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  1. New Member Intro

    Hello Chinen, Welcome to the forum! I am new as well. I also am in the Eastlake/Otay Ranch part of Chula Vista. I have a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere and a TW200. I am open to going on beginner rides as well. Hope to see you on the trails, Erik
  2. Thank you for the videos. Some times the Gopros can flatten out terrain, so it doesn't look so daunting when watching it. Your camera and angle seemed to give a better perspective of HAH than I have seen in other videos.
  3. Jacumba North

    Thank you for the post. I will watch the video a little later. That looks like an awesome place to explore. I wouldn't mind checking it out. Looking at all the wind turbine in the background makes me wonder, does that trail get really windy/dusty? Or is is isolated or sheltered enough to enjoy most the time?
  4. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    Thank you! This is very helpful. My son and I have done some riding together on isolated roads and empty parking lots. I just got us a pair of Sena 10s so that we can communicate easier. I am trying my best to keep him from developing bad habits. So far, he has responded very well. We too talk about situations we encounter, what did we do well and what could we have done better. We also stop before a more technical location and talk about what the plan is, what the expected results are and what to do if things don't go to plan. The MSFC is a must for him. Wasn't sure if he needed a permit before he could take the course. I try to be the best teacher I can be. But I also acknowledge that I don't know it all. I have some bad habits that I actively try to overcome and there are way more experienced riders and teachers that he could benefit spending some time with. Once he gets the MSFC out of the way and gets his license, I plan on doing the experience class with him.
  5. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    So my 15.5 year old son doesn't really have an interest in driving a car, which is weird to me, but I guess that's the new normal in today's world.However, he likes to ride my TW200 a lot. He is asking me to take him riding often and has expressed interest in getting his Motorcycle License.Reading through the CA DMV website, it isn't clear what is needed to receive a learner's permit. It explains what is needed for the license.So, my question to the SDAR's Commonwealth of knowledge, aside from being 15.5 years old and passing the written test and eye exam, are there any other requirements? He has got the handbook right now that he is reading and wants me to take him to the DMV next Saturday.
  6. Nice post, pictures and video.
  7. New Member - DangerDave

    Awesome pictures. Where is that?
  8. SD Noob

    Welcome Steve. Hope to see you on the trails. Regards, Erik
  9. When is that? I have some time available tomorrow and Saturday. Saturday is a little trickier though as I am going the BMW event. Sunday, I am considering the Fish Creek run, but it is my birthday that day and I think the family has plans for me.
  10. New Member - DangerDave

    I agree. I was seriously considering the V-Strom when I was bike shopping. The only things that concerned me where, non-spoked wheels, though I think there is a model that comes with spoked wheels and the other was a smaller front tire. I have watched countless hours of youtube videos of far more competent riders thoroughly enjoying the V-Strom on all sorts of adventures. I wish I could afford more than the two bikes I already own. If I could, a V-Strom might just follow me home one day. Ugh... too many cool bikes, not enough money.
  11. Hello, I thought I would contribute to the forum by posting a quick little note and some pictures of a ride I did back in September 2018 up and all around the Otay Mountain Truck Trail. The weather and views were beautiful. It was a Friday morning so I pretty much at the area to myself. Lots of neat little trails you can explore with varying levels of difficulty. I think I spent about 1.5 hours up there. I didn't do it all, still plenty of adventure to have.
  12. New Member - DangerDave

    Welcome Danger Dave, I am new to the forum and adventure riding too. I have a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere. I have taken it briefly off road, but the ground was much softer from the recent rains than I expected, the bike started moving in unsavory ways (probably lack of experience, confidence and skill on my part), I was by myself, no one knew where I was, so I opted to quit while I was ahead and turn around. So be careful with your big bike off road. What size V-strom did you get? I am in the Eastlake/Otay Ranch part of Chula Vista. Depending on where you are at, maybe we can ride out on the 94 or something together. Hope to see you on the trails. Regards, Erik
  13. It was suggested that some of the noobs sit out, especially if not proficient in sand. In addition to that, the only bike I have in my stable that I would take is a TW200, too slow for the pace of the ride. My Super Tenere is way to big for my skill level and confidence on such a trail. Finally, I don't have spare tubes or a tool kit with tire irons at the ready. Those are things I need to acquire.
  14. New bike - ALTA EXR

    Do these have a gearbox, or is it just 100% voltage control? I was checking out a newer Honda African Twin with the DCT. I didn't get to demo it, but not shifting seems like it would be really weird. That is all I have ever known on a motorcycle. Many folks say they get used to it pretty quick, so I imagine the same would be true for the Alta. If it is 100% voltage control on the Alta EXR, how smooth is the throttle? Is it overly sensitive or does it feel intuitive? 100% power and torque on demand at the speed of light, is one of the biggest advantages of electric motors. When properly configured, they can do some incredible things. I remember when a 1st generation Tesla beat a Ferrari pretty easily in a drag race. Fast forward a little over a decade, some of the new hybrid hypercars are absolutely gorgeous and phenomenally incredible performance wise.
  15. New bike - ALTA EXR

    That is an interesting concern, regarding the riding out of bounds on a silent bike. I didn't even consider that or the implications. I think most people will follow the rules and be respectful of the limits. There is always going to be a knuckle head or two that give everyone else a bad rap. I am growing more curious of seeing the OP's bike in person and watching it in action.