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  1. Great ride. Really enjoyed the trail and the pace.
  2. Strang. Does the drain hole look like it has any build-up that might be blocking the coolant? You could try removing the coolant and then blowing air thru the system to see if that clears anything with the drain plug removed.
  3. Are you removing the radiator cap to prevent a vacuum?
  4. So3 you be at the tree or overnight area? What time on Sunday?
  5. Allright then, Rob, pony up! Regrets? Plenty. In the motorcycle vein one has to be when racing the mint 400 and my buddy suggested that I check the flywheel nut again but I told him I had already done that.......halfway thru the race and I sheared the flywheel key
  6. My first "dual" sport ride.
  7. Hmmmm, your link was to the 546. That one does sound like a pretty good tire.
  8. Robert, Jeff slavens says he likes them BECAUSE they have a good stiff sidewall. He likes to run lower pressures. I just picked one up and am going tubliss. $54 at rockymtn. It's a 4 ply
  9. What was that closed sign on bronco peak about?
  10. Maybe Jane will pick up a new scoot.
  11. Absolutely amazing what Jarvis has done.
  12. "when the best in the world are off their bikes letting gravity slide their bikes down an unridable section and like" Not only off the bikes, but just letting them go! Stuff like that could cause a mechanical and take them out.
  13. Wow, you actually posted up a ride! Wish I could go, but I gotta work.
  14. Quote of the day from Mario Roman Some of the downhills before the service were such a surprise, you come to them and if you crash, you die, but it's extreme enduro!” Graham is still putting it to the youngsters!
  15. I'll see you there. I'll be in a small white van with "800 appliance" stickers on it.