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Oracle I either you "sign in" or just be a "guest" on Caltopo. Signing in I believe you can save up to 5 maps you're working on.Maps you can "export" to GPX file or have it open in GE and save it as KML file. To get the mst out of Caltopo the YouTube tutorials made it very to helpful to make tracks quicker. I save all my maps to GPX, then import all maps to Basecamp. Basecamp I still store all my tracks.

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I still have my Garmin Zumo GPS but now almost always use a dedicated iPhone. It's about 3 generations old and in a rugged case. Works well and doesn't use a phone card.

Note that other forums (and innumerable YouTube videos) have mentioned problems with more-recent iPhones that use magnets to stabilize the camera. Vibration on single-cylinder motos is mentioned as a prime cause. My iPhone doesn't have that structure.

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