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  1. Rigger - have a great day! You riding or rigging today?
  2. Brabec has moved up to second!
  3. Even some of the four wheeled rigs are getting "hammered!"
  4. LB - You could ride through a Hurricane, Tornado, Monsoon or even a Haboob in the deserts of the middle east!
  5. Come on Brabec & Short!
  6. OUCH!
  7. Well done! Great pics!
  8. LB - Coverage has been "hit and miss" on the TV. However, there are some great videos and pics on the Dakar site. Deep, deep sand...
  9. DAKAR 2018 in Argentina https://www.dakar.com/en/ Great link...go to motos... Bort from Spain leads on a HON US riders: - Brabec HON 12th - Short HSQ 25th - Esposito KTM 35th - Samuels HON 38th I know...it's EARLY in the game...
  10. Right-on Rigger! GREAT pics....looks like you had a blast...thanks for sharing!
  11. Those photos show a fun time was had by all! Congrats... I'll "get to" retirement someday...
  12. Rode my '94 KTM 550 Smoker for ~10 yrs. starting it that way...
  13. Remember, when entering into the 2018 budget negotiations with the CFO, it's all about your "safety..."