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  1. I’ll be there plus 3 or 4 of my regular crew. Your welcome ride with us. We will be there at 7.
  2. Fall Equipment Review 2018

    Mine broke same spot falling over in the driveway. Grind the back of the shifter off where the point sticks out as it folds in 45 degrees.
  3. big bear

    We park in Fawnskin across from the North Shore Café in front of the park directly across the street. Great breakfast .39226 N Shore Dr. Fawnskin, Ca. Close to Holcomb Valley. Stop at the visitors center about a mile east of there for a map. Trails are well marked. Enjoy. Jealous, I have to work tomorrow.
  4. Fall Equipment Review 2018

    Sounds about the same as my 18 500 but your missing JD Tuner. Scott’s sub bar steering stabilizer. FMF Q4. Best dual sports big bottom end kit(works very well for more low end torque). Tubliss at Full revalve and Suspension 101 setup. Best mod ever. Turned mine into a full on desert race bike. My 500 setup the way it is now has the ability to be a top 3 bike at most any desert race with a younger more capable rider.
  5. Call me your ready to ride again. 619-922-4554.
  6. Vey’s got hit for two Husky’s

    I was there at 3am boarding up the window. New window tomorrow. Crime does pay. For me at least
  7. Kids desert trip

    Adult Ocotillo Wells trip Sunday. Call me if you want in.
  8. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Same here. I want to go out with a bang while having fun. Maybe someone will have it on video and post a YouTube Video. When I was working in the Sportfishing industry we had 2 elderly gentleman pass away after landing huge tuna. I’m good with going that way.
  9. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    I’ll let you guys know when service is. Close friend and neighbor.
  10. Nice. Great weather up there now. We put in close to 100 miles of the harder stuff
  11. My bike is orange. Wasn’t me I swear.
  12. Dual sports hill climb
  13. Edited per Adv Bum 4D3C12C7-B45B-49F7-8F92-AA677088087E.MOV