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  1. I’m in for this weekend whatever day. Someone call out a ride. Want to try the hill climbs.
  2. Are you doing this one Robert. I’m in if I’m not the only gringo.
  3. KTM Coolant

    The coolant in my 18 500exc is clear - looks like straight water. Did the dealer screw me or is KTM coolant clear. Plan on changing to Zip Ty magic coolant anyway.
  4. 300 Top End Advice

    Do you have full coverage insurance? Time for a new ride. Kidding I just spent more on a recluse and going tubliss than your repair cost. Fix it and ride it like it’s stolen.
  5. Thanks. My thoughts as well. 10- 20 miles of slab at a time is all I plan on.
  6. To lazy to lube mousses. I ride slab a lot on the 500. Ability to air way down on nasty sections.
  7. Need help with a bike recovery Sunday.

    Recovery complete.
  8. Thanks for the ride Pete. Gold mtn. Awesome. Sections of nothing but rock ( small , large , broken, sharp stuff) for miles. Challenging. John Bull is a serious butt kicker. Recluse and tubliss soon to come after that climb. The 20 naked girls waiting for us at the top made it worthwhile. Only took photos in the easy spots.
  9. First ride with a Recluse

    I enjoyed the Recluse on my Yamaha until I destroyed it riding Glamis with a paddle tire in to tall a gear. Putting one on the 500 this week after some humbling experiences in Big Beat today. When they work right it’s like buying talent.
  10. One of our members bikes is broke in the East County. Needs towing up fairly steep sandy ground. Trails to narrow for a Jeep. Any one have a quad. Maybe 4x4. And willing to help. Call me. Kenny. 619-922-4554
  11. New GPS advise.

    New 78 at the GPS store $150.
  12. New GPS advise.

    Shopping for a basic unit. Mostly with riding the Big Bear Dual Sport ride in mind. Looking at Garmin 78 and Garmin ETrex 20x. Any advise. Is one better for our purposes.
  13. Wallwart has the Shinko on their website for $$52.88. Free shipping.