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    tntmo, Rally fairing, KTM, non Walmart oil, LEDS.... You've changed.
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    It’s not a rally without a rally fairing! And now I have LED lights so Tim can’t strand me in the dark.
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    That road is tricky because of all the rain channels and many tight turns. For me, not a place to carry a lot of speed. As my eyes aged (71), seeing clearly the details became a problem. Note that the injury sight is in the shade. Transitions, I.e. in and out of shade at speed became a crap shoot. The good news is that there is help available. After three eye surgeries, the details have returned and my riding has improved. Plus, I feel much more in control. Bagstr, On the Trail.
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    Well I just signed up, I'll be taking the 500
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    Impressive all around. Glad you were able to get yourself and your bike out of there and to urgent care.
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    Damn....hate to hear of the injury. Heal up quick!
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