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  1. Tales of mopeds ... perfect weather ... cool peeps ... good route ... great ride! I had a really good time. Yaaah...
  2. IN. Idyllwild shell 0915 Saturday.
  3. Thinking about meeting up with the group Saturday morning. I'll be able to confirm if I can go late Friday afternoon.
  4. Cool trip! Thanks for posting. Hoping to ride that area soon.
  5. This bike is a Super Tenere. I do not have a KTM Adventure. I do have a 690, maybe you saw that one. No change, they are completely different bikes.
  6. It's my favorite when I'm riding it. Find it relaxing and comfortable when eating up miles and for slab in general. Does a lot better off road than expected. Just have to remember to keep moving and not get stuck (steep hills, deep sand, mud, rock ledges, etc) especially if solo as it is very heavy. The 19" front is wider than the 21" on my little bikes and is usually drama free on trails with deep sand or loose rock.
  7. Thankfully not very much. Just a leaking rotopax and an extra 90 minutes on the I-10 near Tucson. I had been watching the weather the past couple of months hoping to coordinate a break in monsoonal activity with the availability of free time. The goal was to check out the Devils Highway and ride the Mogollon Rim, throw in extra dirt where time permitted. Day 1: Hours of super slab. Rode out the 8 and 10 to AZ191. Things started to get very twisty at Clifton. I planned to be passing Morenci Mine during the last bit of daylight for a picture but a shut down interstate at Tucson added over 90 minutes to the day and had me passing the still working mine in the dark. 16 miles of steep, twisty road to go past this huge mine. Steep turns a bit too sharp for 1st gear, big drops at the edge of the road, enough light to see very large equipment moving in the distance... still a cool sight in the dark. Pulled into Granville Camp about 8:30. The place was old and run down in deep woods; kinda creepy. The fun part of day 1 Internet picture of a small portion of Morenci Mine Night 1: Granville Camp Day 2: Started the day with a couple of hours heading north on the Devils Highway. WOW! Endless twisties marked as low as 10 mph (100 miles or so of this), narrow, steep grades, cliff edge corners without shoulder or guardrails, this road was entertainment! Hopped on FR24 near Alpine. Looked like it might provide some challenging dirt. Rode a few miles in, calculating N Rim camp arrival as I went. Realized that I just didn't have time for FR24. Turned around and slabbed more twisties past Alpine, Show Low and off to the Rim Road at the 260. Found a camp spot near the Rim right at sunset. Day 2 Route Some views from the Devil's Highway Night 2 camp near Mogollon Rim Day 3: started out too cold to get out of the sleeping bag. Think it was in the 30's. It's funny that I knew it would be cold a couple of nights on the trip when leaving the house and my only thought regarding that was my sleeping bag was warm enough. A hat and other warm things for camp would have been nice. Not a big deal. The sun hit the tent and I was good to go. The Rim Road was overall a fun 45 dirt miles on a big bike. It was graded nicely. There were plenty of hills and turns, soft spots, bedrock poking through and shadows to hide most of it. It also had plenty of washboard to test my reinforced tail rack... broke the last one on washboard with very few miles and only 25 pounds.‎ Oh yeah, the views, lots of those. Following the Rim Road, slabbed it to Payson for gas and lunch. Picked up 512/288 half an hour east which was 110 mostly dirt miles down to Roosevelt Reservoir to camp. Made it with less than an hour of light left. A large pack of coyotes went nuts within a couple hundred feet of me as I went to bed. I was too tired to care. The following morning I met a cool guy named Larry who had recently been to the flying monkey rally with his wife. I came close to going this year. After hearing more about it I will definitely give it a go in the next year or two. Day 3 Route A couple of view shots from the Rim Road (300) It's getting late and camp is just across the lake. Night 3 camp at Schoolhouse Point Day 4:‎ started with the Apache Trail at Roosevelt Dam. This was my favorite section of the ride. 40 miles of mostly dirt: narrow, steep, twisty, big drop offs at points... crazy good scenery... this was a really fun big bike section. I wished it wouldn't end. Wrapped up the trip with hours of super slab from Phoenix back to Ramona. Thought I felt pretty good when I got home and proceeded to sleep twice as much as I normally do. Can't wait for the next one! Fun part of day 4. Couple of views from the Apache Trail. Look closely at the second one and you can see the dirt road winding around on the left and snaking up the distant hills to the right. I'm thinking about quitting my day job and becoming a professional campsite photographer ....
  8. 100'sMC always puts on a fun and challenging race where riders can roll the whole course and anyone can finish. Great opportunity to try D37 desert racing. Weather is usually perfect for this race too.
  9. Awesome trip! Gotta get out more...
  10. Street tires, even really stiff ones, aren't too difficult to change and balance... at least the ones I've done. You don't even need a fancy changing rig. I use a mojolever and simple tire ring with bead breaker placed on the ground.
  11. Who's complaining about the heat? I ride Ocotillo Wells most weekends in the summer. Usually not too many folks out there... as in rarely see more than a couple of other riders if any. Try to stay on the gas for 90 minutes, try to cool down and leave. Early, mid day, late afternoon... it's all hot.
  12. Fun ride! Never ridden in that area before. Thanks for organizing this Jim.
  13. In. Meet you at Packards.
  14. Really cool trip! Can't wait to ride a BDR!