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  1. Huntndogs

    Nomadic Racks and Wolfman

    $180...He is out of them now, but has the bigger ones. He is a good dude. Looks like RM is becoming the Amazon of moto parts.
  2. Just a FYI, I stopped in at Nomadic Racks yesterday in Santee and picked up his last ever set of Day Tripper bags. Wolfman has decided to make Rocky Mtn. ATV the sole distributor of their products. He still has some other things in stock and will make a cash deal.
  3. Huntndogs

    New Ride

    Nice scooter, congrats!
  4. Huntndogs

    Leatt GPX 4.5 Hydra and Gaerne boots sz12

    Speaking of deal, someone make me an offer on this stuff.
  5. Huntndogs

    Leatt GPX 4.5 Hydra and Gaerne boots sz12

    Of course if you are looking for something to do and or need to do some work on your bike, your welcome to join us. I will be sure and have the appropriate beverages this time 😃
  6. Huntndogs

    Leatt GPX 4.5 Hydra and Gaerne boots sz12

    I have the number yes....I appreciate the offer, but I and certainly my buddy needs more practice with the spoons.
  7. Huntndogs

    Leatt GPX 4.5 Hydra and Gaerne boots sz12

    Is that a Baja no pinch? I have a tire stand and an assortment of spoons that do the trick....
  8. Huntndogs

    Leatt GPX 4.5 Hydra and Gaerne boots sz12

    Definately, think it’s going to be a tire install saturday for me and a buddy. Picked up a Fatty for the front. Great meeting you as well
  9. Chest protector with hydration pack all in one. Used for 2 or 3 rides, and includes bladder. Has CE back protection too. I went a different route, nothing wrong with it...$125 Gaerne GX1 size 12 barely broke in, just never fit me well. Small chip on side plastic of one boot. Otherwise in great shape. $80 Located in East County
  10. Huntndogs

    Thoughtful and interesting.

    Whole heartedly agree! I have spent time around a few of those folks also and it is always unpleasant.
  11. Huntndogs

    Thoughtful and interesting.

    I like these rules/guidelines. I have met a few from the club but have not ridden with any yet. I am well aware of my abilities and don’t consider myself to be a “Richard Cranium” however my wife may beg to differ at times. My only question is what is an uncomfortable conversation with Law Enforcement? Is this referring to after some bad event?
  12. Huntndogs

    Carrying your radio

    Ya, extended battery may not fit. The short ones are cheap on Amazon.
  13. Huntndogs

    Merry Everything SDAR!!!

    Since the wife would not let me bring my bike inside the house for a pic, you get my dogs Wyatt and Gertie..Merry Christmas