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  1. Well done sir! Does it pour faster if you twist it? Maybe bore it out and throw a K&N filter on the backside.
  2. Hey . . . are we all missing an opportunity to get together, drink beer and swap lies about Jim? Happy Birthday brother!
  3. I don't even know where to start with this one. I feel like this one day in Baja deserves a full on ride report as though it were a weeklong trip. I don't want to oversell the experience, but it's almost impossible to relay the adventure without seeming to do so. Memorable moments; Riding right through downtown Tijuana in the morning is reminiscent of Mardi Gras, the day after. Except that it's in a Third World country. The mangy dogs wandering the streets, digging through garbage. The broken concrete, potholes and steep Windey streets through a mixture of poverty and three-piece suits, I had no idea where Oscar was leading us but I was happy to follow. Revolucion Avenue is a mixture of flashing disco lights and the faint smell of sewage with garbage filled gutters. I was glad to not be there at 2 AM. The poverty was stark, but not in a bad way because people everywhere seemed happy. We eventually rolled over the hilltop to see the street filled with over 50 Harleys in front of the Solo Anglos clubhouse. I had no idea Dan and I were rolling into Tijuana's oldest biker gang ---- on a couple of BMWs. The ferocious snarl of our German sewing machines competing for space with all those straight pipes! Fast forward to the end of the day, watching a stunning sunset into the ocean. Everybody knows not to ride in Mexico at night. Somehow though we just couldn't seem to leave. So not only did we, we rode right through the heart of Tijuana, up Revolucion Avenue once again. Only this time it was dark, and the nightlife had begun. Lane splitting and gutter hopping, and riding the yellow between the beeps and honks and oncoming cars. Classic TJ, kind of stupid, and worth every moment. Today in spite of all the other things I had going on, I kept having these "pinch me "moments, feeling like I just had a whole week long adventure in a Third World country. Tonight my wife and I were sitting by the pool, drinking an awesome six dollar bottle of wine from the celler of a friend of a bike gang member, and thinking here we are just moments away from a crazy adventure anytime we want to go.
  4. More fun than a guy should be allowed to have... Goofing off in Baja
  5. Dang!! One of the most memorable days of the year for me. Thanks a ton Dan for the invite! I think Brian is alive. Somewhere. If you see an F700 on TJ-craigslist then we'll know we better go back and look for him. I did text him but no response yet. Probably hard to text in handcuffs. All kidding aside, Dan can you try to reach Brian today and confirm he's home and safe? I'll be out of range until noon today. Trip report with pics to follow once I can sit down and post this evening.
  6. going online now to buy my insurance for the day.
  7. My dad goes to Mex all the time, and returns without a problem with only a drivers license. Border guards tell him to get one, and he smiles and says no politely, and promises to see them again in a few weeks without a passport. It's never held him up. I have one, but wouldn't think twice about not going if I didn't.
  8. It looks like the boots are taken. If not, these should be a great fit for my personal use. I'm tired of wearing road boots in the dirt. Can pick up almost any time.
  9. "IN" Sounds like a day well spent. I have pesos in hand, passport and fresh Anakee 3's. Let's roll.
  10. First of all. Don't go to a three day bachelor party. You should know you're too old to survive such Tom-foolery with dignity intact. Second, Wierdrider and I will reconnoiter the area the weekend of September 22 and if we survive two nights in the wilderness, hard liquor, lost maps and mechanical misfortune... then I promise to bring you the charred remnants of our maps.
  11. I have a visitor from the devastated BVI's for a bit. Holy shite you should see the pics! I'm out.
  12. ...... hello..... testing..... testing...... souncheck. Can you hear me in the back?... my tires . . . They be unwinding as we speak. ... Zubb @ 61niner- 792- 436ocho.