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  1. That was a huge draw for me as well. I absolutely love how easy it is to work on/take apart my KTM 300. I can practically take apart the whole bike with just the small tool roll that it came with.
  2. It's regional really. The euro bikes seem to be super popular in SoCal but go to other parts of the country and people will tell you KTM is garbage and they would never ride a non-Japanese bike. After (regrettably) moving back to Texas, I get people giving me funny looks all the time when they see one of my KTMs. A lot people have never even heard of KTM out here. Heck, even the KTM dealership down here didn't even know what a 950 Adventure was when I went to the parts counter.
  3. TexasDualler

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    Yeah I don't use anything on my plastic plate either. I was skeptical at first when switching to a plastic skid plate but it's held up really well over years of abuse. One thing I really hated about the aluminum plate I had prior was anytime it took a decent hit it would get bent out of shape. Then I'd have to take it off and hammer back into shape the best I could but it would never really be perfect again. I got tired of doing that over and over again. Plastic plates have a little flex to them so it's not such a big deal if they take a hit.
  4. TexasDualler

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    I like to insulate my metal skid plates as well. I find rubber foam weather seal tape works pretty good too.
  5. TexasDualler

    Sandblast Hare & Hound, who's going?

    Yeah you're not going to be using 1st that much, if at all, at Superstition. I always ran taller gearing at the D38 races and never regretted it
  6. TexasDualler

    Teardrop Trailer

    I built my own camper trailer a few years ago. Well I say built but really it's still not quite finished. It's a 7x14 cargo trailer, insulated and had the ceiling braced for an A/C from the factory. Built the cabinets and installed all the electrical stuff and whatnot myself. I didn't bother with any plumbing because I've only ever camped at places with showers and/or toilets. Or only an overnight or two and just made do without. I use a small propane camp stove and a countertop air fryer but I've been thinking about installing an induction cook top permanently since I have the space and it would be easy enough. There's a vent fan towards the front that's capable of pushing or pulling air into the trailer. 13.5K low profile A/C. 2-way compressor fridge that can run off the house battery. I use a small electric heater when it's cold. All LED lighting. 100AH Lithium house battery in the tongue box. I use a hybrid foam air mattress on a cot for sleeping, it packs away nicely to make room for the bikes in transit and isn't overly complicated. Currently have recessed d-rings on the four corners and e-track on the walls. I now use MotoPro EZ chocks (not in the pictures) on the walls, much easier for loading multiple bikes. I originally wanted to do solar but after pricing out all the components (400W of panels, solar charge controller, inverter, useable battery bank, cabling, hardware, etc) it would have cost as much as a 3000W generator. The generator can run my A/C, solar could not. So I got a generator instead of solar. The lithium house battery I have is capable of running my fridge for a couple days off of a full charge and only needs a couple hours at most to charge with the generator running.
  7. Yes, I know. Sorry for the confusion. When I said you and I, I was referring to you @Hawkins. I agree there could be a better, more searchable and organized way to share tracks but at the moment people don't seem to keen on sharing tracks openly.
  8. The track sharing section is great. It's just too bad that no one seems to want to add to it. I think you and I are the only ones so far that have added tracks.
  9. TexasDualler

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    I did this once on my 950 Adv. It sure is a lot of work to control that much weight going downhill! Kudos!
  10. TexasDualler

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    Hey I have an OEM air filter for a 950 if anyone wants it. Part number 60006015000. Bought it years ago and never put it on because I ended up installing a Rottweiler intake. Free to anyone that can use it. I'm located in Lakeside.
  11. TexasDualler

    Do you Slime ?

    Every flat I've ever gotten has been the result of the valve stem ripping out or a complete failure of the tube, i.e. it was ripped to pieces. Have yet to run into a situation where slime would have been effective.
  12. TexasDualler

    Local Fatties

    I want to say I saw a couple at Motoworld of El Cajon but that was a few months ago.
  13. TexasDualler

    How to bleed brakes on a Dirt Bike

    Didn't seem to mention it but definitely don't try to pump the brake lever with the reservoir cap off or not fully tighten down.
  14. TexasDualler

    Hand signals for off road riding

    I usually just use my big boy voice and shout it.
  15. TexasDualler

    Hand signals for off road riding

    Also not a bad idea to let them know what's behind you (bike/quad/SXS) if you can.

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