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  2. cfr250x valves

    Early 250X's are somewhat notorious for going through stock valves quickly. The solution for many is SS valves (often Kibblewhite). You'll need new springs and the full kit. I believe the stock exhaust valves are steel. For professional help: AS Racing is a "guru" for rebuilding Honda X heads. Some 450X guys also throw a 3 ring (oil scrapper) piston from a 450 Honda Quad into their bikes to reduce oil consumption - not sure if 250X guys do the same. If you have good compression / leakdown this may not be needed currently. Your call there. I have some Neway valve seat cutters for sale if you're up to the task. I am certainly not and personally would send the head in for professional rebuild (hence the valveseat cutter sale)
  3. Dirt detour

    What were you riding? I only see a headlight!!
  4. Unfortunately I haven't even had time to wash the bike yet. I have been nonstop since we got back and no light at the end of the tunnel still! 😥
  5. Today
  6. just finished putting on a new tire (tore mine up today) so heading out again in the morning, will be at circle around 0800 if you make it out.
  7. cfr250x valves

    Just checked my valves, intakes are .0035 left and .0025 right. exhaust were both .008. .005 +/- .001 is spec for intake and .011 is spec for exhaust. Need to pull the head off (tomorrow) and see what size shims they were using, hopefully stock. if so, I can shim it out and get a bit more time on the head. I'd still like to know whats down the road ahead though. Eventually, the valve job is coming. If I order a the kibblewhite rebuild kit, what else is there to do? re-cut the seats and...? The rest I can do at home? Anyone have any idea what size and angle the valves are? (I have a cutter kit for my VW heads, and wondering if I can cut them myself). Advise is welcomed. Cheers, Mike
  8. Very nice today, rolled outa my place around 8 and stayed nice most of the ride.
  9. A little battered, but plenty of miles and protection in these. How's $65 sound?
  10. Nice report! Toenails falling off is no joke! Did you ever tear down your motor?
  11. Taken 570 once on kugs lobster ride. Agree 570 is made for that stuff. use to go to tecate on huge private ranch 3k acres and laguna area tons right after high school but was in trucks and quads. Agree would definitely rather truck there that take almost whole day, tecate crossing has been good recently or isnt there a seperate line in otay for passport holders and citizens
  12. Bump for a good time
  13. What's the ETA on that built for Baja beast? BP have you ridden south of the border? The 570 would do great down there I've talked with Reximus about this idea but I'd be interested in trucking south a bit (Santo Tomas / Erendira / even further) and doing a ride starting from south of Ensenada. That way, you can spend more daylight hours riding the coast (cooler temps in summer) vs slabbing to Ensenada or using up a solid half-day/three-quarter day to get to the coast via dirt. Major factor here is the return border wait but at least that's during the night hours. If the truck was Sentri that'd be epic
  14. or Photobucket, desktop?
  15. Possible Issue Uploading Picture Files

    I recommend imgur.com.
  16. Just got back from todays ride big loop similar to DD weather said 95 felt way cooler no one else offroad in park.
  17. Easy fix is....use another photo hosting site instead of attaching images to your post.
  18. http://www.kendalls.cafe/breakfast.html This not a race but an experience. Apparently the low temperature for the week
  19. Yesterday
  20. Took a little dirt detour on the way home from town today Bear Vly to Kernan then out to Buckman and home.
  21. WTB: Quality Size 10 Boot

    I have a pair of size 13's O'niels
  22. I'm having an issue uploading pictures files in bunch. I can only load 2 files at a time and if I attempt to load 3 at a time, the 3rd always stops "uploading" midway. When this happens I cannot stop the upload nor delete the picture and I have to close my browser to restart the RR. It might be the older Firefox browser that I'm running but I had a similar issue on Safari. Am I the only one having this issue? If so, disregard and I'll work through it. Thanks
  23. Day 2: 234 miles. 185-190 Dirt Made before our eyes I believe these qualify as "cage free" eggs Coastal cruising. Nice cool morning temps along the beach More evidence of water in Northern Baja. This is typically a dry valley. Again This long winding road was in surprisingly good condition. It felt as if there were less washboarding Refreshing aloe drink as the inland temps rose Did some off gps exploring looking for El Mano Pass / The Summit. Got a good lead but decided to turn around as we were going against our intended route and it was already afternoon. There is too much to explore in Baja for a simple weekend trip Sturdy gate Took a break under the trees at the Caselli Monument Another rattler in the trail. It's the season Another Flat! 2nd of the trip. The tube was fresh but was purchased at a Harley style store and was "ribbed"? Made it difficult for WilliamArcher to patch it. I was skeptical but it held air the whole way home. Note that he did not take the front wheel off the bike for the tube repair. More green and water heading north through the pine forest Dana's Monument After gas and great food at Ramonas we headed north to the Laguna. WilliamArcher scored some free carne as the family was grilling and celebrating the holiday. We stayed and chatted a bunch. Great people and very happy to have gas available there. More Laguna Look for irony Last stop pre-border tacos. Carne on the grill Adobado tacos. The restaurant was Packed with families 385 total miles for the 2 day trip. Hostel plus food & drinks came out to ~$50. Gas, tacos, 1 tube and one 1 repair were the only other costs. Catch you on the next one!
  24. Like I mentioned, Reputation is similar to "likes"....seems many people wanted that. You'll be able to click a little heart to "like" someone's post.
  25. WTB: Quality Size 10 Boot

    Bump. Looking for real boots - motocross boots. Not some softie street stuff DD.
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