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  1. Travis at Thumper racing. 775.309.4956 web site http://thumperracing.net/index.php?route=product/category&path=345
  2. Search eBay for old boots to rob from i agree tech 6 is like wearing tennis shoes very comfortable I have 2 pairs ...
  3. Along with the 2 mentioned above ... Travis at thumper racing is very very good ! He is out of gardnerville Nevada near Carson city. He is the pros pro on ktm talk , better than ca flash.. by far in my opinion. ... dave Hopkins is good , but not as experienced as Travis at thumper racing. Me, I would certainly give my work to travis first, then Dave then ca flash. travis does all RFS and up to current models, very knowledable indeed!, By the way I ride a 450exc as well.
  4. A nice 48 hour wander

    👍👌😃 looks like a great time and ride ! nice weather as well.
  5. Easy way to create GPX route trace

    How about viewranger app? Easy to create a track, a route and export a gpx file. download for free for your phone at the App Store.
  6. Local desert question

    All the valley around dos cabanas is state park and for plated vehicles only. green sticker? Plaster city, ocotillo, superstition,ocotillo wells
  7. Up grapevine cyn/ jasper trail.? Not this time. this route: tamarisk to old borrego to San gregornio mnt to inspiration pt. To truckhaven trail to N tapaido to salton city, then back - cut across trail to goat trail, butte pass, San Greg mnt. And so on forecast 68-70 with 5-10 wind on thurs.
  8. Thanks bags - this is one of my favorite loop rides. it has it all. Are you in town?
  9. Tamarisk grove,. Inspiration point, N. tapiado, salton city, lunch - gas, then a different loop back around 105 mi. 10 miles road. 95 off road about 6 hours with stops, experienced riders - Park by trees tamarisk grove outside campground meet 915 , leave about 945 and back around 330 wanna ride? i am on a 05 450 exc
  10. What they say: sh------t happens...!
  11. That foot peg bolt is a known failure. Oem bolt is soft steel, it needs a upgraded hardened replacement. Broke mine a few years back, my buddy broke his last year. I hope you put a hardened bolt in there, and not the same soft oem one...
  12. Breakfast Club Thursday 11/16

    That looks like the Fwy at 5 after work... That guy in the red can't even start his bike! hahahaha