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San Diego Adventure Riders
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  1. Yesterday
  2. No problem, just remember on a past thread that that subject was going to be addressed. Thanks!
  3. LIKE button will be looked at later, but right now we have other priorities...thanks for understanding.
  4. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    My son is 14 now and keeps asking about when he is 15.5 if he can get a permit, so we can ride together.
  5. No problem, and thank you very much for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing the new site and the new feel it is going to have. Will there be a new feature for liking somebody's Post?
  6. Webmaster was working on the site. He backed the site up before working. There were problems and the new info was lost when he had to return to the back up. The site is in the process of being moved, translated from one computer language to another and updated with new look and feel. There is a lot going on and things may happen in the process. These changes were all necessary things that had to be done. Sorry for any inconvienence.
  7. Yessssss!!!! Im booked at Cals and Mikes Excited!!!
  8. I also noticed that many of the forum posts that I have already read have shown up again. Just info if it is helpful.....
  9. I love wet dirt

    Yep! McCain was epic yesterday as well.
  10. Oh oh, I saw it too...now it's gone. There were some issues with the backup last night.... I'll contact Mario.
  11. Please start a RIDE REPORT if you want to post about this ride, thanks !
  12. Crack of dawn ride after the recent rains
  13. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    Thank you, CID.
  14. The first 12 are on me...when I get the nerve up. Pulling the heads does not sound fun either. You work for beer money?
  15. Sorry I missed it, just wasn’t in the cards today. Can’t wait to hear about it...Going to hit Jacumba in the morning, like make-up sex.
  16. Last week
  17. Next year I can choose to just do two loops if I want. Maybe then I can finish!
  18. 1 bike one atv for sale

  19. Made it back into San Diego. Thanks Paul and Mark for letting me share in a little bit of your ride. I’m sure everyone that showed appreciates you twos time and effort today. Makes me glad I’m a member!
  20. hey Im still paying for that one.....missing all this great weather due to overworking my body and compounding injury to my already tweaked spine. Getting too old for this!!!
  21. I think it was a combination of things....I found out they were changed once already and I got lucky. I did a lot of research on it and chose that method. I will happily go drink beer and watch you do it when the time comes!
  22. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    The two day course is great and once you pass that you get a certificate so you do not have to do the riding test at DMV.
  23. Ive been dreading the plug change in my 120k mile 5.4 liter truck... You made it look easy
  24. For around $3000 ? Have friends from Alaska, who rode down here from Missouri on a 1200GS. The driveshaft blew and they want to buy a van to truck it back to Missouri.
  25. Mario will look into it, but we have some other priorities to deal with first. Baby steps.
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