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  1. Great stuff guys! Hats off to ya'll!
  2. Oh man...this is epic already! Keep it coming boys! CID needs to get those new white boots CID...
  3. If only those old buildings and caves could talk...what stories they could tell!
  4. Thanks for the post Randy. It's on the calendar.
  5. Two years ago in June I did a solo ride down the backside of BB and found the Slash X. When I pulled into the parking lot there were at least 25 Harleys parked outside. I was pretty thirsty, so I ventured inside for a couple of cold ones. When I walked through the side door there were 25+ people...mostly all of them were wearing MONGULS vests! I was a little nervous to say the least but, no harm-no foul and the cold ones hit the spot.
  6. Can't wait for the forthcoming "Pics" and "RR" of this adventure Double D...
  7. Sad news for sure. I met Arnie about 5-6 years ago at a vintage MX race at the Barona MX track. We hit it off...popping a cold one (or two) while comparing notes about the bikes we rode & raced back in the 70's & 80's. A short time thereafter, Arnie posted an Olympia Dual-Sport Jacket for sale on the SDAR site. I had a ride planned for the Bishop area soon with V-Dog (Vaudois) and his crew. Knowing what the potential weather could be up there on that ride, I decided to purchase the jacket from Arnie. I rode the WR from RB to Arnie's place up in Ramona to make the purchase. When I got to his place, he was laughing at the number of times I passed back and forth on the road in front his place while trying to find it. Arnie showed me the jacket and I commented on how well the jacket matched my Silver/Grey KLIM riding pants and AGV helmet. Arnie commented on how well the jacket matched my hair color!!! It was hilarious. I still have the jacket and I have worn it often both on the street & dirt. Thank you Arnie. I also watched Arnie ride/race at the Del Mar flat track...he loved it. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  8. Outstanding pics! More! More! More!
  9. Pretty soon your nice white SIDIs will be SIDIs CID Boots4Less
  10. Brutal...I remember my college football coaches telling me I "couldn't race dirt bikes" and "if I did, they'd take away my scholarship, etc. etc." well, football and dirt bike racing still happened!!!
  11. It will be smokin' hot... Do you share/ride the same bike or can you ride multiple bikes?
  12. Cool! Looks like you had some nice shade on the trail...thanks for sharing!
  13. The MT43 is the way to go on the rear for the MOAB area...especially if you get to ride any of the slick rock trails...IMHO. GoldenTyre 16AA Fatty is the shizzz on the front...IMHO.