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  1. Not my year. Knee still isn't quite right and I'm still trying to get it looked at
  2. So how does this work? Should I come prepared to walk the trails, or do i need my bike to get to areas to work on?
  3. First time I ever did that was the first ticket I got on a bike. I sure hope to make one if these rides someday.
  4. Anyone Have Room on Their Property ?

    Make sure you install some kind of vent or you'll ruin everything from condensation. Happened to a buddy of mine.
  5. Correct. You'd have to add something like a jd tuner or vertex. Technically making the bike off road only.
  6. Are you sticking those on your goggle lens?
  7. I might have to try one of these with a backpack on. Not sure how that might work.....
  8. Shinko 525 cheater

    True. And the torque of a 500 plus some street might do it in pretty quick.
  9. Right now I'm nursing a bum knee. Haven't done anything for 6 weeks, even missed 2 weeks of work. I'm about ready to try riding but don't think I should go racing first time out.
  10. Shinko 525 cheater

    I've been using the 505 cheater on my 300 with the tubliss around 5psi. This tire works really good.
  11. The individual tests are typically split between cross country and enduro. The tests sound short, in the 6-8 mile range. Then a short break till the next test. Based on my lack of seat time, these sound right up my alley. Think I'll try to hit up some of the '19 series.
  12. Lights, and more lights

  13. Looks pretty brutal to be off the racing line to pass.
  14. Tools, tubes and water

    One of my buddies had a fanny pack that only held a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and a tow strap. Said that's all he needed, he could get a tow or have a smoke while waiting to be rescued.