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  1. ECDave

    Rally Club

    count me in.
  2. see you at the gas station. maybe a chance of rain. still a ways out.
  3. That's the one. Plenty of parking on the gravel lot adjacent.
  4. yes, I am, Darren lives out there.
  5. Yes. should be a fun loop.meet at the gas station.
  6. were there any takers? i would be interested in doing this ride the last weekend of the year. Friday 12/29 or Saturday 12/30.
  7. made it! Awesome day, thanks Darren. always great to make it to the crash reel.
  8. Should be Loading, like as in bike into truck.
  9. sign me up!! see you at 9 ish.
  10. ECDave


    Both. too bad i didnt see this until now.
  11. ECDave


    NE is where i was
  12. I will be headed out to the desert near the town of Ocotillo to do a quick camping trip Saturday afternoon if any one is interested. Thinking about leaving around noon from East County. A couple miles of dirt/sand to get to the camp spot.
  13. stopped by Indian Flats Campground on October 7th and it was open. it was over full, not a single spot left and that was at 2:00 in the after noon. might want to have a backup plan?
  14. ECDave

    Suzuki V-Strom 800DE

    Cool people have 3 bikes!! Try it, you might like it. It's like having different tools for different jobs.

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