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  1. Colorado ride

    Yeah, I figured he'd just tell me to buy his Slavens specific Lectron! :-)
  2. Colorado ride

    Don't have many pictures;I was too busy riding or trying to catch my breath! On the third day my son joined us. I let him ride the 500 and I rode the 300XC. We rode 40 miles of singletrack on the Rampart Ridge trail.I've got the JD jetting kit in my bike and before we left Ramona I put in their recommended settings for 7-10,000 feet. Once here I only ended up richening the needle clip position one ring and the bike worked good enough. If I was going to stay a while I'd fuss with it some more to really dial it in. This was my first chance to ride some technical trails with the recluse installed. That thing's a game changer. You don't even have to THINK about covering the clutch; just concentrate on the trail and your throttle control. The trails were incredible! One thing I learned was that if you get off the trail, even just one foot, it can be Really tough to get back on. I made the mistake of moving over on the down side to let some other bikes go by that were coming the other way. I ended up having to push and pull just to get moving again. We each took turns needing help to get back on the trail.
  3. Went to visit my son and his family in Pine Junction, Colorado over the 4th. It's up the mountains from Denver at about 8100ft. Took my two bikes and also got to see my good friend Pearson who also moved there from Ramona. My first full day there my friend and I rode from Pine to Breckenridge, going over the RedCone peak pass at 12,801ft. Less then two miles into our ride my buddy bounced off the trail. Even though it was only about 4ft off the trail, it was on the downhill side. We were struggling big-time to get that 348lb 701 back on the road. Fortunately a couple of guys on quads came by. One had a winch and they helped get us going again! I was beat before we really even started riding. I thought fire-roading would be an easy break-in, but the steep ascents were so dry, loose and rocky, plus the elevation, REALLY made it a workout for me. We came across about a 30ft patch of snow on the road and we both got stuck. Had to pile rocks under my buddy's rear wheel to get him out a hole his bike dropped into. My 500 Exc with FI ran great! Had lunch in Breckenridge and then came back a different way. All told it was a great ride.
  4. Happy Day, Kenny. Youngster!

    1. CVRick


      Hope you get A birthday dirt ride in.

  5. Big Bear 6-16

    I'll make it one of these times. My consolation is that I'm going to see my boy and his family and a good friend in Colorado in a couple of weeks. Taking my scoots and hope to get in a couple of days of riding while we're there.
  6. Hard to believe ANYONE will be as successful as Jarvis this late in their career. He just put it to the boys! Did you see that the last official finisher( out of 23) beat the horn by 5 seconds! (He's only 18.......)
  7. SPOT-X

    Same here.
  8. DOT Rear Knobby

    Been running this on my 500. Definitely a good tire in the sand; much better in the sand then the equilibrium and lasts longer too.
  9. We'd be able to make it to the start in time if we go down in the morning?
  10. I'm in. Hopefully I can hook up with some of you guys-don't have my boy going with me this time.
  11. First ride with a Recluse

    Did you ride it without the special washer? Just wondering if you noticed much difference in engagement or anything.
  12. 300 Top End Advice

    I've heard those nikasil cylinders are pretty tough. Looks like you stuck a ring and that's why its so hard to start. Might be able to just acid wash the cylinder? Not sure who could do that.
  13. 2018 big bear dual sport

    Sluago said that their experience with tubliss down in baja was that they don't hold up to extended slabbing either.....
  14. First ride with a Recluse

    So after work today I went out to McCain to check out the Rekluse I installed on my 300XC. I went thru the run-in procedures per the manual to set the actuation. I don't know if it's because of the Belleville clutch on my bike but it was REALLY hard to find a good setting for that thing. It was super sensitive to adjust; just one change on the hash marks made a notable difference!I had to set my idle really low to get it to engage well and not slip. I messed around with the slave adjuster a bunch to get it working. With the idle set so low the bike would stall if I hit the brakes hard. I found if I kept just the littlest bit if throttle that would prevent it from dying. However, if I turned the idle up any higher the bike would start to creep when I stopped. I tried installing the lighter springs into the exp pak ( since they included them) but that made it worse. Recluse suggests installing the Ktm hardparts aftermarket Belleview spring if you want a more "aggressive" engagement. I'm assuming that's a stiffer spring and that might allow me to up the idle? (But then I might not like the engagement). I did notice that the problem lessened noticeably after riding for about an hour.I now find that I can run second and third gear where I was using first and second before. Its kinda fun to be able to stop halfway up a hill in second gear and then just roll on the throttle and keep going. I can even start the bike in gear without the clutch pulled in.There's definitely a learning curve. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to keep covering the clutch anymore, and on the flipside, now that I'm not coasting thru the turn with the clutch pulled in I have to be careful with my throttle because I'm "driving" thru it now .All in all I'm pretty pumped about this addition!
  15. 2018 big bear dual sport

    Hmmmm, does it have to be a plated bike for this ride?