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  1. Nice but no thanks. I'll stick to my desert racing. Too much energy per mile for me.
  2. 9am Kick stands up. Meet at the Tree. Single and double track. Intermediate pace. Ride 2-3 hours. I'm in a black F150. Blue WR450 Remember the time changes Sunday morning.
  3. The 3 Amigos ride again
  4. Get there early. Before 7. Mc Cain or Corral. Ride a few hours and leave as everyone else is getting there.
  5. There will be a blue 450 in the mix as well on Sunday. Welcome home Devin and thanks for your service.
  6. Lark OHV. Mc Cain Valley Rd. Boulevard
  7. Meet at the tree. Intermediate pace. Ride about 2 hours and get out before the heat.
  8. Quit eating fast food, fried food, bread, red meat. Mostly don't eat anything that doesn't come off a tree or plant or from the sea. Walking 6-8 miles a day and ride bikes 50 or so miles on the weekend. Feel 20 years younger.
  9. Been doing a lot of beach riding with the GF. Not as adrenaline pumping but I've lost 60 lbs in 6 months.
  10. Well, happy day Ken!

  11. Turned my 94 WR250 2 smoke into a flat track low rider knobby bike. CALV MX vintage style' To much fun.
  12. Welcome to team Blue