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  1. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Creativity = AA++ for PMB...
  2. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    What type of "rimrocks" do you run on your five-hundo? Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic?
  3. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Bummer on the "bubbles" Bags ...but, hilarious on the weight loss! At least you found the culprit...
  4. New Member - DangerDave

    Double D - with a screen name like DangerDave, we all look forward to some exhilarating ride reports and pictures! Welcome to the forum...
  5. Looking forward to the RR and Pics...
  6. MauleR - get a set of FROGG TOGGS. They are light weight, pack down small, are sturdy enough to last awhile and not "overly" expensive. And, Kkug recommends 'em!
  7. New bike - ALTA EXR

    Ha! I like it!
  8. New bike - ALTA EXR

    You could always add playing cards, close pinned from the forks to the spokes on the E bike for that rat-a-tat-tat sound...like we did on our bicycles when we were kids!
  9. Ride tracker

  10. Gotta love the electrical box in the shower stall!
  11. Sadly True... from sea to shining sea...
  12. My SPOT Renewal

    I think I want to take Barb with me to negotiate my next bike and truck purchases...