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My son has now qraduated to a full size bike 18-21 wheel set. He still a little short in the leg and the 2009 Honda 230f fits the bill.  Our first trip out to Superstition over Thanksgiving was a blast. With the damp sand he was able to make the highest peak. Now I can’t wait for some longer more adventurous rides.  So we updated the bike with 2015 plastics, Guts seat cover, skid plate and new bars. The electric start is fantastic.  






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I remember the bike size transitioning with my son (many years ago).  XR100 at 8, CRF150 at ten, YZ250F at 13 (why a Yamaha, son?!), and currently on a KX450 (why a green bike, son?!) at 27. 

Those early year memories are ones that you will cherish forever, Kelly; good for you both!!

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Best thing about them is he can ride it for the next 3 years and then you can sell it for the same amount you bought it for. Solid bikes. 

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