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  1. Loved them both. I rode the Enduro all over San Diego county. A few trips out to Borrego Springs and back.😁
  2. The video makes me miss my 1970 RT1 Yamaha Enduro.☹️
  3. The video makes me miss my 1970 RT1 Yamaha Enduro.☹️
  4. ThumperBob

    No comment.....

    He’s about to loose his tennis ball!
  5. She has been in situations that most of us would love to experience! https://youtube.com/c/ItchyBoots
  6. ThumperBob

    Pine Creek Road

    Pine Creek road is now closed.☹️
  7. ThumperBob

    WYBDR Video FULL

    Great video! I guess I would never be able to ride that one. I could not stand on my pegs that far.😁 ha ha.
  8. ThumperBob

    Pine Creek Road

    Deer Park Road is open and no fire damage there, Jim.😁 Wish I would have taken some photos. Maybe tomorrow.
  9. ThumperBob

    Pine Creek Road

    I took a ride up Pine Creek Road this morning. It is open now. The fire stated just past the second creek crossing and burnt north east. Pretty bad, but not as bad as I thought. Still some beautiful area there. Fire fighters in one tanker truck still working the area, so be careful.
  10. ThumperBob

    Valley Fire

    Any word on how the fire started? Lightning?
  11. Hey, you still riding the KLR?
  12. I ride a 2012 KLR 692 and don’t need any help, so I guess I’m not included. Ha ha.😁
  13. I use to park in the Pauma Casino parking lot and ride from there. Only a few miles away.
  14. ThumperBob

    Volcano in Carlsbad ?

    Pretty cool!
  15. If nothing else. Stop at the visitor center heading into town and ask for maps of off road. There are tons of trails heading north out of New Shady Rest campground right by the visitor center.

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