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  1. TexasDualler

    New Ride

    Going to need a 14 tooth to hit 90. Looks like need to take my bike back to George to get these updates he’s come up with over the past couple years
  2. TexasDualler

    Throttle help

    I’ve used the Renthal grip glue a handful of times (pun intended) on the left side and even with lock wire it’s always ended up going full slip. Even after applying generous amounts and letting cure for full 24hrs. Just never had any luck with Renthal grip glue. Used super glue last time and it’s been holding so far. I’ve never needed to use anything other than lock wire on the throttle tube and I’ve never had it slip. Perhaps it’s time for a new throttle tube?
  3. TexasDualler

    New Ride

    Good list. I just put V force reeds in mine. Noticeable improvement. I have the FMF gnarly pipe as well, it’s a good pipe. Its a good idea to keep a handful of pipe o-rings in the tool box too. The pipe will get knocked around and start leaking (evident by oil spray around exhaust socket) and you lose power. Doesn’t take long to swap out o-rings and get a good seal again if you got the o-rings laying around and don’t have to wait for the dealer to order more.
  4. TexasDualler

    I don't get it

    I can see how it looks like the official is trying to tell you to go right but it also looks as though they were working a road crossing. Like he was trying to stop cross traffic to allow you to continue on the course. Notice the other bike coming at you after you made the right turn. Either way that was some poor signaling by the official.
  5. 10 bucks says the water pump failed and someone had to ride on the back of their buddy’s bike to get back home
  6. TexasDualler

    KTM 520 gearing

    I second that. I do the same on my 300xcw. 14/50 desert. 13/50 tight technical single track. Easy peasy
  7. TexasDualler

    New Ride

    I went with an KTM oem SX head and SX CDI box and .5mm base gasket. Made a noticeable improvement to the low end torque. Been thinking about a Lectron carb for awhile but maybe I'll try the JD jets first. Also think it's time for me to replace reed valves. And just a heads up, I wouldn't go too far over 100 or so hours between top ends or you could end up dead on a trail out of bounds somewhere and have to find someone with a 500 to tow you out.
  8. TexasDualler


  9. TexasDualler

    Eyeing Yamaha WR250R and Honda CRF250L

    You would be happy with a KTM as well, but your wallet wouldn't. Replacement parts for the Japanese bikes are dirt cheap. For example, OEM clutch lever for my Honda - $7, Aftermarket replica clutch lever for my KTM - $40 (OEM about $50). Oil changes are more expensive on orange bikes too. So unless you plan on racing, stick with a Japanese bike, your wallet will thank you.
  10. TexasDualler

    Eyeing Yamaha WR250R and Honda CRF250L

    The 250L is EFI as well. Always has been. I completely agree with everyone’s opinions about it’s wieght and power. Let’s be real, it’s a beginner bike. Anyone above noob level wouldn’t be happy with the CRF250L. I bought it back when I was getting back into riding and I don’t regret the decision. Right around 5k, long maintenance intervals, damn near indestructible, user friendly tractable power band, and not to mention a couch like seat. It was my everything bike (commuting, moto camping, desert, single track, fire roads, etc) but alas I out grew it and now it sits in my garage next to my 300xcw and 950Adv collecting dust. So hey if you decide to go with the 250L let me know!
  11. Single track desert race. Sounds promising. https://themint400.com/the-mint-400-announces-new-two-day-race-format/
  12. It was my first attempt at this race so I had set my expectations pretty low and I can say I walked away with my head held high and some good knowledge for how to prepare for and and what to expect for next year's race. I finished the second loop with about a minute left to start the final loop. Mentally I wanted to go the distance but physically my body said no. Major cramping in my legs and I was at a point where I knew if I kept going I was going to get hurt. I'll be back again next year more physically prepared. Course was super fun and you couldn't possibly get any better conditions. That chocolate dirt was very nice
  13. TexasDualler

    2019 CRF 450 L

    @Bp619 True. At the very least it gives the bike some credibility.