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  1. Ride-Orange

    Metal Twister has left the building

    Thanks to Kaw'ee for posting, and this photo of Bob and his daughter, Rachelle. I received the email below from Rachelle regarding a celebration of life event that she is hosting for Bob. It's happening at the Superstition Dip, date and time below. Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting these out, life’s been really crazy lately! Please see the link to where we will be at! We are expecting 20-40 people to show up! CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR BOB ENGEL JR. Enjoy the ride in honor of Bob! Day: 11-21-2020 Time: 10am Where: see below (instructions from Granite Hills area) / link on map Food: drinks, snacks, sub sandwiches and desserts will be provided What to bring: chairs, byob (Coors, water, Dr Pepper provided) https://maps.app.goo.gl/gCzSVhHhQHH9ZtnZA Thanks! Rachelle Engel 619-322-9954 Rachelle_Engel@yahoo.com
  2. Many of you knew Bob Engel. His daughter called me last night to tell me he had passed away in mid July. Bob could do things with metal that would simply blow your mind! He turned my 74 Bronco into an artwork. USAF veteran, founder of SoCal Ultimate 4x4, super custom car builder supreme! Godspeed Bob Rachelle is planning a memorial desert get together in November. She also has Bob’s VW Thing and a custom flatbed trailer (Bob built) for sale. Let me know if you are interested in more details...
  3. It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of my good friend Guy Biggs (PalmAveRider). This was not a good man, Guy was one of the greatest I've known. If there were ever a man who would literally drop anything he was doing to help a friend, or neighbor, or even a stranger in need, it was Guy. I had posted several years ago to the "Firestorm" thread about the Harris fire, and how Guy, along with his brother Jack, came to my aid when fire was heading right up our gullet. This was not only a badass fellow KTM rider, winning many a MX in his time, but also a Firefighter extrordinaire!! You can look up my story if you want to, but the quick-dump is that Guy arrived on my 5 acre Ranchito in Jamul, and the fire literally went AROUND US on all sides. I truly believe that this is because the Harris fire, which took 5 lives, consumed over 90,000 acres, and destroyed over 250 structures on its way to us in 2007, was simply AFRAID to mess with Guy Biggs!!! S please raise you glass, preferably the next time it has a good beer in it, to my good friend Guy Biggs. Until we ride together again my brother, God Speed...
  4. Ride-Orange

    Corral with Morgan

    Nice write-up Bob, glad to see you and Morgan got some quality time. We did the family run with our friends from Kauai on Monday. Tommy borrowed the Mighty 540 for a ride and brought it back with a broken handguard and demolished tailpiece, but it was one of those once-in-a-great-while rides that I cherish so much now that he's at CS Fullerton. Keep them close and hug them often...
  5. Ride-Orange

    Happy Birthday Ride Orange

    Yeah, Happy 5-0 to R-O... wait, that's me... THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES Y'ALL
  6. Ride-Orange

    Radio Symposium?

    I need to get a VHF radio and the fixins to talk with my S-dar buddies, so I'd be interested. ...but what's a "symposium"? (I'm not that smart... don't know how I got this job in the first place...)
  7. Ride-Orange

    Volunteer Campsites at Butterfield Ranch

    R-O in #32 :curtsey:
  8. Ride-Orange

    New to SDAR

    Welcome Dai We have the local Desert Scrambles here, and as a younger lad (up to your age) I raced 'em a bit. Lots of great people to meet there as well as on the site here. Looking forward to getting with you and learning a little about the country of my ancestry. Cheers! R-O
  9. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any posts about a New Year's weekend trip (if I did please PM me a link to the thread). As of this writing, R-O Jr. is feverishly working to get the Rancho Naranja rig ready to travel. I know some of the OTB group will be at OW, but I was thinking about something a little less crowded. Anybody planning to head to Plaster/Superstition this weekend?
  10. Ride-Orange

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas to all, an' God bless us... EVERY ONE!
  11. Ride-Orange

    SDAR Club Meeting January 2010

    Thanks for the call Rad. I'm in for the meeting and DD 2010
  12. Ride-Orange

    Sunday 27th

    I guess if I'm ever gonna get back in the saddle, this would be the time... It's possiboole
  13. Feel free to stop by! You know the route...
  14. Ride-Orange

    Any Divers?

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll make the calls as I'm starting to look into gear. After I get done with the course, maybe you skinners can show me the ropes
  15. Ride-Orange

    Happy Birthday Carguy!

    I hope you're having a great birthday partner From the who;le family: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!