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  1. TexasDualler

    How to bleed brakes on a Dirt Bike

    Didn't seem to mention it but definitely don't try to pump the brake lever with the reservoir cap off or not fully tighten down.
  2. TexasDualler

    Hand signals for off road riding

    I usually just use my big boy voice and shout it.
  3. TexasDualler

    looking for fat bar and clamps

    @alphajack I have a set of OEM Neken's that came off of my '15 KTM 300. The clutch side is bent forward maybe 2mm and has a scuff on the end, but otherwise they're in decent shape. You probably wouldn't even notice they're bent when you ride. I live in Lakeside if you want to come get them for free.
  4. TexasDualler

    Hand signals for off road riding

    Also not a bad idea to let them know what's behind you (bike/quad/SXS) if you can.
  5. TexasDualler

    2020 Big Bear Run - June 27

    Did this ride the last couple of years but won't be able to make it this time around. If they follow the same pattern they've been doing, 38 Special will be about 160mi after the start of the hard ways. Best of luck to all those brave enough to attempt the gantlet.
  6. TexasDualler

    They cut off my pants!

    I got some stuff for free too. None of it’s in super great shape but it’s still mostly intact. I live in Alpine
  7. TexasDualler

    16' Box Trailer, w shower,toilet , etc

    It’ll probably go real quick on CL. I sold my 6x10 cargo trailer last year off of CL. Had several offers within hours of posting and it was gone at full asking price in less than 24hrs. It’s a hot market apparently.
  8. TexasDualler

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    ‘17+ 300 for sure. Counterbalance makes a world of difference, especially if you’re trying to ride 6+ hours. I have a plate on mine (Texan and military) but really only use it once or twice a year to ride Big Bear. I avoid pavement like the plague. Just need it to connect trails.
  9. Those pesky EPA regulations that require the crank breather to vent into the air box! There’s this weird little capped tube thing that you have to drain oil out of every several hundred miles on my 250L.
  10. TexasDualler

    KTM 525 Leaky Countershaft?

    Yeah, what everyone else said. Also, sometimes changing the countershaft sprocket can cause the seal to leak. That’s what happened to me. It’s happened to plenty of other people too.
  11. TexasDualler

    How to Wire a Motorcycle

    I'll throw in that when installing "factory" connectors you'll need the proper crimping tool to place the pins on the ends of wires. I have one of these in my tool box from when I put a KTM style Molex connector on a powered GPS mount:
  12. TexasDualler

    Local rider 790 - Big Bear

    Pretty cool but being a little optimistic if he thinks he'll be able to finish hard ways on that pig.
  13. Have to work tomorrow 😢 otherwise I'd be there. Big bike is finally ridable again
  14. TexasDualler

    SDAR now has a track library

    Question. How do we share tracks? Currently not allowed to attach .gpx files. Need guidance.
  15. TexasDualler

    SDAR now has a track library

    Excellent! Thanks!