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  1. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Oh really - what the heck is semi crinz ? Not into glitzy chit, or publicity names or millennial oh yeah. if anything , maybe kcworld
  2. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Sorry for the delay, I forgot can you change it to “KC” thanks Kyle
  3. Wow ! those are great pictures
  4. Nice photo’s and great riding
  5. KC-World

    How to change your display name?

    Ok let me think...
  6. KC-World

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    Ok Alamo it is next time! usually just do j box...
  7. My display name is xr650rkyle and I don’t ride a 650 anymore, how do I go about changing it?
  8. KC-World

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    Nice, how is the Alamo for food?
  9. It works good on my ipad! cool how it works
  10. Yep another desert season is upon us!
  11. Very nice, SW Colorado! glad those passes cleared, did you do engineer pass near beuna vista?
  12. KC-World

    DOT Rear Knobby

    Kendra Parker DT - a DOT tire , big tall knobs gets 1100-1200 miles , 72 bucks, chaparell online, very predictable great in sand or rocks, a 90 dirt / 10 street tire.
  13. KC-World

    poway Ktm

    Poway ktm IS NOT anywhere like All American KTM ! I went to Poway ktm Honda after they started and jeez what a pieced together operation, will not be back. They rent two sides of a small strip mall, WTF?
  14. KC-World

    The next step (what moto to get)

    Miles.... off road? how many miles do you think you might ride in a day? Best bike answer is ... 15-50 miles take the 250/280/300/350 50-100 miles per day ride needs a 400cc + to make it enjoyable. 100+ miles 500-700cc that it in a general sense, of course any thing is possible.