19. Anybody going to the HorizonsUnlimited event September 21-24? I'm thinking about riding up and camping on my R1150GS and would welcome company. Carl
  20. Great Video. Makes me want to get on my bike right now. Thanks for posting it.
  21. Last week
  22. Try North County Yamaha....they have signs in shop that say they match internet prices...worth a call ? I have been buying tires at local shops for years...I have relationships at the shops because of supporting them, so I usually don't even need to ask for a good price. Shopping at local shops where they know me by name and face has always been a great experience for me.
  23. This explains why the old ratty bikes are selling for so much. A few years ago I was trying to find a project to become a local errand bike. After exhaustive research I gave up on old bikes and decided to buy a Royal Enfield. Has the old look and a used one would be less than parts and labor on a resto. Still haven't bought it but it's on the list.
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