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  1. Veys Powersports

    I checked this out tonight. Was a pretty informative being that I have never Moto-camped. I did take advantage of that discount on a KLIM hydration backpack.
  2. I retired at the beginning of the year with 30 years...Never a motor or traffic though.
  3. I know one or two of these guys. https://youtu.be/8dirun8eFKw
  4. Agreed Mike, I had no idea they had lobbyist putting in work too. I am joining also...
  5. I am looking into a riding jacket with at least shoulder and elbow protection. Interested in the Fly Terra Trek for $199. Would like to stay at or less than $250. Anyone have any recommendations in this range? I have separate elbow, chest and shoulder armor for warmer weather or when not riding slab.
  6. Well, it will wheelie! Poor guy must have been mortified...
  7. SDAR Club meeting at Veys EL Cajjon - 9/12/18

    Thanks for having me as a new guy. Met a few of you and enjoyed some great chow and picked up some swag. Guest speaker had some good info.
  8. SDAR Club meeting at Veys EL Cajjon - 9/12/18

    I’ll be there, but coming from work so in my truck. Looking forward to it!
  9. I was recently looking for a panel upgrade also. I had a local contractor on the hook and had been cleared by SDG&E to move forward, just needed a date for meter removal to continue. The contractor never came back? Not sure what was up with that or what happened to him. I did not persue him because if that’s the way he was before the job, how could I trust during the job. Also SDG&E told me that after Jan 1, 2018, elec panels can no longer be located above a gas meter. Mine was and I would have to either move the gas meter 36” or relocate the electric panel. It is still on my list of things to get done, so I’ll follow this thread as well.
  10. Cant make it this weekend, but this thread has some good info at the end in the GPX file.
  11. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    Are you running tubliss? I think I’m just going to roll with it and see for myself. I can always replace it..
  12. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    I guess I have nothing to lose by mounting it and giving it a try. There are plenty who like it as well as plenty who seem to hate it.
  13. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    That’s what I am thinking to, may have jumped the gun a little with this purchase since it will be mostly dirt during the season.
  14. I am currently riding on Kenda Trackmasters and have no issues with them even though a little noisy on road. Just picked up a Motoz Desert HT to try when the TM is done (few more rides). Does anyone have any experience with this tire. Reviews are mixed that I found, size is 110/100 18, bike is a WR250R.