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  1. Robbie Maddison rides the canals in The Hague, Netherlands https://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news-general-news/watch-robbie-maddison-rides-canal-hague
  2. Anyone Know a Good Caterer for Desert Dash ?

    These guys do it right... https://philsbbq.net/
  3. What a list of names... Davis, Hamel, Lewis, Roeseler, Cooper, Burleson, Webb, Lawson...fast dogs in the Dez...
  4. Peaked out too early

    Nice pics Rigger ...I really dig that tunnel pic (pun intended) ...looks like a great "mix" of bikes!
  5. Nicely done boys! Sounds like a great trip! Bummer on the bee sting...I got stung by a wasp while riding in Baja one time...no fun!
  6. Awesome Bags...amazing what a guy can find in the Dez...
  7. USGP MXdN

    You got it LB!
  8. USGP MXdN

    USGP MXdN this Sunday, 10/7 at 10am on CBS (per Cycle News on-line)...
  9. How to do one handed 360's

    Like a Ballet in the Dez...
  10. Did an easy-peasy loop from RB to Lake Sutherland via Pauma Valley Rd., Black Mtn. TT and Santa Isabelle TT...saw a group of three and a group of two riders on the trail...they all new the correct / proper etiquette hand signals (number of riders following) when approaching a rider head-on! Had a weird (to me) minor mechanical issue when going up Black Mtn.TT... I heard a "tap, tap, tap, clank, clank, clank" sound and pulled over to check it out...my kick stand was down, hitting rocks on the trail and rubbing on the sprocket! Luckily, I had the right "tool" for the job... It just kind of fell off the bike in pieces...I don't know what happened...I didn't wipe out, etc. so I don't know. Anyway, packed the kicked stand and pieces into the vest and continued on to the top. Nobody there and it was CLEAN. Last time I was up there it was a mess... See the moon in the upper right of the pic under the branch? The "trail" leading to the Glider Port has become a "Highway!" Wow... Down the hill, across Santa Isabelle TT and to the Dam... Back across Santa Isabelle TT to Pauma Valley Rd. I noticed a VERY nice hiking trail being constructed along the east side of the road... This sign "explained" what was happening... Took the Oroscoe Ridge turn for a little shade under a nice Oak Tree... Headed to Cheers for a delicious burger & ice cold adult beverage before heading home to RB...
  11. XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    simi- congrats...you will LOVE that bike... As mentioned above...a few mods and you're riding on a "dream machine." Like with any new bike, make sure you go through everything, including the spokes, etc. Sometimes from the factory not everything is as snug as you may want it. When you do change out the stock TC tires, it would be a good idea to put a little anti-seize on the rear wheel adjustment bolts. Water can creep inside and freeze 'em up. Enjoy!