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  1. Awesome stuff MacD...
  2. I made the 20 minute ride from RB to Escondido and it was well worth it! Thanks to Dave for hosting the event. He has quite the shop set-up. Thanks to Mike for being the chief chef. Good to see Ken, Udo and Tom again, Nice to meet Van, Dan, Paul and others. Good showing and GREAT stories! Thanks all...
  3. My son is driving down from COS, CO to meet one of buddies from Albuquerque, NM there...they are really looking forward to it!
  4. Wow! That is incredible stuff! Well done MacD!
  5. Happy B-Day Vaudois! Hope you get in a ride and a cold one or two!
  6. Ken...you're such a tease...we'll see...
  7. I'm in!
  8. So "if" it does go flat on the trail, you can't change out the bladder for a replacement bladder or tube because it is "connected" to the tire itself? You would have to change out the whole assembly on the trail?
  9. That would freak some people out at Mission Bay/Fiesta Island!
  10. Sorry to hear about this Tracy...glass raised for your friend...
  11. Great RR and pics! Thanks for sharing your adventure!