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  1. I smell a 2ferTuesday v2.0 in the making.
  2. #ididntbringanybeerlastnightfail ... so I went to Jim’s and had one of his. Thanks Bro!
  3. No they won't. I told Dan this silver blue paint job is far and away the bestest of the best colors on a proper GS. I thought I had the coolest with the blue/white.... but if I ............... I mean, when I finally beat up my tank to the point of needing paint, I will shamelessly copy this color scheme. Congrats Dan, you freekin' SCORED! Glad to hear she's boxed and shipped.
  4. Yep. I started watching from the start. I like the tempo and content of the show. You get the feeling he's not much of a poser, but a guy who likes to ride and meet people. Like most of us. I have them all taped. Need to get caught up on them.
  5. wow. There's a lot of places on my bucket list, but this stuff really pulls at me. I have to go!
  6. Holy cow! Thanks for taking the time to fix the pics. I have to go there now!
  7. I can't remember. You'll have to use your google-fu.
  8. There are fancy schmancy wineries with $300/night rooms, and there are places where you can rent an uber-cool airstream overnight (permanent site), and more. I enjoyed the working mans wineries along the 'route'. No charge for the tastings or the cheese plates. Just taste away and enjoy the vibe. Had a blast. Even bought a $6 bottle or two of suprisingly good 'afternoon drinking wine". Wether you want hi-brow, or blue jean wineries, it's all there. I'm going with wifey and a couple friends during Thanksgiving weekend. Now that I've made the loop across the border and lived to tell about it, they all think it must be safe enough. We however are going to grab an uber at the border for a day of heavy wine tasting, throwing caution, responsibility and pesos to the wind. Please report back on your experience.
  9. Danrider going dark. The invisi-camper.
  10. There’s a lever on the left down by your foot. If you pull up on it you can go faster.
  11. A couple of my favorites...
  12. Oops trouble with the link. Wait for it . . .