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  1. Logroller

    Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    DItto on what fits best, then what has the best ventilation and of course all within budget. As for some gooogley eye protection, same a s above. Ears plugs (the foam kind) are a definite for me. Every once in a harvest moon I forget to put them in. When that happens, the ride stops immediately, because the decibels are TOO LOUD for my listening holes, be it from motor, tailpipe or wind. Like a few other riders, I use a mouth guard as well. Got it free, molded to me, one from my dentist. You wouldn't know you would need one until you bit through your face and/or tongue from getting bumped off the bronco. Not to be confused with a night guard (those cost some serious cash) and have a different purpose.
  2. Logroller

    Saturday 630

    PV to Julian with "rough single track." Message me this roughness you speak of.
  3. Logroller

    I rode twice this week.

    Quite the adventure on the road and at home. Paul if you have a ride route map (gps?) please post. Unless I missed that you already did post it, ignore me. Thanks.
  4. Good times, thanks for posting K.S.
  5. Logroller

    McCain post rain

    Gery, Mr. Husky, a.k.a Robertaccio is good people as are a lot of the peeps on here. Don't let the "Fearless & Hardcore Rider" posts steer you from asking to ride with people. Many here are of different levels of skill and yet, many of them ride together.
  6. Logroller


    Pics often never do show true steepness. Ther rest of the pics I have don't really tell you more. I only took a few. The drop was hard on the knees. Message me for more info.
  7. Logroller


    Not at all. I ain't that old, but old enough to recognize it's potential age. Actually think the car was 50s to early 60s
  8. Logroller


    There was a car of a similar era turned on its side, shot up with various caliber. When I see these vehicles, I always wonder how they met their demise. From these pics you can see how the "jeep" trail changed in to a "jeepless" trail.
  9. Logroller


    Hiked an old jeep route by Oriflamme a few weeks back accesible right off the S1 and drops you out on the S2. Some of it was easily a 7 grade slope, rutted, fine loose top, and varied from 7ft across to mostly 3ft to 1ft. The steep slope was the latter with more like an uneven V shaped trail due to the ruts. It hadn't seen vehicles in years, with the exception of the top 1 mile of the route. This was all Anza-Borrego Desert State Park area. The gates are usually closed, but not locked. This route would definitely have some challenging traction issues for a motor powered machine. I've heard of less intense routes in the area.
  10. Logroller

    Found oil

  11. Logroller

    Found oil

    I am very skeptical of the legitimacy in the above statement. Next someone is going to tell us, you can run less than 15psi in your tires, McCain Valley is cold on winter mornings, and KTM has an orange bike. Yes, very skeptical indeed.
  12. Logroller

    Found oil

    I would listen to Robertaccio and then disregard, because this is an oil thread. And then call him as if you did not see his thread answer and then disregard what he said, because this is an oil thread. Dry internet humor.