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  1. 100'sMC always puts on a fun and challenging race where riders can roll the whole course and anyone can finish. Great opportunity to try D37 desert racing. Weather is usually perfect for this race too.
  2. Awesome trip! Gotta get out more...
  3. Street tires, even really stiff ones, aren't too difficult to change and balance... at least the ones I've done. You don't even need a fancy changing rig. I use a mojolever and simple tire ring with bead breaker placed on the ground.
  4. Who's complaining about the heat? I ride Ocotillo Wells most weekends in the summer. Usually not too many folks out there... as in rarely see more than a couple of other riders if any. Try to stay on the gas for 90 minutes, try to cool down and leave. Early, mid day, late afternoon... it's all hot.
  5. Fun ride! Never ridden in that area before. Thanks for organizing this Jim.
  6. In. Meet you at Packards.
  7. Really cool trip! Can't wait to ride a BDR!
  8. Bike didn't miss a beat. Coolant temp was normal. Power seemed normal. Did not detect any detonation even when dropping a couple of gears and pinning it to pass. The hot road surface didn't do anything noticeable to the tires ... I've heard stories of some knobbies wearing out really quickly on hot roads. The one thing I did notice was range. Back roads and hills around town show low to mid 40's per gallon no matter how much fun I'm having. Out on the interstate or deserted desert stretches at 80 mph with a little wind on it I was averaging close to 30 mpg. I headed south from the 40 with plenty of range to next gas. That station only had 87 octane ... knew I could make the next one. Next one was closed. I calculated that I would run out at 215 and get to Chiriaco at 185 miles. Ran out 6 miles short. Glad I mounted a 2 gal rotopax a few weeks back. Thanks for posting the IBA advice! That is something I had seen a while back. I was bundled up with wicking gear ... only lacked a head liner. I have done desert scrambles in vented gear as hot as 115. In a 3 hour scramble at those temps I'll drink over 1.5 gal and still lose close to 10 lbs. Flat out can not keep up with necessary water intake. Actually feel better wearing warmer gear in those conditions. I know that trip riding and scrambles are completely different exertion levels (not so much once you're cooked off road) but when bundled up per the IBA recommendations, I need far less water to feel good and can actually maintain adequate intake all day. Another key thing ... carry plenty of electrolytes in the heat and take them regularly ... unless you like death cramps...
  9. Rode over to the Four Corners area starting 2 June. I had planned on a 5 day trip but it ended up being 3. Left the house Friday morning with a plan to camp near Winslow that night. Picked out well rated roads off a Butler Map where I could. Route is shown below. It took longer than Google Maps thought it would ... a good bit longer... but once in the hills the riding was fun. Temps were pushing 110 the first 5 hours or so, warmer than I was expecting based on the forecast. Made it to camp after 2230. The good news is that it was below 60 deg by then which felt really good after a hot day. The look of late into camp. Was treated to a cool morning! Time to get back on the road again! The plan for day 2 was to head towards Chinle and Tsaile, check out Shiprock and make it to Muley point by dark. This was a segment of cool landscapes and massive protrusions from the ground. By the time I made it to Chinle I knew it was too late to make Shiprock so I picked a route to Muley Point. Monument Valley was very cool! ... and then some. Found the hat ... I don't get it. Actually looks more like a hat from the west... I think ... maybe?? Moki Dugway ... gotta see this to believe it. Made it to Muley Point with an hour to spare. That's a good thing as I wouldn't want to be looking for a camp spot up here after dark ... at least not on my first trip here. This place is incredible! Glad to be done for the day! As I was setting up camp I picked up a rock to anchor some stuff and found a warning. I should have heeded it! Fixed some eats, marveled at the view for a while and went to sleep. The sunset was awesome! When the wind was calm, that place was void of sound, like a black hole for sound. I found myself laying there trying to hear anything. Don't think I've ever experienced that before. Plan for day 3 was to hit the Burr Trail and make it back to Muley Point. Roughly 400 miles with dirt sections. Day 4 and 5 would be heading back. Remember the warning on the rock? After roughly 2 hours of sleep I woke to massive cramping and the realization that I was sick as a dog. No more sleep that night and really dehydrated by morning. Think it was my body reacting to too much time in the heat. Concerned that I would be in bad shape and not have the energy to get out of there if I was still there when it got hot again I started breaking camp at 0400. Was treated to an OK sunrise. Burr Trail was no longer an option. Feeling really exhausted and out of energy I decided to take it one mile at a time and see what progress I could make towards home. I rolled out just after 0600. That was the roughest day I can recall. Once a bit past Flagstaff I spent the next 8 hours in temps hovering around 114 with an occasional cool spot of 110 or so. Should have never disturbed that poison rock! 13 hours and 700 miles later I made it home having consumed 3 Hammer gels and continuously sipping water so I wouldn't get sick. I was done with riding forever. A couple of days later I find myself thinking of future rides. I learned a good bit from this outing. Up to this point I had never ridden over 300 miles in a day. To my surprise the mileage was quite tolerable. Though the scenery and just being out on a bike for a few days was incredible, one of the better aspects of this ride was something I didn't see coming; the people I met. Most of the times when I stopped strangers would approach me and start a conversation. They were all really positive exchanges. Can't wait for the next one!
  10. Mid 80's sounds really nice! I'm hoping for dry weather and similar in three weeks. tntmo: Would be cool if you can make it!
  11. alyeska: thanks for the tip on Million Dollar Highway. It's definitely high on my list and an option for this trip. tntmo: I will be riding a Super Tenere so nothing crazy. All of the dirt I am planning is graded roads. They are very doable on big bikes with basic dirt skills. They become impassable when wet and can have difficult sections where water has flowed. Turning around is always an option if it seems too difficult. Range between gas can approach 200 miles or so, especially if a lone gas station is out. Carrying a couple of spare gallons is a good idea.
  12. Want to go stare at Shiprock, check out Monument Valley, cruise Valley of the Gods, camp at Muley Point, etc. If it's dry, spend a couple of days NW of Mexican Hat... Burr Trail, Hells Backbone kinda stuff. If mud is a problem, maybe go check out the Million Dollar Highway. A lot of the slab is highly rated roads from Butler Maps. I am carrying gear to camp the whole time but weather could make a motel night or two look tempting. Post up if interested. It would be cool to share this trip.
  13. Anyone going up tomorrow? Had the place all to myself last week.
  14. This ride has been posted for two full weeks and no one has expressed any interest in coming along. Time to cancel it and make other plans.