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  1. Thanks for the post - I ordered a set as well.
  2. Interesting, I never knew you could ride along the border fence, No issues with BP harassing you?
  3. I like this run as well, I did part of Pine Creek with Uncle Champ's ride recently, and I think it would be a good road for them. To get to Indian Indian Potrero Rd from Pine Creek Rd, do you just take Deer Park Rd alongside the Creek? Or do you need to take Pine Creek Rd to Sunrise, then North to Indian Potrero? I guess at some point, we just need to "start exploring" and figure it out ourselves. Thanks for the route, we will check this one out as well. Mike
  4. This sounds promising, I'm looking at google maps, is Cedar Creek TT the road that heads NW from the Three Sisters Falls Trailhead, and connects to Eagle Peak? Would it be advisable to take Boulder Creek, to Eagle Peak, then Cedar Creek TT back to Boulder Creek? Also, further down Eagle Peak, it looks like it connects to Tule Springs Rd, and that heads east back to Boulder Creek, Is that doable? that would be about a 40 mile loop from that start of the Dirt at Boulder Creek. Also, I'm wondering where to park, I could skip the Viejas part and paved Boulder road and it looks like there is a graded turnout area just after Boulder Creek turns to a dirt road, is ok to park there? Once again, I'm trying to keep this to Dirt only, or as little asphalt as possible, and I would need a place to park truck/trailer as well. Thanks so much for the Ideas thus far, and If anyone wants to join us, We will be doing it this Saturday. Just be ready to go S L O W, as I will have 3 guys that used to ride (Mostly street from what I can tell) with me.
  5. Hey folks, I have a few friends that are just getting back into riding, I'd like to take them out this weekend and would like some input on an easy dirt road to ride. I'd prefer a loop, but out and back is OK. I'm looking for 30-50 miles, Dirt, mostly graded road, as I'd like them to ease back into riding. All the bikes are plated, but I'd prefer as little pavement as possible. I can trailer the bikes as needed. Thanks for any Ideas. Mike
  6. I can actually use the moto rear axle triangle stand - I can drop by after work any day this week, Just let me know when and where. Mike
  7. Wound up buying it. Needs typical maintenance. Fork seals, chain, etc. If anyone has an exhaust for it, I'd be interested. The one on it is way too loud!
  8. Going to purchase this tomorrow. Deposit already sent. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/honda400-xr-street-legal-2018/6302092994.html
  9. How would I renew it? I don't have property in Arizona.
  10. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/yamaha-wr426/6262968936.html Outside of price but he may go down has been listed over a month this looks like a Arizona plate. Any issues getting a California plate for it? I like the KLR. Can even use him as a refueling station as well. Will call on it
  11. Looking for an inexpensive ($1500.00), plated dirt bike made in the last 20 years. (XR, DRZ, KLR, KDX etc) Looks don't matter at all as long as it runs decent. Also looking for gear for a 6' guy that weighs about 255... Basically, I have a friend that can't afford a bike / gear, and honestly, I don't mind buying a beater to get him back to riding. He is a big boy, so at least a 400cc. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Mike
  12. Was great meeting everyone, Very welcoming and gracious hosting by Uncle Champ. Very nice property at a great location!. Had a blast on the ride, just wanted to thank everyone!! Mike
  13. William, Awsome ride, and thanks for the pics and write up. I'll keep an eye out for further rides headed south. Mike
  14. I'd love to try my hands at Trial riding, if anyone has an old bike they are willing to sell, please post up, I'd be very interested! Mike