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Launching on a long ride tomorrow morning

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I'm heading out solo on a long ride for 2-8 weeks. Basically until I get tired of being away from home. I'll post a ride report when I return but, I'll be blogging as I go here: http://goadvblog.wordpress.com/

Plan is to make my way to Galveston, spend a week with the wife and run the 70.3 ironman then head up the East coast toward Quebec city across to Vancouver Island. Then it's North or South from there. If the weather sucks too bad, I may head South early and explore some of Mexico. It's all open since I'm travelling alone. The plan is also to camp unless the weather is too bad.

I could use some virtual company.


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When you get to Vancouver ride through Hell's Gate, you will not regret it! If you are going to be in Vancouver in June you should ride into the Bella Colla .

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