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  1. That’s quite some history KTMR! Dad served in the Navy, Uncle was in Air Force and I did a few years in the Army. Appreciate all those that served, especially in combat and thanks for all the supporters of our awesome military.
  2. Not sure what skills I can contribute, but put me on the list...
  3. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    Although limited to 2 watts, are the MURS frequencies on VHF a decent option? No license is required..
  4. Flying with helmet (airlines)

    I am leaning towards carry on in a helmet bag. Put my backpack under the seat...thanks for the ideas. I think UPS would kill me on shipping.
  5. It looks like a buddy and I will be traveling to Cessnock Australia to ride in a 3 day Yamaha ADV Rally there in March. Bikes have been arranged, but we are bringing our own gear. I am hesitant to check my helmet...Has anyone ever taken it as carry-on and put it in the overhead?
  6. It was beast for these relative newbies...Scratched a rock only. Is that the whole loop?
  7. Get a chuckle out of my bike drop
  8. Not a great pic of route...Not sure if that’s the whole loop or not but the southern trail climb up from Mtn Springs was rough.
  9. As planned a buddy and I did this ride. Great views from all over the ride and weather was fine albeit a little windy. Coming up from Mountain Springs was a little challenging for us but we made it and I only tipped over once, no damage and no injury. Stopped in at Jay’s BBQ but he only had breakfast today. On the way back to Boulevard, we hit up the Sacatone Overlook at McCain’s valley as my buddy had never seen that before. Total 49 miles.. 37460365-DE84-4E6A-A0E5-6ECA16690440.MOV
  10. Life is fragile!

    So sorry, Ride on Brother
  11. Rugged Radios are 30% off until 2pm today... Use code TREAT30
  12. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Good thing on the decision...If someone can help with using chirp, I’ll buy the beer, dinner or...