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Ken S

My new ride

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11 hours ago, RobATK94 said:

Nice!!!  Still have the WR?  if you do, its probably going to collect a whole lot of dust now. 

going to be running people down and honking at any of the D38 races this year with this?


Keeping the WR - Race bike

EXC - Plated play bike. For now.

I plan on racing the full D-38 season. See you out there Rob.

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JD Tuner and FMF Q4 and a set of dirt worthy tires, ultra heavy duty tubes and a skid plate going on the bike tomorrow.

Guts racing tall soft seat on order.

Scotts stabilizer with under bar rubber mount bracket on order.

Goes to Suspension 101 Monday.

Hope I get $14000 worth of enjoyment out of this dual sport.

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I think the bike is fine, but a photography class might be worth taking. Them photos are dark.

Been a long time Ken, maybe I'll see you out there when I'm not hiding out.

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Update on new ride.


JD Tuner

De smog 

Best Dual Sports Big bottom end kit = Reed valves removed and grunt exhaust manifold flange

Wow  Went from ok 2 gear wheelies to be careful I don't loop it in 3rd. That's with the stock 100 mph plus gearing.

I'm happy now

Guts tall soft seat installed. Scotts Sub bar rubber mount stabilizer and suspension work next week.

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Bikes pretty much done. 


Best duaul sports big bottom end kit. 

JD Tuner. 


Cycra hand guards. 

IMS 3.2 tank. 

Scotts sub bar rubber mount stabilizer. 

Sic Ass Racing license plate tail light turn signals  

Polisport clutch cover. 

Guts Racing comfort seat  

Golden Tyre fatty up front. Golden 333 in the rear. UHD tubes. 

Baja Designs lighting and Giant loop bags are on order  

Suspension 101 did an amazing job on setting this bike up with new progressive springs and a total rework - revalve. 

Its gone from a chocked up pig with lame suspension that head shakes like crazy to one bad bitch. 

The Suspension.is now on par with my Yamaha. 

Thank You George. 

It’s now a $15000 dual sport but I love this hobby. 

Gas Gas 300 soon to come. 







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