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  2. Dirt Dame went down awhile back, you might pm her. Could look for recently posted YouTube vids. That’s on my bucket list.
  3. Hey gang, I want to see if anybody has been down from Anza to Bailey's cabin recently. I'm looking for an insider scoop on road conditions. I have been through that lower section a long time ago and the roads were mostly flat and sandy. Any significant rock gardens on the way now? Going to take a Subaru Crosstrek through there and don't want to get stuck half way. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. Ed Stovin was out on Ranger trail on Sat. He had brought paint to mark the trail. Congratulations on the baby!
  5. Awesome job bummed I couldn't make it too much gping on and had the baby, ill make it a point to ride trails in January and paint rocks i know they always need it
  6. A little birdie (george from suspension 101) told me they have a fix for that
  7. Hello TNTMo, The KTM 500 EXC-F is a solid machine. If I could change one thing, it would be Linkage Suspension instead of the PDS. The front suspension is solid and the PDS is very good, and you'll usually not notice the difference until it compresses just right and it kicks. The instances are far and few between, so dialed-in rebound, compression, and sag settings are a must. It obviously doesn't hit on the low-end like an MX bike, but some mods would remedy that. Other than that, its an MX bike with a plate. Braaaap! Miggy
  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Awesome ! Good job everyone, thanks for attending and thanks to Mike for organizing !
  11. Yesterday
  12. Welcome, I'm also in Chula and just recently acquired a drz as well. Let's meet up for an ride soon!
  13. I always have good intentions to help out every time there is a trail maintenance day but I don't get to make it all the time. Even though I have a lot going on in my life right now, I made it a point to get out there to help this time. Since this is called San Diego ADVENTURE Riders, I figured it would be an adventure to dual sport out there with the tools strapped to the bike. Yeah, the Santa Ana winds gave me a good adventure by trying to push me off the highway but I made it to Four Corners just a few minutes past 0900. After the crew brief, I rode out to the Ranger trail head to see what the trail looked like. I had brought a Ryobi cordless trimmer and a bunch of batteries, not sure how it was going to do out there. I'm pleased to say it worked really well. I wish I had brought the large capacity batteries, I had five smaller ones and used them up but by that time we were quite a ways and ready for lunch anyway. I rode the trail a few hundred yards past where I quit trimming and it was very obvious how much of an impact we made. Much better sight lines through the corners, the ability to see different lines through the rocky sections and keeping my mirrors and hand guards from taking a beating. The DR650 isn't my preferred choice for riding Ranger, but it did ok on the section I rode. Mike put together a great lunch afterwards, any time he shows up I know I'm going to eat well. Thanks for all you do for the club, having people involved is what makes a good group into a great group. See you on the trail, friends.
  14. Tell us you did not enjoy the piece of that evening. Good Job to the crew!
  15. I showed up Fri night around 7. Very quiet all by myself. Worked on the signs for the next day. Tom working on the Trail. The trail looked fantastic after the maintenance! After the trail work we had a BBQ. I want to give a huge shout out to CYCLE GEAR for supplying giveaways. All volunteers received an Alpinestars hat as a thank you. Much appreciated the hard work everyone who showed put in. Hopefully we can expand this to twice a year and get more Shops and people involved. The members of SDAR are awesome! Thanks again.
  16. Kendall’s Borrego Sp. most weeks. Next Up may be Carrizo So. East of Bow Willow.
  17. Those new KTM's are great machines, everybody raves about them. I'm sure it will take you everywhere you want to go. Welcome to the group, see you on the trail.
  18. Hey Wierdrider. Thanks for making this Total Noob welcomed on this forum. I'll be on the look out for group rides. I have family out in Borrego and visit frequently. I was browsing through the forum and saw the people meet at Kendall's to start rides. I presume that's Kendall's in Borrego. Anyway, thanks again. Miggy
  19. what size bike are you on? If skinny bike take red cloud mine over to Blythe If adventure bike 650 and larger take Kofa over to Parker
  20. I have a "walk about pass" from Dec 27-31 which I intend to use for an adventure ride. If there is interest from others I am flexible as to route/bike etc. I am thinking day 1 Viejas Grade, down Orroflame, across Ocotillo Wells area then Bradshaw Trail over to the river. From there I am lost and need help. I would like to work my way north up the river to Laughlin and do the Mojave Trail cause its awesome. From there head south through Joshua Tree area I will be taking camping gear but am not opposed to hoteling it either. If I ended going alone I would probably switch to more adventure bike friendly as I don't have the balls of others to ride in the Dez alone. The wife got a new knee for Christmas so will be at home on house/dog watch. I now know what to get her next Christmas!
  21. Sorry I missed it, but I can still go out on an upcoming weekend and do some work.
  22. Welcome Miggy, you’ve come to right place👍👍
  23. It was a nice day out there, feel like we made an impact on the trail (I was working on Ranger). Thanks for the food, I really appreciate all the effort you put into this club.
  24. Just got home.Exhausted! I think we had 10 volunteers. Kicked butt on the trail maintenance. Pictures maybe tomorrow. Please post pics of the trails if you took them. Thanks again to all who showed, you guys/ gal were great.
  25. Last week
  26. Good to see you back out there, Jon. The ride to the river is still high on my list so let me know when you are planning on doing it.
  27. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I cheap School so I'll have some open weekdays coming up in the very near future. Hopefully we can get together for a ride... As long as it's not over 80 miles cuz I still have my stock tank! LOL
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