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  1. I wish! Doing birthdays on Sunday. Wife's AND mother-in-law.......
  2. With all this rain I'm itching to ride! I have to work until about 11, so I should be able to get out there by 12:30.
  3. My new ride

    I've got the end cap and the jd tuner. That opened up end cap really helped the bike from running hot(er) then it does.
  4. My new ride

    I'm with you on the suspension. Trouble is, I'm trying to decide between getting that done, or a Recluse on the 300.
  5. My new ride

    Depends on how you like your power. I added the Best Dualsports bolt on weight to the clutch. Really smoothed out the power and made it really good for the technical stuff.
  6. Ken, you got yourself a REAL bike........?
  7. MTB race at Corral 3/24 3/25

    My son did this ride years ago when they were still doing it. Said he was sorry he didn't push harder on that initial climb because he said it was hard to pass once they got on the tighter trails.
  8. Shoot, when I got there at 11 it was still cold on the hands; can't imagine at 6.
  9. Tires and wheel chock trade for beer

    Brian, I'll take that front. What kind of beer do you like?
  10. I'll miss meeting up with you guys, but I hope to make it out by noon.
  11. Lark canyon 1/14

    Just starting to get a little dusty. Glad I was able to catch some of the good riding conditions! Had a fun ride with all you guys-thanks!
  12. Unfortunately I never found him! Went riding at McCain this morning and "tried" practising some of Grahams basic riding techniques. He makes it look sooo easy ( but its not!). For the life of me I could NOT get the my front end to bounce from a standstill. And slow wheelies are on the distant horizon. At least i've got plenty of goals to shoot for.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Back - atcha, everyone!