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  1. What's my moto worth?

    For comparison purposes, I have a buddy who bought a plated 2014 Husky 310 for $3,800 last year...
  2. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    +1 My size 12W feet love my Gaerne's
  3. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Thanks for the tip Ken!
  4. Great RR and Pics MacD! Thanks for sharing the adventure!
  5. Showed up today!

    Cool!...Two questions: 1. Does the trailer have to be "plated?" 2. In the last picture, what is the "silver toy" parked on the gravel outside of the garage?!
  6. Did a 103 mile loop with Crawdaddy and Doug aka: "The Freshness" on Saturday. Met at Kendall's at 7am for Eggs and Hash and headed out ~8am. We meandered over to the store by the Iron Door for some cold beverages to enjoy in the shade of Fish Creek, hit Sandstone Canyon and checked out Diablo Drop. Then we reversed course, sucked down another cold one at the store and headed back to Kendall's. Doug's fuel reserve light for his 2.7 gal tank on his three-fitty came on at ~100 miles. Great day...not too hot and had a nice breeze at times.
  7. Don't be this guy...

    Ha! Yes, every time I ride it...
  8. ...and a few more...
  9. Bags...this spot ranks right up there as one of my all times faves also! Some stats from Friday...