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  1. AFM24

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Done! Thanks for your efforts to keep the site going.
  2. Oops! Mea culpa. Fixed in my original post.
  3. A great ride today, escorted by Randy, Mark, Paul & Van. Riding with those guys forced my sand skills to improve which wasn't really making me smile at the time but it was fun to get better! Really enjoyed Grapevine Canyon and on up to Culp Valley--all sorts of challenges packed in there.
  4. * The shape of the loop, not of the guys.
  5. Is it wrong to feel a bit jealous?
  6. Fantastic ride with three great guys. Van loaned a radio to me--my first time riding with one and I gotta say that it was nice to hear what was planned. Wet sand is about the only time I like riding it. Yesterday had a lot to like.
  7. AFM24

    Knee braces or guards?

    I have the Mobius. The biggest reason I bought them was that I liked their structure more than the other brands'. When I compared the leading styles, I was convinced that any of them would do a good job of protecting my knees. It also helped that the San Marcos Cycle Gear had them in stock so it was easy to try them. I've had a half-dozen rides and the highest praise I can give is that I didn't even think about them while riding. It really surprised me because I expected them to constantly be in the way. Nope...the only time they were an issue was when I had to lift a leg over the bike. The KTM seat's high anyway so they just made me lift a little more. Annoying, but more comically clumsy than frustrating. They also boost my mental strength because I feel like Robocop.
  8. Good job. I'm still hesitant to ride those canyons after an unpleasant journey on them with a DR-Z. One of these days I'll get out there with the orange bike.
  9. AFM24

    KLR650 or Dr650 or RE Himalayan?

    I don't know about advice but here are my opinions: The KLR is the most streetable of the three. It's bigger and heavier (especially more top-heavy with that big tank) but those are generally what you want to minimize for off-road. It's an extremely capable bike for your proposed mix with the caveat that off-road will be less pleasant. The DR650 is the simplest of the bunch, mechanically. It's an older design so not so lightweight but can be very capable off-road once you understand its tradeoffs. It will be more capable than the other two off-road but probably less pleasant on the highway. The Himalayan has the newest technology of the three but with the smallest displacement comes the lowest power. That's not necessarily a drawback in itself but does mean that some situations will challenge it: climbing hills while fully loaded, deep sand and California freeway speeds. If you tend to ignore a bike's maintenance, get the DR. If you want to ride longer distances or consistent freeway speeds, get the KLX. If you want a versatile do-it-all-but-nothing-extremely-well that you may soon outgrow, get the RE.
  10. +1 The ride had a great combination of routes & terrain. I really appreciated how everyone welcomed those (me) who had a more tentative pace than the experienced desert runners. Fantastic weather. Oh, and a great start to the day with that massive blueberry pancake. Kevin
  11. Welcome to SDAR! Too bad about the ride conflict--have fun on either one.
  12. AFM24

    Phone based gps help!

    Following... I still have my Garmin Zumo GPS but now almost always use a dedicated iPhone. It's about 3 generations old and in a rugged case. Works well and doesn't use a phone card. Note that other forums (and innumerable YouTube videos) have mentioned problems with more-recent iPhones that use magnets to stabilize the camera. Vibration on single-cylinder motos is mentioned as a prime cause. My iPhone doesn't have that structure.