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  1. Going to purchase this tomorrow. Deposit already sent.
  2. How would I renew it? I don't have property in Arizona.
  3. Outside of price but he may go down has been listed over a month this looks like a Arizona plate. Any issues getting a California plate for it? I like the KLR. Can even use him as a refueling station as well. Will call on it
  4. Looking for an inexpensive ($1500.00), plated dirt bike made in the last 20 years. (XR, DRZ, KLR, KDX etc) Looks don't matter at all as long as it runs decent. Also looking for gear for a 6' guy that weighs about 255... Basically, I have a friend that can't afford a bike / gear, and honestly, I don't mind buying a beater to get him back to riding. He is a big boy, so at least a 400cc. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Mike
  5. Was great meeting everyone, Very welcoming and gracious hosting by Uncle Champ. Very nice property at a great location!. Had a blast on the ride, just wanted to thank everyone!! Mike
  6. William, Awsome ride, and thanks for the pics and write up. I'll keep an eye out for further rides headed south. Mike
  7. I'd love to try my hands at Trial riding, if anyone has an old bike they are willing to sell, please post up, I'd be very interested! Mike
  8. Everyone was very welcoming. Saw the coolest truck ever built. Bike ran great, had a great ride, Paul - you were awsome to ride with, Mimi thanks for the invite and letting me hang with you guys, I had a blast. Mike
  9. Can you share the list and prices?
  10. I'm hoping to be out there Saturday, Will be my first time out in many years, so I'll be putzing around. Will stop by and introduce myself if I see you guys. Mike
  11. Mounted the rear tire (by hand), Installed new brake pads, figured out the wiring. Headlight, stoplight, running lights, turn signals and horn working. Waiting on the mailman for the front tire and then it should be streetable enough to get to the dirt. The turn signal I got were some little LED strips that are not worth it. Can only see them at night, but hey, they are on there and I hope it's legal enough. If not, I'll add some others. Think I'll take it to McCain valley next weekend and start working on slow speed skills: balance, figure 8's etc just to get used to being on a bike again. Cheers, Mike
  12. I put dryer sheets in our motorhome and have not had a problem with rats/mice in it. (yet).
  13. Hey all, Valve adjustment done, rear fender installed, Ordered & received turn signals, and boots off Amazon. Getting closer to riding this thing! I just read the post about 8 ball tire, Is it worth it to take them my bike and have them mount the tires, or should I go for it myself? How much trouble is mounting off road tires on a dirt bike with 2 spoons and a trashcan to set the rim on? I have the rear tire, front arrives next week, so I'll either be doing it after work at night, or just running them over to 8 ball towards the end of the week. This bike has a Baja Designs headlight, and switches, but the turn signals are missing. I also noticed there is a place for a fuse near the battery that's missing as well as some plugs near the headlight are undone. So my project tonight/tomorrow is to read up on Baja Design installation and try to figure out what I need to do to mount the turn signals and get it street legal so I can at least get some seat time on it this week. Going shooting Sunday, so I better get busy!! Cheers, Mike
  14. Took the head off today, Documenting this here in case I lose my spreadsheet. Intake: Left 1.7, Right 1.8 Exhaust: Left 2.35, Right 2.30 Now both intakes are .005 and exhaust a slightly tight .011 Good enough!! Did some more research last night, Buying cutters is super expensive and not worth it for a home mechanic only working on his own stuff. To purchase the K/W SS valve kit (200.00) + pay someone to cut valve seats (~120) + shipping and whatever gaskets etc are needed hardly seems worth it when plenty of people are selling complete rebuilt heads for under 500.00 They must have it down to a science!. I guess I'll put 20-30 hours and check the valves again. If they tighten up, then I'll debate the new cylinder head. for now, there is still plenty of adjustment to go.
  15. Just checked my valves, intakes are .0035 left and .0025 right. exhaust were both .008. .005 +/- .001 is spec for intake and .011 is spec for exhaust. Need to pull the head off (tomorrow) and see what size shims they were using, hopefully stock. if so, I can shim it out and get a bit more time on the head. I'd still like to know whats down the road ahead though. Eventually, the valve job is coming. If I order a the kibblewhite rebuild kit, what else is there to do? re-cut the seats and...? The rest I can do at home? Anyone have any idea what size and angle the valves are? (I have a cutter kit for my VW heads, and wondering if I can cut them myself). Advise is welcomed. Cheers, Mike