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    Interested in a bit of everything, but to be more specific I love metalworking, tinkering, building the better mousetrap type of things. I like being able to say, "Yeah, I built that.", but will rarely step up to admit it if asked. I like riding, dirt, street, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, caged or open. I enjoy my family time with my wife and in-laws. But this is just the tip of a very large iceberg...

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  1. That type of dedication could probably be summed up with only one word... Family. Awesome.
  2. Torque adapters, dog bones

    If you check duometric sizes I believe 11 mm is equal to 7/16" if memory serves me correctly and Grainger carries a complete set in 12 point of Proto or you can get individuals through them as well. I had the complete set before the Cedar Fire, funny how fire ruins tools. That or you can get raped at a tool truck that might have them on hand. The Proto ones are about $20 a piece depending on size. I hope this helps. If you need to go the tool truck route then check early in the morning around any area that has shops, they make the rounds early. The Snap On guy stops in my area on Mondays around noon.
  3. Wish I'd been there. My youngest brother popped in town from Georgia so plans changed. Next time...
  4. New Member Intro

    Welcome to the group, I'm sure that there are a number of people here that will say you're still in your infancy as we just never grow up around here, we just gain experience. Check out the meeting that is coming up, they're always filled with wonderful people at terrific places, Vey's El Cajon this time. See you on two.
  5. Would love to but can't I already have plans that were put in place back in July for Octoberfest, sorry, beer and sausage while camping with a loss of deposits plus prepays win out over manual labor.
  6. Lemon Law Attorney

    Is it a safety related issue or is it an out of service issue? Safety related issues like mine was get you fast tracked. I had a TPMS sensor seal that failed that the dealership just refused to take the tire off to check twice and that made it a whole lot easier to get my money back from 500 miles into ownership. Otherwise it's based off of time out of service which is a much bigger pain in the posterior. The book Lemon-aid explains a lot but +1 on the Auto Fraud Legal Center as that is who my co-worker used on his Nissan Pathfinder. I was stupid enough to take on the manufacturer myself and it took a year to be settled with all of the jerking around the arbitration process does.
  7. When looking in the panel the easiest answers are usually the best bet but don't overlook the overall panel load. If you have central air, an electric water heater, clothes dryer, range, those are generally already your 208/230 VAC loads on the panel. Avoid the lugs that those are loaded on already with the welder circuit as I have seen lugs melted out of a power distribution panel from tandem installs with those along with directly across from those. Take the panel rating in to consideration as well. Older construction had 100 amp service entrances. When technology advanced so did the panels, jumping to 200 amps. When tandem applications are used pick an occasional use manual appliance circuit such as the clothes dryer or a range as opposed to duty cycle appliances like the AC or the water heater. Additionally if you're doing the work yourself take the peak use information into consideration on the welder and the house when determining wire size. There are web pages with ampacity charts for appropriate wire sizes. Just a few talking points on the matter to take in to consideration. I hope this helps... The panel is already labeled, right? This is what happens when you are given the National Electrical Code as regular reading material at the age of 12 while living in a fixer upper in the middle of nowhere, so the information is only 32 years out of date.
  8. A definite maybe, I'm not sure, but probably, with the usual plus one.
  9. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    It's on the calendar, I'll be there with the usual +1, wouldn't miss it.
  10. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Motoforza's new place sounds good, it would give others an opportunity to see this terrific new facility of theirs. I'm open to other locations as well since this isn't the best for all who wish to attend. Perhaps AA KTM's new Poway digs? Just spit ballin' here.
  11. The vit bikes looked great, they only had the 401's there though. The 701's that they were touring with ran into an issue, and with them not being a production bike brought the tally down to 1 consolidated bike that they chose not to show. Nice bikes, my wife actually said she'd like to have one. Everything else was terrific as well. It was a huge turn out in my opinion.
  12. XL long sleeve x2 if you please good sir.
  13. Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    Officially on the calendar. Should be there.
  14. Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    Parking sucks but there is Fillippi's Pizza Grotto in Mira Mesa or Poway, Mira Mesa has a full bar and the back room where they occasionally have parties that we might be able to reserve while the Poway dining room is quartered and we might be able to get a complete section. I can check in to other places as well.
  15. Deals on Motos

    Figured it was by the signature. PM responded. Just keep in mind, "I'm not cheap or poor, I'm married."