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  1. I would join, but bike is out of commission with a rear flat. Waiting on a new tire.
  2. Wouldn't mind getting out for a cruise & beer.
  3. I'll try and make it out. Work permitting
  4. Danmule

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Nice stable!
  5. Danmule


    I'm pretty sue I saw weirdrider and zubb yesterday on the side of the road. All good? Maybe a pic moment?
  6. Danmule


    No. I was in the ranger giving the thumbs up. Lyons valley
  7. Danmule

    Jamul late spring

    Nice pics Rigger, got ou t for a little jaunt myself.
  8. I'll go as far as needed. Rode from Phoenix to S.D. once. Ughh. (I know, freeway). Tecate to Ensenada all pavement aswell. - 650l-
  9. Awoke to these icy conditions, figured it was a great time to take a day off.
  10. Looks like you had a cool time aswell crfxer
  11. Danmule

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Didn't feel attacked pb. No worries. Just can't afford the scalpel. Have fun out there
  12. Danmule

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    I guess you gotta ride orange or nothing around here. Ouch.
  13. Danmule

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Ride the pi$$ out of the exc for long distances (baja 1000 and what not) and it will be like a horse. Eat money & sh!t work (expensive maintenance )
  14. Danmule

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Xr all day everyday
  15. Here's a little vid of the ride. GOPR4232_001.mp4
  16. Danmule

    Please Help a GoPro Noob

    I like the chin mount the best. Nice and centered to catch all the action.
  17. Really trying to make this happen. As of now 95% IN
  18. Sounds fun, I'll keep it on the calendar
  19. Danmule

    Rim repair

    I have a cracked rim on my spare set of tires. Was looking for a shop to fix or replace the rim. Suggestions?

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