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  1. Bags - Nice! Did you guys do a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop? Where did you cross Hwy 78 at in Ocotillo Wells?
  2. Tracy...hit the Vineyards!
  3. Unofficial Stats: (according to track master site) 1st overall: Truck - 20hrs. 3 min. 2nd overall: 1x Bike - 20 hrs. 58 min. (only 55 min. slower than a Trophy Truck!!!) 3rd overall: 45x Bike - 21 hrs. 8 min. Top 15 Finishers: - 8 Bikes (6 HON, 1 KTM, 1 YAM) - 6 Trucks - 1 Quad Amazing... * Looks like George's (Susp. 101) bro Giovanni (#510x) made it ~901 mi., ~30 mi. N of Chk. Pt. 4, ~110 mi. shy of the finish...
  4. 1x is hot on the heels of 45x...should be an exciting night time finish!
  5. Wow! That is epic! Love the Bonanza/Cartwright Family pic...
  6. 1x has closed the gap to 10 miles behind 45x...110 miles out...
  7. 45x is ~ 300 miles out...don't think he'll finish before dark...
  8. Brik - Can't tell the tire brand or tube/mouse type, or if it's the front or rear tire from the post. I assume the tube is not leaking? IMHOP, unless it's a D606 tire and an EXTRA heavy duty tube/mouse, better to change 'em out vs. chancing shredding 'em both out on the next ride...on the trial, or even worse if it happens on the slab! IMHOP...change both the tire and tube/mouse...better safe than sorry...just MHOP
  9. Too bad this isn't schedule for Fri. 11/17...my "off Friday..." maybe next time...have fun!
  10. Mr.JaJa is aka: McGyver!
  11. That rig is looking super clean!
  12. When I was a much younger version of myself I received the paper copy of Cycle News weekly. It was awesome WAY BACK then, so I assume it's even better now. Thanks for the post Jim. PS - Did you guys solve pinch flats in the AVI parking lot by chance?
  13. Great to see Mike (ADV Bum) and Chris (Crawdaddy) at the game last night! The Gulls lost 2-6 but, still had a good time!
  14. You'll have to remain a SDAR member even after you move to FL...keep posting your ride/trip reports from there...they are always GREAT!