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  1. wish I could have joined you but am buried in work stuff. Bring us back a few pics and detail of your day por favor. Maybe do a repeat next month ...
  2. definately maybe. Am shooting for it.
  3. Thanks for the write up and pics. Always fun to see what others are doing. Riding when sick is miserable... especially if you don't have anywhere to unplug and recover, like a nice cool hotel room. Even that sucks. I've done a bit of superhot touring myself and think I enjoy it less each year. Last summer I rode 1003 miles in a day coming home from Boise, with much of Nevada above 100, and the Mojave at 110+. I crossed Death Valley once at 120 and have learned to heed the Iron Butt Associations tips for heat riding. I completely agree with their tips based on my experience. For everyones edification: http://www.ironbutt.com/ibmagazine/ironbutt_1002_62-66_Hot.pdf
  4. I will be there in SPIRIT only. Wish I could tonight.
  5. Jim, had a great 302 miles with you Saturday. Get that Stater switched out and I'll do another long day with you to road test it. Fixing bikes is fun . . . as long as it's in your home garage and not on a road shoulder.
  6. Nice Pani! I miss my Duc.
  7. Guess I better get off the phone and on the laptop. Thanks! SUCCESS!
  8. Let's try again. Doh! Still not working.
  9. apparently not. I've looked all over my profile page and see nothing about adding a signature. Can you direct a blind old man to the proper location?
  10. testing (to see if I have a signature)
  11. I'm diggin' your trip pics! I've been to many of those spots and of course the memories come flashing back. The table you made with your panniers is brilliant. The pic of your GPS @ 12,800' has me stumped though. You were certainly off pavement. I believe the highest paved road in CO is Loveland Pass at about 11,900 and change. I'm curious to know. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I'm so stoked for you Jim! Looking forward to many miles with you.
  13. wow. Only 6 years. Maybe less with good conduct??? crap.
  14. Hmmm... not sure I remember exactly but IIRC it was around $25 a wheel + $10 each for beads, about $70 ttl. I brought my extra set of spoked GS rims with worn out Tourances still on. They replaced them with my internet bought tires and balanced with beads at my request. If you hang around long enough, they just might stick a beer in your hand. I won't be going to buy tires online anymore.
  15. well I can't go to Ensenada as much as I'd like, but let me know what evenings you'll be hanging out and I'll be there with enough beer to share. sounds like a fun opportunity!