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    Interested in a bit of everything, but to be more specific I love metalworking, tinkering, building the better mousetrap type of things. I like being able to say, "Yeah, I built that.", but will rarely step up to admit it if asked. I like riding, dirt, street, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, caged or open. I enjoy my family time with my wife and in-laws. But this is just the tip of a very large iceberg...

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  1. As usual I'm in for GPS downloads. Still formulating a solution for those phone situations of course.
  2. I saw one that looks like the Helinox, rated at #300, packs down small, supported my #270 fatazz, and was comfortable at Camping World for around $73'ish http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/joey-chair-red/76118 I've been contemplating getting one to put to the test.
  3. I'd go if I weren't flying to San Francisco for my wife's son's wedding the next morning. Mike, you're awesome for these types of events, and if you don't hear it enough, thanks for all you do for the site and club, it's appreciated.
  4. I wish I'd tried harder to get to this, but customers are unforgiving in the summer months when their vacation plans are at stake. I'll have to block out the calendar for the next one so that I can definitely make it.
  5. I use to live in Julian on the Cuyamaca side, there are 3 gates from what I recall if you're coming from Lake Cuyamaca to the Banner Grade/Shelter Valley area that are actually fire roads. They go through gold mine areas where one of my friends father homesteaded when he was growing up. I use to have copies of his gate keys for riding, shooting, and visiting purposes 20+ years ago. The Cedar fire took care of my copies, now I have to borrow keys from friends when I feel the need to ride around there. Careful of the touchy prospectors with itchy trigger fingers as they still mine gold in that area. It's a fun area to ride when you know everybody that lives there. There was a bit of a changing of the guard that I haven't gone up and met since Bruce Sr. passed though. Unfortunate story of how he went... Collapsed aorta during commute to Ramona. Still, a fun place to ride though.
  6. I might be able to stop by for a while depending on my schedule. Looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces.
  7. Makes me glad I don't do a whole lot of photography anymore.
  8. I drive past there on my daily commute, that lot is perfect for them. Not so much for those that were there before them. I've been resisting stopping in so as to stay out of the way and let them work, but even from the outside the place is looking good.
  9. Chances are the person boosting the vehicles is familiar with the no original key recoding process and has the dealer tool or a reasonable clone of one. Each key from what I remember from my Jeep Commander has its own individual code much like a garage door remote. The original key has to be present to program without the tool and with the tool the one that the thief used could be programmed to be the original. But then again that was in 08', just about a decade old information, I'm sure they've updated the security protocols since then...Right?
  10. I plan to be there with the usual +1 as it's almost in my back yard.
  11. I occasionally do some metal fab. I have the brake, welder, plasma cutter, and various other tooling. If you can make it in cardboard mock up I can make it in metal. I also work in composites. Whenever I have free time is the catch.
  12. Tracy, you ever get that trailer you were looking for?
  13. He's not switching to a cage, he's diversifying his portfolio.
  14. You can get refurbished units also, my Dakota 20 was $99 with the full factory warranty. Try http://www.gpscity.com as they sell refurbished units and occasionally have really good deals.