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  1. KTM Twins beware!

    They sent me a email a couple of days ago asking for feedback, Hey John, Eli here, owner of KTM Twins. I've noticed it has been a while since you've purchased from us, and I just wanted to check in to see what we could be doing to better serve you. I started (the new) KTM Twins just about a year ago with the dream of making it the best one-stop shop for anyone with a KTM and an itch for adventure. A shop by the people for the people. If you have any candid feedback for me, I'd be very grateful. I hope we can earn your business again here at Twins, but even if that's not the case I'm here to hear out your feedback and answer any questions. Thanks for your time and support! Eli Owner, KTM Twins www.ktmtwins.com
  2. 2XL LS and I would like to buy 2 extra please
  3. Spot Tracker

    I called and they reduced the price to $80.
  4. Alpine Beer Company. http://alpinebeerco.com/the-pub/
  5. Loppers loaded. I'll bring a radio (146.505 mhz) just in case there are enough volunteers to split into groups.
  6. I will help with the same duties and as needed
  7. I plan on a Ocotillo Oriflamme route to Ramona from Campo. Leave Circle K at 745am. Lot's of slab some dirt. Eat in Ramona before the celebration. If you want to join, I will leave Circle K Campo at 745. Camo 950 KTM. About 120 miles or so from Campo
  8. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    Packards coffee shop 1130. See ya'll then
  9. In on the 950. Say when/where. We could meet after services at Cheers for a toast
  10. Campo newbiesh ride

    I might dust off the Beta and join you.