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  1. Home Depot Run - 9 degrees

    Love that area. We are going to fly into Bozeman in Sept then drive an hour SW to a cabin on the river with the kids/grandkids. Fly fishing, hot springing, tossing grandkids in the air.. stuff like that. Hope to hit the fall colors then. My son (seattle) will be bringing bikes in the truck so we'll get some Montana throttle time in too. So here's a few tips for your ride today . . .
  2. Home Depot Run - 9 degrees

    You're not in La Mesa anymore Dorothy. Where the heck are you?
  3. wife and I both got hit hard yesterday evening with the crud. will be sick in bed today instead of riding. Dang it. what a waste of a good free as a bird holiday. Sorry Udo, Now off to my morning Thera Flu.
  4. This would be a great sport touring bike.
  5. Happy Birthday Mikey, Zubb, WC

    Yes sir. And thank you. MacD, just pin it and hang on real tight. I’ll keep you in the rear view mirror. Maybe. Yes, it’s ma birf day. No tell tale hair to give away my age. No new KToom under the birthday tree. All I got was a new iPhone and reminded that I am loved no matter how stupid I act the rest of the year. Things could be worse. Now back to my martini and your regularly scheduled program.
  6. Sounds I like the JaJa route.
  7. testing, testing, one two three. (tap tap tap) can you hear me in the back of the room ok?
  8. any big pig riders out there that want to go for a spin Monday? Short day, long day, paved? I'd kind of like to go scrub some rubber off the GS sidewalls for a few hours if anyone wants to join me.
  9. San Felipe?

    I'll have to watch from the sidelines Alyeska. Need to stay home and work on honeydoos. Will be watching for a report back on the new pony and how she handles!
  10. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    He's just biting his tongue to stop the stream of curse words fighting to get out . . . . caused by the sheared bolt on my pony.
  11. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    I’m actually thinking about returning said $300 cables. Throttle action is dramatically improved in large part I’m sure from your magical flat washer/Teflon spray mod. As for fire, I have much experience riding with my hair on fire, my ass on fire, but never my bike on fire. At the tender age of 13 I watched my dad deep in the Idaho mountains, ride his blazing Yamaha 100 right into a river, but never enjoyed the experience myself. My only fear is there will likely not be a running river nearby when I finally need one. I accept the life ring you are tossing me and will let you shoot me a couple dates. I should buy or build a proper fused power strip so we can do it up right.
  12. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    I’m going to mount the elk antlers on front for improved lane splitting.
  13. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Started with the little things... DSM8 helped with the razor and we peeled off the trailer trash grips I had and put bonafide BMW grips on using the ol’ hairspray trick. 10 minutes and $65 later these actually made the throttle properly again. (Yes, $65 for two pieces of German rubber). Then on to the simple 20 minute valve adjust. Except I needed to pull the crash bars to get the cover off. And this is where the law of sequences kicked in. You see, to pull the bars you first need to pull the tank. Once you pull the tank, your fellow club members see all the improper wiring you’ve done previously. Much clicking of the tongue and finger wagging ensues with a decision made to pretend we didn’t see it and move on. The Ape that owned this bike before had a propensity toward performing feats of strength with his wrench. If I ever find him near an alley someday, his family will forever wonder where he disappeared to, or I’ll be in prison. Bolt removal technique required a massive breaker bar and the Blue wrench. A new term to me. It involves a propane torch and various cuss words , which almost always eventually end with ..... awe ----. Fortunately I was able to throw a German engineer at the German bike problem and a solution was at hand that involved Australian drill bits, homemade tools on the grinder, a faulty flashlight and 2 Heineken. Note, it is essential to drink German beer under said circumstances above. Thank you Dave for the beer I think it only took Udo 2 hours to get the sheared bolt out, thereby saving me 2 days and a trailer ride to my favorite shop to get that dam thing out. Meanwhile, DSM8 chided me for not bringing new plugs along since I was ‘in there’ anyway. So I coerced Black8 to jump on his stunning Guzzi and head down the block and grab 4 plugs, which turned into a wild goose chase. (See what I did there?) and he eventually succeeded. I owe you brother! And Dam, that bike is absolutely gorgeous! 4 plugs for a BMW... another $65. At the end I decided to strap the crash bars to the back as they are long overdue for a sand and paint ‘refresh’ and rolled out for home. Many thanks to Mike for burgers and Dave for beer and shop and tools and verbal abuse. Let’s face it guys, without me you wouldn’t even have had a challenge yesterday. Mike, incoming C note through the donate button here today. All my cash was spent on spark plugs. 😁
  14. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Dammit, why can’t you guys just hang out for 2-3 days and completely overhaul my bike while I fetch beers? i betcha JaJa could whip out that little job in a half hour. I’m bringing other “gizmos” as well so I’ll have a small selection of projects to do as time and desire dictates. Valve adjust, maybe valve push rod replacement, install cylinder head guards, bleed stale air out of tires and reinstall fresh air, steal cool parts off other GS’s while owner is fetching another beer, ya know stuff like that.