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    Interested in a bit of everything, but to be more specific I love metalworking, tinkering, building the better mousetrap type of things. I like being able to say, "Yeah, I built that.", but will rarely step up to admit it if asked. I like riding, dirt, street, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, caged or open. I enjoy my family time with my wife and in-laws. But this is just the tip of a very large iceberg...

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  1. Chances are the person boosting the vehicles is familiar with the no original key recoding process and has the dealer tool or a reasonable clone of one. Each key from what I remember from my Jeep Commander has its own individual code much like a garage door remote. The original key has to be present to program without the tool and with the tool the one that the thief used could be programmed to be the original. But then again that was in 08', just about a decade old information, I'm sure they've updated the security protocols since then...Right?
  2. I plan to be there with the usual +1 as it's almost in my back yard.
  3. I occasionally do some metal fab. I have the brake, welder, plasma cutter, and various other tooling. If you can make it in cardboard mock up I can make it in metal. I also work in composites. Whenever I have free time is the catch.
  4. Tracy, you ever get that trailer you were looking for?
  5. He's not switching to a cage, he's diversifying his portfolio.
  6. You can get refurbished units also, my Dakota 20 was $99 with the full factory warranty. Try as they sell refurbished units and occasionally have really good deals.
  7. Hey Tracy, this one just came up, Too big? 7x14 tandem w/electric brakes $3900, in Valley Center
  8. I would say stop in at one of the Westair locations and see if they have any demo models that they are getting rid of available. The welder technology has progressed in the inverter side of the industry and they are good. All the major brands have a budget line if you're going 120VAC power supply then look towards the Hobart units, fairly bulletproof. On more light industrial the Miller 185 is good. Don't overlook Esab or Lincoln either. I've used them all and they're all quirky in their own ways. For the small projects the Hobarts are more than adequate. If you're going to be doing a lot of 1/4" or thicker regularly then you'll definitely need one of the 208/230 VAC units due to the duty cycle on thicker settings. But, in recommendations on where to get one check the equipment rental stores as they might have something industrial that they are getting ready to take out of the fleet and sell that is perfectly good but they want one that is under warranty from the manufacturer. Yet another long winded suggestion is to check with the welder repair shops for anything they might have lying around that the customer traded in to trade up. As for the saws, cold saws are great, abrasive saws are cheap but effective, buy on basis of your work environment. Personally I've got the Lincoln SP255AC, The Hypertherm 43 plasma, and a cheap old HF abrasive cut off saw. Both the welder and plasma were demo units. Good luck in your search, hope this helps.
  9. For the Garmin specifically maps the Garmin TOPO US 24K works great and at the 24K level all maps are routable. I'll have my DVD of it with me at the dash if we want to see if I can load some of the areas on it. The one I have is US west which if I recall correctly covers CA, WA, OR, and I thought NV with AZ but I'll have to locate the jacket to confirm. It's not completely up to date though as the maps were generated by NAVTEQ in 2008, so some roads that are new aren't there yet, but at the resolution level they're very thorough. I only paid $65 for it but that was during the going out of business sale of Sports Authority. I believe they're usually between $100 and $120 per region.
  10. Just watching the news and up pops breaking news, MotoForza is on fire. Not a good thing. I'm intent on being notified of the cause. I'm not going to express my opinions with the previous issue in the area.
  11. Might look at the books from which has GPS info as well as app's. Looks interesting.
  12. XL long sleeve, 2 of them, I'll bring cash to the dash.
  13. Just got home, a quick wardrobe change and I'll be headin' that way.
  14. Sounds promising, hopefully that's one of the nights that the "Happy Food" truck is working there, Victor makes some awesome food.