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  1. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    You guys! Its easy, look!
  2. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Bags, I have heard dialogue of people attaching an equal length radiator (antenna) on their handheld, changing it from di to bipole antenna. The other option is to look up a j pole antenna. A lot of our guys use them in AK. To be hard to find a creosote Bush tall enough but maybe you could use an extendable device like a tent pole.
  3. ADV Tire Review

    Great write up. I love the BRP in there. The 606 is a wonderful tire. I always find it interesting how people interchange "trials" for "trails".
  4. I got called into work sunday...
  5. You were pretty fast on the WR
  6. I am in same boat. Bike maintenance night has morphed into "date night"... She rides tho, so "date night" is worth it. We could do an afternoon ride up along the border- tecate area has some fun places to explore- if you like boring fire roads. All the legal stuff at lark is trashed from the wind farm. All good, Slut.
  7. How about fossil cyn. ? I would also like to venture west towards Dos Cabezas. There are a lot of options from this area. Cyn sin nombre?
  8. I am out for coral, not fun on the BRP. I am plated tho... would enjoy a good 100+ loop in the dez. Yuha perhaps?
  9. Its pretty! I also moved the needle up (or lowered the clip). It was just too choppy at 1/4 throttle.
  10. Slut, we have never ridden together. Just cleaned the carb on the piggy. Potentially free Sunday.
  11. I know that are very well, PM if need tips
  12. I know this area very intimately, PM if curious
  13. Getting baby on 2 wheels

    That is make or break....sure was for me/her/us!
  14. Planning on heading down for baja 1000. Not sure of itinerary. Will include my pickup and my XR, however. And thoughts?