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  1. It works good on my ipad! cool how it works
  2. Yep another desert season is upon us!
  3. I rode twice this week.

    Very nice, SW Colorado! glad those passes cleared, did you do engineer pass near beuna vista?
  4. DOT Rear Knobby

    Kendra Parker DT - a DOT tire , big tall knobs gets 1100-1200 miles , 72 bucks, chaparell online, very predictable great in sand or rocks, a 90 dirt / 10 street tire.
  5. poway Ktm

    Poway ktm IS NOT anywhere like All American KTM ! I went to Poway ktm Honda after they started and jeez what a pieced together operation, will not be back. They rent two sides of a small strip mall, WTF?
  6. The next step (what moto to get)

    Miles.... off road? how many miles do you think you might ride in a day? Best bike answer is ... 15-50 miles take the 250/280/300/350 50-100 miles per day ride needs a 400cc + to make it enjoyable. 100+ miles 500-700cc that it in a general sense, of course any thing is possible.
  7. The next step (what moto to get)

    For mostly mountain riding a xr250r 96-2004 plated with a big bore 280 kit is great. 1-2 kicks to start every time. It is a 6 speed lots of gear choice. Hard to find them though. But you can find them for around $2000. I have had all the xr bikes 250. 400, 600 and 650r . Hands down the best for mountains is the modded 250. I have sold them all but kept the plated 250 now a 280. For lower desert and higher speeds a 400-500 cc bike is what you want. I have a ktm 450 for lower desert and bigger dual sport loops. For that kind of riding the ktm is superior. For knarly single track and mountains, Guess which bike I take to corral canyon or jacumba or the sierras? The little xr250r with a 280 kit of course! one other thing, the Honda will handle and steer far better than a drz or dr350 and once you get the jetting spot on they will start 1-2 kicks. Kyle
  8. Texas road trip

    Thanks for sharing! well done video
  9. Knarly stuff there... thanks for posting
  10. Travis at Thumper racing. 775.309.4956 web site http://thumperracing.net/index.php?route=product/category&path=345
  11. Search eBay for old boots to rob from i agree tech 6 is like wearing tennis shoes very comfortable I have 2 pairs ...
  12. Along with the 2 mentioned above ... Travis at thumper racing is very very good ! He is out of gardnerville Nevada near Carson city. He is the pros pro on ktm talk , better than ca flash.. by far in my opinion. ... dave Hopkins is good , but not as experienced as Travis at thumper racing. Me, I would certainly give my work to travis first, then Dave then ca flash. travis does all RFS and up to current models, very knowledable indeed!, By the way I ride a 450exc as well.