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  1. PBR for PMB on his B-Day?

    Hope you had a great day Paul!
  2. Incredible! Thanks for sharing...I did Lockhart Basin and Moab w/ my son and his group 2 years ago...great stuff...
  3. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    ...as long as it's not a "pre-loaded" load towel...
  4. I have not been to Mount Rushmore since I was a kid...keep the pics coming Udo!
  5. San Diego to Alaska

    Looks like a Grizzly Bear attacked the front end of that bike!
  6. Wheel lacing

    Ryan (NCY) will get 'er done right for you...
  7. Best three tacos you ever had!
  8. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Rigger - I plan on being up in Pinedale next month...I'll look for your tracks...
  9. 17 africa twin loaded

    You need another Honda...
  10. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Great pics Rigger! I see the bike took a brief mud nap...keep the pics coming!
  11. San Diego to Alaska

    Tom - That Viddy was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the adventure and keep the RR & pics coming!
  12. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    How many Load Towels are in those Mosko bags...?
  13. I'm guessing a 17 y/o today would opt for something electric... http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/
  14. Happy B-Day V-Dog!

    Happy Birthday Vaudois..."the master of the technical two-up"! Hope you get to ride & enjoy some ice cold adult beverages!