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  1. I just got back last night from Baja. We crossed at Tecate Saturday morning and headed for Ojos Negros, then to San Vicente. It was a pretty brutal ride, cold temps with driving rain and prob 100 yard visibility most of the way. By the time we reached San Vicente, we were beat and very wet and muddy. Another downpour Saturday night made the all the dirt roads pretty muddy and slippery. We decided to slab it on the highway back up to Tecate last night and come back home. Riding along the coast was very cool but pretty rough. I shall return!
  2. We have tentative plans to head down to Mikes the 31st and then back on the 2nd. It would be cool to have a group. A KTM 450 and a couple of XR's
  3. Any groups riding in the morning? I'm located in North County.
  4. The reflector is for usually for microwave communication signals to "bounce" into another valley or area for coverage. Lots of them up in Idaho
  5. Aviator

    Deer Springs trail San Marcos?

    Thanks for the reply. That's why I asked if it was open.
  6. I'm looking for info on the Deer Springs trail in San Marcos. Open? Condition? Thanks
  7. I would like to join you guys next time. Instead of Ramona, maybe I could meetup at Lake Henshaw (76&79). I would be coming from Fallbrook.
  8. I may be down to go...but supposed pretty hot this weekend.
  9. Aviator

    Looking for tracks for area east of Ogilby

    I would like to join you guys sometime on my pig.
  10. Nice video's! I live in Fallbrook. Where were these trails? I kust got my XR400R working again and I am looking for some nearby trails!
  11. Aviator

    Fallbrook Riders?

    Hey guys, I just brought my 2004 XR400R down from Norcal. I live in Fallbrook and I am looking to get back into the scene. I am also wondering if there would be any chance of getting my bike plated these days? I have just a green sticker now. I have heard various stories that it mught be possible? Thanks for any info.