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  1. When the BRP gets put back together, Lets shake it down in baja, I am serious TIM
  2. 91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    Damn! I am still looking for a beater bike for the lady.
  3. XR650R crank balancer index

    Interestingly, the balancer has a dot AND lines! Ill send photos.
  4. XR650R crank balancer index

    I have been informed that it may not be "dots", but may be lines that I am looking for.
  5. XR650R crank balancer index

    I can see the counterbalance mark. The mark on the crank gear that drives the counterbalance gear is the one that i cant see! Its driving me nuts.
  6. Does anyone know where the balancer gear index notches are on a XR650R crank? I have nearly gone blind looking for them. The notches are obvious on the balancer gear, but I cant see them on the crank gear.
  7. BMW GS Rider hits CHP unit on East Grade Road

    Hey, I thought the M test was hard!
  8. Loose in Campo

    Next time!
  9. By BRP, do you mean XR650r, THE big red pig?
  10. May be out in the desert Saturday, with a few guys who RIP. Going to re gear the YZ 14/47. If anyone is out there and likes fast sand washes shoot me a beep.
  11. Machine shop for XR crank

    Thanks guys
  12. Flywheel puller

    Thats worth a case, for sure!