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  1. Had a great time! Got my money's worth on Saturday... Night 1 camp... Getting near the mine ... pack mules roam these parts ... Gateway to riches... Udo at the mine shack... Night 2 camp ... Now that was a good night's rest!
  2. IN! Will meet the group in Ramona. Need a time and place.
  3. Would like to know more about the new route please. I searched and found Red Cloud in CA and AZ ... same for Picacho ... More dirt now?
  4. Yep, looks familiar... You captured the start of three days being in the moment. Thanks for posting the pic!
  5. I went around a trailer with bikes and a black tow vehicle before dropping down the hill at Santa Ysabel ... roughly 0800. That was a great day for a ride with the kids! ... doing that tomorrow.
  6. Three full days of starting by 8 or 9 and finishing just after dark. The temps were cool for the whole trip which was nice. All-in-all a fun little ride. Good for the mind! Rode through a looong canyon... Checked out the crater... Went to the top of the mountain to check out the view ... the view ...
  7. Wish you could go! Riding a Tenere. Heading East from Ramona to Mecca, then North through Joshua Tree and Mojave Preserve. Day 1 looks kinda tight on time... want to catch the Artists Drive by the golden hour. Could meet up later or at camp if you like.
  8. Heading to Death Valley on a big bike for a couple of days. Leaving 0700 Monday, returning Wednesday. Reserved a site at Furnace Creek for Mo/Tu nights, so sleeping in a tent both nights. Taking back roads to get there. Plan on some dirt... Titus Canyon, Aguereberry, maybe some Saline Valley. Weather looks really nice. Post or PM if you would like to go. Brian
  9. Tales of mopeds ... perfect weather ... cool peeps ... good route ... great ride! I had a really good time. Yaaah...
  10. IN. Idyllwild shell 0915 Saturday.
  11. Thinking about meeting up with the group Saturday morning. I'll be able to confirm if I can go late Friday afternoon.
  12. Cool trip! Thanks for posting. Hoping to ride that area soon.
  13. This bike is a Super Tenere. I do not have a KTM Adventure. I do have a 690, maybe you saw that one. No change, they are completely different bikes.