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  1. Hmmmmm Will be looking for new camp spot Sat night. RV with trailer accessible?
  2. Bum SB motorsports track day at Chuck walla 16th & car 17th Thanks anyway.
  3. I'm sure this will be an awesome adventure. Do I want an awesome adventure. Hmmmm
  4. Hopefully next week I check I'll check this post before Tuesday.
  5. Bruce I'm with you man. I am 80% beer 10% spirits and 10% wine. But I'm 100% into Motorcycles. Anyone see the article in this months AMA mag by the NASA astronaut who commanded the space shuttle that mentioned he doesn't own a car? Did I get the converse back to motorcycles?
  6. Shoot If you told me that 40 years ago I would have a gas station and tire shop by now.
  7. Zubb Thanks for posting and the info about the group.I an interested in a few more easyish overnighters. I hope your not refering to my Honda as a large rojjo oinker (BRP) Kinda offensive Just changed the oil this morning which is the second time in 10 years. That bike is the best 2500 I ever spent! I see there is a ride on 26th. Might see if I can make that but I to going to the land of Kiwis on the 27th. Cheers
  8. Don't get me started. Thank god for youtube at work.
  9. I don't see anything about locked gates. Am I missing something?
  10. Coolness The Royal Enfield would have fitted right in. I need to check the sight more often.
  11. Been trying to figure it out for 50 years. Might go to Laguna Seca in the car.. Window shrunk to long weekend.
  12. All good info, Thanks I guess about now is a good time to get into the GPS mapping thing. I was hopping Pastapilot would join. Hes a pro.
  13. I have a "walk about pass" from Dec 27-31 which I intend to use for an adventure ride. If there is interest from others I am flexible as to route/bike etc. I am thinking day 1 Viejas Grade, down Orroflame, across Ocotillo Wells area then Bradshaw Trail over to the river. From there I am lost and need help. I would like to work my way north up the river to Laughlin and do the Mojave Trail cause its awesome. From there head south through Joshua Tree area I will be taking camping gear but am not opposed to hoteling it either. If I ended going alone I would probably switch to more adventure bike friendly as I don't have the balls of others to ride in the Dez alone. The wife got a new knee for Christmas so will be at home on house/dog watch. I now know what to get her next Christmas!