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  1. Jacumba North

    The wind does whip pretty good there at times, but that just clears the dust away faster. Go a couple days after a rain and it’s perfect.
  2. Jacumba North

    Yes we did, we were looking for the same route you speak of. Was also trying to get above the railroad tracks to view the tresses and tunnels.
  3. Explored the trails that head west behind table mountain. Great noob area with some fun technical/rocky terrain. Don’t think we saw it all either. A short vid of the mighty 250 and the stall master rider. https://youtu.be/gNNNhRc8BMA
  4. The first 12 are on me...when I get the nerve up. Pulling the heads does not sound fun either. You work for beer money?
  5. Sorry I missed it, just wasn’t in the cards today. Can’t wait to hear about it...Going to hit Jacumba in the morning, like make-up sex.
  6. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    The two day course is great and once you pass that you get a certificate so you do not have to do the riding test at DMV.
  7. Ive been dreading the plug change in my 120k mile 5.4 liter truck... You made it look easy
  8. Cool, and lots of neat stuff on your Tube page.
  9. Cool bike and pics...A place I have yet to explore also.
  10. For me it’s just a timing thing...Not afraid of the challenge. I’ve fallen before and I’ll surely fall again at some point. Sounds like a good gauge of me and my bikes current abilities.
  11. That would be helpful. I have never ridden this area and would pick up a trail map from the rangers while there. I’ll PM an e mail Mr. Bowers
  12. I am out for Sunday, I AM going to tackle this route/challenge. Possibly on Monday or later next week as I’ll be off the next two weeks. I need to figure out the starting point and trail route.
  13. Lurking also, not too worried about the hill as much as deep sand since I am on a low power 250. Does anyone have a GPX file of this loop they would share?
  14. Pretty much, we explored the trail that heads below the repeater stations behind Table Mtn. if your familiar. Did not finish that trail since my buddy needed fuel (bonehead). want to go back and see where they go. I do want to check out Fish Creek and other places in Borrego/Ocotillo, but the lil 250 suffers in the sand. I am still novice, but willing..