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  1. 50 000 new cases a day in this country. "Perfect"
  2. Kiwi Wayne

    Toni Bou stays at home !

    I did see a pussy!
  3. Kiwi Wayne

    Toni Bou stays at home !

    Nothing but Awesomeness.
  4. going riding means pumping gasoline! unless you have an electric bike and truck?
  5. Nice edit. I was well aware that you posted 3 weeks ago in very different times. Probably should have pointed that out? Look forward to more riding and socializing at a later time. The sooner the better.
  6. I was in New Zealand a week ago when there leader said "Stay at Home" In NZ English language that means "stay at home" After getting back to CA I am confused as to the meaning of "Stay at home" as all my riding buddies are calling me to go riding. All my neighbors are going about there business pretty much as usual. It's no wonder we ended up with this fearless leader!
  7. I was holding out for a postponement. Oh Well. Enjoy!
  8. Way to go Tom. Been on my bucket list for years to ride across the country on a scooter. preferably a Chinese one just to rub it in. Not really much of a challenge as scooters are very comfortable, reliable inexpensive, fuel efficient and Way Cool.
  9. OK I knew if I waited long enough others would cover all the points. Nice report Macduncan. Couldn't have said it better myself. Couple of points to add; In defense of the side by sides they did have nice cold beer and the gentleman outside the hotel who asked if those bikes belonged to us who indicated we looked too old! Probably the funnist ride I have done and ready to do it again! Viva Amgems!
  10. I booked a room with 2 beds thinking 1 of my useless friends would tag along. They all had weak excuses like being in NZ or AUS or prerunning the Parker 400 and ----. So.... I have a spare bed.