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  1. Was it the mechanic or the bike?
  2. Did you go? I played with my petcock, and found the bits that are now clogging my main jet.
  3. No, there isnt any room- and the petcock has a filter that sticks up into the tank. But alas, and inline filter would have saved me!
  4. About to tear into carb. Suspect petcock deteriorated and clogged carb. Ran good up otay, a little snappy at low rps coming off throttle.
  5. Scroll down about 1/5th of the way down...great read!
  6. ?⚡? So true Kenny!
  7. Well, the BRP rebuild took a dump om me tonight, so ill have to remedy that first.
  8. Option 2 coastal sounds great, but its unlikely I can get out of work. Sounds like a great shakedown for the BRP rebuild!
  9. Good heads up. But thats a bummer!
  10. BRP is running....needs a good shakedown in mex. I have Friday-Saturday off. Lets do an ensenada based ride.
  11. Made a quick rip up Otay mtn on Friday. Was the first ride on the BRP rebuild. Didn't overheat or burn any oil. Nees to adjust he carb some, however. Better half came along, second ride on the TTR 125. She made remarkable time up the hill. I was very impressed! We made it up to the antennas, but had to jam back because the sun was setting. Made it almost to the bottom without incident, but she managed to highside on the one tricky corner just above pio pico. She got back up an motored onward. A few bruises but spirits high. We had a nice evening. So stoked to have piggy back.
  12. I'd love to come...but its just going to be too hot! I still need to heat cycle the motor a few times...this is definitely my style of ride however.