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  1. First of all. Don't go to a three day bachelor party. You should know you're too old to survive such Tom-foolery with dignity intact. Second, Wierdrider and I will reconnoiter the area the weekend of September 22 and if we survive two nights in the wilderness, hard liquor, lost maps and mechanical misfortune... then I promise to bring you the charred remnants of our maps.
  2. I have a visitor from the devastated BVI's for a bit. Holy shite you should see the pics! I'm out.
  3. ...... hello..... testing..... testing...... souncheck. Can you hear me in the back?... my tires . . . They be unwinding as we speak. ... Zubb @ 61niner- 792- 436ocho.
  4. Check your messages. Let's talk...
  5. If I can figure out how to call you, I'd like to discuss . . .
  6. I'll loan you my Helly, if you loan me your SS until you return. I assure it will get plenty of love and excersize.
  7. Spot on MacD. I chose HH brand based on personal experience. I can work up a good sweat just sitting at the dinner table. In a prior life my peers and I did a lot of mountaineering and have spent many a day rolling around in the snow digging snow caves to sleep in. It takes hours to dig a good snow cave. Personal and group opinion was that HH did the best job of expelling moisture. That's why I continue to use it. But I am an extreme sweater. YMMV. My ski jackets are Helly Hanson as well. If you're not sweating when you ski, you're doing it wrong. HH breathes better than most goretex garments. And Goretex is one of the best. Hope this helps.
  8. Don't you know it never rains in southern California? I have a $100 goretex Helly Hanson rain jacket that looks and feels just like a light weight windbreaker. I used it touring to go under my leather A-star jacket for rain or just particularly cold days in Washington, Oregon, Idaho etc. It worked extremely well for added warmth. I only wore it over the leathers a few times but found I just hated the flapping. Note, this was for touring, not dual sporting. Constant 80 mile/hr speeds. It's one of the reasons I finally went Klim. I hate dicking around with rain gear. On, then off, then on again and off again. Ugh!
  9. Dang, that was fun. Thanks Dan and all the rest! BBQ was killer!
  10. I'm in. See you in the morning.
  11. so you are "8"ing it back instead of 94 for the sake of time? . . . I'm going to try to bail on wifey's plans and join in, but if I do I'll just let Jimbo know in the morning and will come crash your ride.
  12. Good times brother! Fun stuff.
  13. wish I could have joined you but am buried in work stuff. Bring us back a few pics and detail of your day por favor. Maybe do a repeat next month ...