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  1. Danrider Too late. Found these Pucks at Homedepot.
  2. Kinda like a hot water bottle
  3. Good Times indeed. Its all abut the company
  4. Looks like Holcomb Village or Sunshine Valley Gas Station on da map. Like around mid day?
  5. Kug How about we meet at the point where you cross the 79 from south to north
  6. Sounds like my kind of of ride. I am not a Mexico expert. Come to think of it I am just not an expert.
  7. @ 90% I am east county so proly go Black Canyon ish
  8. Also lurking. Wife didn't yell at me and I don't see any hurricanes in forecast for next weekend so what could possibly go wrong.
  9. Campo is out the 94! Perfect.
  10. I had an xt 225 which I rode the piss out of for years and loved it. As we all know everything is a compromise with bikes I believe that XT is about the same weight as a WR250R and like 25 lbs lighter than the CRF250L Probably due to being air cooled. Gets my vote At some point like 2013 they went fuel injected and I have seen them used for chicken scratchings. Interesting post. Thanks
  11. Looks like a fun day out. Quite the variety of bikes.