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  1. This ride has been posted for two full weeks and no one has expressed any interest in coming along. Time to cancel it and make other plans.
  2. Thanks for the tip Crawdaddy. Found the dirt road N of the tank museum on the map and will add it to the route.
  3. Just an idea at this point ... but that's how good rides start. Self supported overnighter from Ramona to Johnson Valley. Meet Saturday 4/29 0900... maybe earlier. North through the forest, ABDSP, OW, Summit Road/Red Canyon Jeep Trail (haven't been on Red Canyon but hear it's not too technical), Joshua Tree (dirt if doing good on time) and cut a diagonal across Johnson Valley to the Rockpile. Camp with my club at the Socal National. In the morning, cut across JV to Camprock, south through Big Bear area to Idyllwild vicinity, mostly dirt down to Warner Springs ... Weather needs to be reasonable for this ride. A little rain doesn't bother me but a strong storm system would. My goal is two FULL days of riding with as much dirt as I can fit in. Intermediate pace, minimum stops. This has the potential of 300 miles per day. I need to start working on the GPS tracks and figure out what looks reasonable. Will post tracks in next week or two. Easy'ish dirt tracks suggestions south through Big Bear and Idyllwild would be welcome. I will be riding a 690. Wouldn't recommend much larger. Saw an 1190 finish a National Hare and Hound a few months back ...so, what do I know? I think this is ideal for a group of 3-4, maybe as many as 6 riders. If there is more interest than that we could go with multiple groups. If interested you should have: 1. bike in good shape, rider able to put in a full day 2. tools, tubes, etc 3. GPS and know how to use it 4. camping setup, food, water 5. minimum 120 mile range..more is bettah...will sort that out as I plan the route and options... This is not a noob ride due to the distance involved and riding a loaded bike. I'm trying to make all of it reasonably easy so we can cover ground at a comfortable pace. There will be plenty of sand, rock and hills. If you're considering this ride, your bike and gear are sorted out and you've been riding enough lately that you're not wondering if you can make a full day. Plenty of options to bail on slab if worn out or need to make up time.
  4. Met Kug and CiD in OW. Had a really cool 2 day ride to the river and back. Saw a Jeep or two near Truckhaven... Bikes got thirsty... This is where the real fun started. Kinda crowded the first couple of miles. Only saw a couple of peeps past the trestle... Lots of this... Some of this... ... and a good bit of this... ... followed by a good night's sleep at the river ... ... and a quick trip back Sunday ... For me: Close to 500 miles - longest two day ride to date First moto camp First ride across the state line (I know, need to get out more!) Really good rain the last 30 miles to home... first time getting really soaked on a bike. Can't forget the sand storm returning to OW that ruined my face shield! I enjoyed riding with Kug and CiD! Looking forward to more long rides and moto camping!
  5. Thanks for the offer Billy650r. Need to focus on some longer rides so I can see where I'm at comfort wise for some upcoming multiday trips. Have the time to do that tomorrow.
  6. Thinking about it. Leave Ramona at 0800, Ranchita, Box Canyon, Cottonwood Springs to north side of park and back. Slab out, maybe some dirt on return, time permitting. Google maps says 330 miles. Like I said, thinking about it. If someone else wants to go in the next few hours then I'm definitely going.
  7. Did my first valve check at 150 hours on a '12 500 EXC. All in spec. It always started easy when hot and ran well. It's about due for a leak down test at 180 hours.
  8. Sorry I missed you Zepfan. Got there at noon and waited 'til 1225.
  9. Rolling in 5. May be a couple after noon.
  10. Would you be up for meeting at the Hideout? It's at Mesa Grande/76. Should be passing through there just before noon. Riding a red Tenere. I am heading north and looking to avoid the painfully slow conga line of RV's heading back from the dez as much as possible. That's why Lost Valley today.
  11. What part of town are you from? I am heading north out of Ramona on back roads/dirt at 1030'ish. Hoping the dirt north of Lost Valley is open.
  12. Got the week off ... been meaning to get my camping setup together for a while ... weather looks really nice ... Plan is to leave Ramona at noon on Wednesday and ride until dusk on as much dirt as possible to end up at Ocotillo Wells for the night. Head south along the train tracks to Plaster City in the morning, up the S2 to Mason Valley/Rodriguez on the way back. I reckon this is 200+ miles total. Nothing very technical but a bit heavy on the sand in a couple of spots for most on big bikes. I am doing this as a self sustaining ride. I will be on a midsize bike, intermediate pace, prefer to keep moving and not stop very much. There is gas in Borrego Springs and Ocotillo, a small market or two south of Ocotillo Wells. Post or PM if interested. Plan on bringing ample gas, tools, spares, etc.
  13. I'm out ... just not enough time to get my stuff together for a camping ride. FYI... Monday evening this week, on the trail that starts at Warner Springs, roughly 6 PM and within a mile past where the pavement ends ... Came around a corner and found myself within 40 feet of three very large cats on the road. I figured they were close to 200 lbs each even though they're not supposed to be that big. I've seen a bunch over the years ... always solo ... never even half this size ... and never this orange looking. It was pretty cool! Caused me to pick up the pace of my ride for some reason. Sounds like you'll be going through that area about the same time tomorrow...
  14. I am interested in this. If able to make it could meet when you pass through Ramona. Any fees, permits, passes, etc required for camping up there?