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  1. I’ve carried a 2 liter soda bottle in my back pack many times. No leaks. Stop and put it the bike as ASAP to get the weight off my back.
  2. Shinko 525 cheater

    I’ve run the Maxxis Desert IT and Golden Tyre 333 tubliss no problem. MotoZ Hybrid Extreme does not seal well. Goes from 6psi to 2 psi in 1 day. Maxxis last 1000 or so miles. Ok traction. GT333 probably 600 miles of awesome awesome traction. I change my tires sooner than many riders do so you could almost double those miles if you’re not a tire - traction snob like me.
  3. Shinko 525 cheater

    Thanks. Talked me out of it. I run tubliss at 4-6 psi. I love the Moto Z Exteme Hybrid but it does not seal well with the tubliss system. Probably go back to the Golden Tyre 333. Great tire but pricey.
  4. Very interested. Is it more desert race or enduro typically?
  5. Shinko 525 cheater

    Anyone try it. Looking for all around Desert, single track, fire road tire.
  6. 21" HD TUBES?

  7. Alpine/pine valley to Julian

    When do you want to go? I live in Alpine. That’s a good afternoon early evening or half day weekend trip for me. It’s a 50/50 dirt slab ride. Unless you go Viejas Grade to Boulder Creek rd More dirt but it’s a smooth slippery Road 350 Thumper lives out there and knows lots about the area but is hard to keep up with.
  8. New Member Intro

    Welcome. My crew and I ride Superstition a lot. Also lots of rides from Ocotillo to Salton City Join us sometime.
  9. Giant loop or Wolfman

    I bought mine at C&D. Probably do better online but I like to shop with and support small local shops
  10. Giant loop or Wolfman

    I don’t even know there there while riding. I have the rear fender portion tucked way up under the seat.
  11. One of you guys reming me the the day before please.