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  1. Room booked. Bags on bike. 99.9% in
  2. Amgems Thanks for NOT organizing. I can NOT find any excuse why I should NOT do this. 99% in
  3. Hmmmmm Will be looking for new camp spot Sat night. RV with trailer accessible?
  4. Bum SB motorsports track day at Chuck walla 16th & car 17th Thanks anyway.
  5. I'm sure this will be an awesome adventure. Do I want an awesome adventure. Hmmmm
  6. Hopefully next week I check I'll check this post before Tuesday.
  7. Bruce I'm with you man. I am 80% beer 10% spirits and 10% wine. But I'm 100% into Motorcycles. Anyone see the article in this months AMA mag by the NASA astronaut who commanded the space shuttle that mentioned he doesn't own a car? Did I get the converse back to motorcycles?
  8. Shoot If you told me that 40 years ago I would have a gas station and tire shop by now.
  9. Zubb Thanks for posting and the info about the group.I an interested in a few more easyish overnighters. I hope your not refering to my Honda as a large rojjo oinker (BRP) Kinda offensive Just changed the oil this morning which is the second time in 10 years. That bike is the best 2500 I ever spent! I see there is a ride on 26th. Might see if I can make that but I to going to the land of Kiwis on the 27th. Cheers
  10. Don't get me started. Thank god for youtube at work.
  11. I don't see anything about locked gates. Am I missing something?
  12. Coolness The Royal Enfield would have fitted right in. I need to check the sight more often.
  13. Been trying to figure it out for 50 years. Might go to Laguna Seca in the car.. Window shrunk to long weekend.