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  1. The "flying" BMW photo popped up while I was on the home page, so I had to add my own. Triumph 800XC on a test ride, 2011. First 800 into Baja! Anybody else with big-bike flying pix?
  2. It's funny how things work out sometimes. Funny = interesting, not haha. On Saturday morning I was going to meet Goofy Footer for the first time and do my first ride from Warner Springs to Anza. The morning came and GF didn't show so I went solo. The funny part was that after I'd finished the ride to Anza, had lunch and started back down Terwilliger, I stopped for a moment and up rode some guy on a WR450F. It turned out to be GF! If it had been a minute either way I'm sure we wouldn't have seen each other or I would have passed by with a friendly wave. I enjoyed having someone else along and we rode back to Chihuahua Valley Road together. From there GF took the pavement and I continued on the dirt, both of us reaching the glider port about the same time. The weather was great and the roads were in pretty good condition for 2-wheelers. A bit of dust, several damp sections and still enough mud to throw a good layer onto the bike. The road conditions reminded me of Los Compadres trail in Baja. The memory of four broken ribs affected me more than I'd expected and I was really slow northbound; by the end of the ride I was feeling more comfortable. The best cure will be more riding! Thanks to Goofy Footer for coming along and making the day a bit more interesting.
  3. AFM24


    I think the link's broken. Maybe it was personalized? BTW, donation done!
  4. I'll be there and plan to park my Sprinter somewhere at that end of the airport. Now it's an early time to bed for me.
  5. Based upon the above two reactions, I should take advantage of the offer... I can switch to Saturday. Meet at the junction at 10 or change it?
  6. 👍 One of these days I'll be all grown up and ready to do a ride like that...
  7. Marijuana?? If anybody's growing it at this time of year they'd be a miracle farmer. Or indoors. That's not to discount that some people may not like intruders no matter what time of year it is. I've been past the Paradise many times but not eaten there since I usually head for the Mex place at the west end of town.
  8. Hmmm...that looks like it might be an interesting addition. Internet notes show that there's snow along the trail but people have driven it in the past few days.
  9. Thanks for the input. I don't expect it to be too challenging but it's a simple way to get some seat time.
  10. Since I'm still getting used to my 450, I plan to ride from Warner Springs' Lost Creek Road / Indian Flats over to Anza. Casual pace, the idea is to leave around 10, have lunch in Anza and return along the same route. This will be my first time through that area. I've talked with one other rider who's done the route and think that it should be fairly easy over established dirt roads. If there are 1 or 2 others who want to come along, I'd welcome the company. Otherwise, I'd be interested in any inputs or advice for a solo rider. I'm used to solo travel (mostly on pavement) and am packing what I need to be self-sufficient but still want to minimize those "oh ----" moments.
  11. Adding to the knee brace database... These are the ones I ended up getting after seeing that the bill for some relatively-simple broken ribs was over $90K: https://www.mobiusbraces.com/store/x8-knee-brace/ Yeah, super expensive but I learned the lesson about protecting body parts. After reading a bunch of reviews, I felt that any of the major ones will provide protection; I liked the cinch cables on these.
  12. Thanks to good help from Van & So Cal Mule, I finally got in the first ride on my '07 450 EXC. I bought the bike earlier this year shortly after breaking four ribs, so between healing time, freshening it up and general delays it took me a while to get it ready. Loaded the Mosko Moto bags with tools and went out to Anza Borrego. Despite my best efforts at getting myself seriously wounded, the guys led me on a 70-mile trip in and out of the Park. Man, I hated getting up early but the good part was we finished in time for lunch! Great day on the bike with almost no other traffic in the desert. A couple of pix from the day. I, of course, am not in any of the photos from my first ride. Oh, almost forgot: LOVE the orange bike!!
  13. CARB has proposed significant changes to the Red Sticker program. The changes would eliminate all Red Sticker bikes within a few years. I won't go into details...here's a link for input from Don Amador, D36 Legislative Action Officer: https://thegeneralsrecreationden.blogspot.com/2019/03/opinion-is-ca-red-sticker-plan-final.html Here's the site to submit your comments to CARB. It's best to do so several days before the 22nd so the comments have time to be collected for the Board. https://www.arb.ca.gov/lispub/comm/bclist.php Click on the 4th entry, "ohrv2019."