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  1. ThumperBob

    2022 klr

    What model KLR? I may be interested.
  2. I use to park in the Pauma Casino parking lot and ride from there. Only a few miles away.
  3. ThumperBob

    Volcano in Carlsbad ?

    Pretty cool!
  4. If nothing else. Stop at the visitor center heading into town and ask for maps of off road. There are tons of trails heading north out of New Shady Rest campground right by the visitor center.
  5. ThumperBob

    Brand new klr rear tire never mounted

    That’s a great deal! Someone better grab that tire.😁
  6. You bet! We’ll have to do a few rides in my neck of the woods.
  7. Can’t make it. Have a great ride.😁👍
  8. ThumperBob

    1954 San Diego County

    Thanks for posting the great map.
  9. ThumperBob

    Dunlop crazy tire deal amazon

    Killer deal!!
  10. ThumperBob

    Shinko 705 front

    Thanks Tom. Great talking with you. Got to love those KLR’s!
  11. ThumperBob

    Shinko 705 front

    I’ll take it. PM sent.
  12. ThumperBob

    '99 KLR650 (685) parts/project bike

    I’d love to have it if it’s still available.
  13. ThumperBob

    Have to Share for All You Pet Owners

    I’m glad he is going to be ok.
  14. 1970 RT1 battery really not needed to start. Easy to work on. Low maintenance.