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  1. Riding Saturday 6/3. Thinking of Viejas Grade to Boulder Creek on to Engineers to Sunrise Hwy to Pine Creek and then ?. Meet at Alpine Mc Donalds at 9 am.
  2. ECDave

    Just sayin' "Hi."

    I was on the KLX last summer for your ride down Kernan. as I recall, your a tall guy, you will get used to the highness. (King Joke)!
  3. ECDave

    Baja Designs 701 Light kit

    Sold. Thanks Shutterrev.
  4. ECDave

    Baja Designs 701 Light kit

    sounds good.
  5. ECDave

    Baja Designs 701 Light kit

    If it has a square light hole it should. As opposed to the newer KTM triangle shaped light hole.
  6. Moto Minded light kit for Husqvarna 701. Might fit other Husqvarna models and maybe Ktm. $350 firm.
  7. ECDave


    And then i saw Toms fairing and had to have one too!
  8. ECDave


    your honest review of your 690 is what made me buy it!!!!
  9. ECDave


    yes, right where the main road and the wash meet you can see signs of heavy moisture content but no flow and then 3 or 4 corners later the river appears.
  10. I saw a video last week showing alot of water on Oriflame. So i thought to myself, self, you've never been there, why not make your first time a memorable one! Fortunately/unfortunately i was alone and my low fuel light came on so i didn't go more than about a mile from the highway. Try to make it out to see the water before it goes away.
  11. ECDave

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    Gore Tex time!
  12. Not a problem with gas, I carry a little extra. Meet at formerly Packards at 9 am?
  13. yes 701 for sure! meet at the Ramona coffee spot formerly know as Packards at 9 am. ??
  14. We can meet up in Ramona if you are interested.

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