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  1. There's a ton of FUD in that video and in this thread, unfortunately. I suggest that anyone who wants to exercise their rights under the law actually take the time to read the actual law and understand it. Incorrect items in the video: Ammo does not need to be stored separately. You can have loaded magazines in the same container as the locked pistol and you're fine as long as there is nothing loaded in the gun and no magazine is in the receiver. You do not have to make the weapon inoperable. Inside a case is sufficient as long as there's a lock on the case. A lockable saddlebag is considered a lockable container. It satisfies the requirement of "fully enclosed and locked by a key lock." You do not have to have it "as far out of reach as possible." If it's in a locked container, it could be in your lap and you're still legal. Stupid, but legal. This also applies to automobiles. You cannot use a glove box or center console as your lockable container; however, you can store your locked gun case in the glove or center console without issue. Again, if you took the time to watch that video, take a bit more time to actually educate yourself. There exists a ton of information on how to properly and legally transport firearms. There are forums dedicated to california firearms (calguns.net) and entire subforums dedicated to CA law. There's a lot of misinformation out there (including information coming from LEO's and attorneys) so make sure you actually understand the laws as they relate to you. Tim A couple links to get you started if you've read this far: https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/travel https://web.archive.org/web/20151109211444/http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/Transporting
  2. Funny, I was literally telling my wife last weekend that lanesplitters out here could benefit from having a light high on their helmet for visibility. Not sure the price is warranted versus a $15 bicycle light, but the concept is great.
  3. Vacman

    DRZ Stator

    You sure it's not fuel related? Seems much more likely with a dormant bike than a sudden electrical glitch.
  4. Sicass racing flush mounts. http://sicassracing.com/store/products/turn_signals/led
  5. I have the same set. They're definitely light but provide minimal leverage. Better than nothing but I'd go with something bigger.
  6. Vacman

    Launching on a long ride tomorrow morning

    Post on advrider. You'll have lots of company. Be safe!
  7. grats on the new additions! I'll pm you about the list. Took the girls to a shelter yesterday looking for a new younger dog to add to the family. we have 2 lab mixes now.
  8. Vacman

    Iove Baja

    The newb to Baja on that ride posted a thread over on ADV about it.
  9. Another great recap. Nicely done to you and your wife.
  10. Vacman

    Photo sharing websites

    Photobucket creates IMG code automatically so you can paste directly off of an image link rather than using the forum software. It also allows you to generate IMG code for an entire folder with just a few clicks which is tremendously helpful when posting FS threads, ride reports, etc that have lots of pics. It's the only reason why I keep photobucket around. I have pics in Google Drive, but there's no easy way to share anything more than a link to the folder.
  11. Vacman

    What to do with free V-Star?

    Sweet! Nice work.
  12. Vacman

    New from Santee

    Welcome Tommy (and Dad!)
  13. Vacman

    is El Nino media hype?

    Great article. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-how-el-nino-is-rapidly-filling-california-s-once-anemic-reserviors-20160315-htmlstory.html
  14. Vacman

    Bmw f800gs or ?

    Sold tonight.
  15. Vacman

    SIDI Charger MX boot sale