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  1. I’ve never liked ktm...

    Congrats! That will be a fun ride!
  2. big bear

    Awesome, thanks much Ken
  3. big bear

    headed up to big bear to explore tomorrow. never been, thought it may be wise to ask where to park my truck... to start the exploring? taking a plated bike. Not wanting to do anything hard, just explore, I was thinking up by holcomb valley
  4. SDAR Voluntary PAID Membership Fee

    Done. Thanks for the great site.
  5. Need shop recommendations

    Just wanted to update this post. I took my junk to Tom (tntmo), and I got back great running toys. Price is more than fair, turn around time is great and Tom went the extra mile, made sure everything was good and tight and fixed little things I didn't even ask for. I have my new go-to guy! Cheers, Mike
  6. Need shop recommendations

    PM sent
  7. I have a 2010 KTM530, a 04CRF250x, 99 TTR250, a 96 XR400 and a mid 2000 Polaris sportsman quad that all need maintenance done on them. Oil, check valves, adjust carbs. I called Veys but they won’t work on the older stuff I’d like to take them in today or tomorrow if possible only need one back for this weekend! any ideas? Mike
  8. 2018 big bear dual sport

    What data logger are you using? I like the info it posts on the video.
  9. Wheel lacing

    I have spoke torque wrench and a truing stand if you need to borrow, I'm in La Mesa.
  10. Everything sold... thanks everyone

    Thanks, Bp629. Dylan - PM sent
  11. Everything sold... thanks everyone

    Second on the swing set if BP619 passes.
  12. Tusk Impact rims

    mctrails, Good info to know, thanks for sharing. Beezzz - PM sent!
  13. Tusk Impact rims

    All the wheel sets I see say fit KTM from 2003, I have a 2002. Anyone know what the difference is? I thought all KTM hubs/rims were the same, it was just the spacers the were different, if so, can I just put my spaces on the new wheel set? I guess I should also ask if anyone has wheels that would fit a 2002 for sale, I'd be interested! TIA Mike
  14. Lessons I learned: Definitely camp there over the weekend - getting up at 5AM to drive down, do a hard ride, then drive back sucks Hydrate well - It was Hot, I ordered a Helmet Hands-free hydration tube, and it was awesome. I went thru 3 liters by mile 25, luckily we could refill at mile 28. Bet i was one of the very few that actually had to stop and urinate during the ride. https://goo.gl/yKqUzE Eat breakfast and take snacks on the ride - Another casualty of not camping there. I skipped breakfast and had no food for the ride, I was rode exhausted quite a bit. The toll road is much faster - I took the toll road down, and somehow screwed up and took the free road back, Not terrible, but probably another 20-30 mins added to the drive. Pace yourself - it is a long technical ride, make sure you have the endurance to finish it. Find a shady spot to rest a few minutes every now and then. Wear your crappiest outer gear - I ripped the knee off my pants in the first 10 minutes, both elbows had holes in them shortly after. That is the tightest single track covered with cactus and manzanitas that will poke, prod and stab you (I heard some guys got knocked off their bikes at times). Wear your best protective gear - If it wasn't for my knee, elbow and chest protectors, I'd have a ton of lacerations. Use a Mousse or Tubliss system, the cactus was abundant, and there was downed barbed-wire on the trail, I think it was from gates or fences that were temporarily down, I remember riding over it at 2 or 3 spots. Absolutely a great ride, I plan on camping Fri, Sat, Sun next year, and maybe wearing some old camo gear from goodwill for the ride!
  15. I'll be headed down with a friend.