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  1. Have a great ride Udo! Looking forward to the story and pics.
  2. I was thinking of taking a quick ride from Ramona Sat morning if that interests anyone. Leave 9 at the latest. North through the forest including Santa Ysabel TT, Mesa Grande ... out and back of Culp/Jasper/Grapevine... rtn via Ranchita, 79 and Old Julian. 110 miles from Packards, intermediate pace. Typically less than 3 hours with minimal/no stops. I'll be on a 690.
  3. Really cool! Looks like some seriously challenging big bike riding.
  4. Cool trip report Udo. Thanks for posting. Big bike stuck in the mud ... that's the stuff of ADV nightmares...
  5. Wish I could make next week. Have a great/safe ride!
  6. This is the basic route I was planning to do. It's a bit ambitious but pretty typical of what I do on solo rides. From a couple of hours before Prescott on day 1 until clearing Apache Trail the vast majority of this route is the highest rated street and dirt on Butler Maps. There are many campsites and plenty of options to add or lose time. I have ridden almost all of this except for the NM stuff. An America the Beautiful pass and AZ land pass are good things to have for this trip. Day1 Camp in one of the Rim sites Day2 Taking the dirt out of Mogollon means 240 miles between gas. Day3 The day with too many curves Day4
  7. That's a 3 day ride ... on a moped! I'll try to post what I had in mind by tomorrow. Also just found out that I have some important training at work the 2nd week of May which pushes me out to the 18th. LB, that gives you more time to get your bike ready.
  8. Kelly, get a couple of days off and move this to your 'places not too far from San Diego that I like to ride' list. The 191 may have you pondering if it is possible to have too many turns on a ride. Udo, I might be able to do 5 days. That would make the trip more relaxed. 1st and last days would still need to be on the order of 9 hours moving time to camp at elevation where it's cool.
  9. Thinking about a big bike ride over to the Devil's Highway in the near future. Maybe ride the Mogollon Rim-dirt? Maybe ride Mogollon NM to the divide-dirt(still trying to figure out if I have the range for this one)? Apache Trail on the way back. Lots of options for highly rated twisty roads and scenic dirt routes. The Devil's Highway is a 100 mile stretch with roughly 400-500 (so I hear) turns, a lot of them really tight 1st and 2nd gear stuff down south. 4 days is making sense to me especially since it takes half of a day each to get over there and return. The routes that I come up with look like about 10 hours moving each day. Likely camping every night. Leave Friday, return Monday. Currently considering 5/4, 5/18 and 6/1 for departure dates. Post if you would be interested in coming along.
  10. Anyone use one of these?

    Forget the rack. Try a rackless bag setup like the Coyote or Reckless 80. You can haul the mail with either of those setups and no rack getting in your way when the bags are off. Perun Moto makes a really nice tail rack that works perfectly with the Reckless 80.
  11. Had a great time! Got my money's worth on Saturday... Night 1 camp... Getting near the mine ... pack mules roam these parts ... Gateway to riches... Udo at the mine shack... Night 2 camp ... Now that was a good night's rest!
  12. IN! Will meet the group in Ramona. Need a time and place.
  13. Would like to know more about the new route please. I searched and found Red Cloud in CA and AZ ... same for Picacho ... More dirt now?
  14. Yep, looks familiar... You captured the start of three days being in the moment. Thanks for posting the pic!