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  1. How were the crowds? any other bikes out on the trails?
  2. KC-World

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    Wow ... just way to early to go... i met him 15 years ago for the first time totally unaware at a so mission beach bar, I was wearing a Moto shirt, and he came up & handed me his SDAR business card... and said : “let’s ride sometime” and .... this clubs cool! This is crazy, cause that is the reason I know about SDAR! Rest in piece ... kc
  3. I was wondering if blue inn was open or not, I guess no more pit stops there until next season... our loop - ocotillo painted gorge, dos casesas, jojoba, sin nombre, diablo, dolomite mine, ocotillo 1030-3 ish
  4. Like next Friday! Again one more time...next week was out there with others in carrizo and vallesetos washes on Friday as well, maybe you saw some tracks.. did 72 miles, nice until the clouds opened up! then to hot,.. kyle
  5. Looks like a great ride! And belated happy bday I guessing top of diablo drop off was where the bikes are on there side... what was the shape of things there? kyle
  6. Just now read the review thanks for the link ktm exc500 wins shootout....
  7. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Oh really - what the heck is semi crinz ? Not into glitzy chit, or publicity names or millennial oh yeah. if anything , maybe kcworld
  8. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Sorry for the delay, I forgot can you change it to “KC” thanks Kyle
  9. Wow ! those are great pictures
  10. Nice photo’s and great riding
  11. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Ok let me think...
  12. KC-World

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    Ok Alamo it is next time! usually just do j box...
  13. My display name is xr650rkyle and I don’t ride a 650 anymore, how do I go about changing it?
  14. KC-World

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    Nice, how is the Alamo for food?
  15. It works good on my ipad! cool how it works