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  1. Sounds fun, I'll keep it on the calendar
  2. Rim repair

    Awsome. Thanks guys. 99% sure I'm going for replacement.
  3. Rim repair

    I have a cracked rim on my spare set of tires. Was looking for a shop to fix or replace the rim. Suggestions?
  4. If I get out of work with enough time.
  5. Would like too join, but start a new project tomorrow. Maybe next time.
  6. Just got a new set of rims. When I get the tires to go with them I'd like to join in on one of these trips. Have fun
  7. Ewan & Charley's next adventure

    Love my piggy too
  8. I'd like to join up on this 1. Hit me up when you go.
  9. I live rite around the corner. Fun trails.
  10. I'm a maybe. Will know later tonite.