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  1. Happy Birthday Udo

    Where's the cake? I want cake!
  2. either you listen well, or you're a lot smarter than I thought you were. Not ready to accept that yet though. Chicago is an amazing town. I'm not kidding about the Trump Tower though. The brunch in his restaurant called "Sixteen" is as good as it gets, and the view it comes with is one of the better in Chicago. I'm probably not completely unbiased though as I worked with them a few times producing Icelandic foods and drinks for some clients. Call Amex before you go and ask them to increase your credit limit. And for gawdsakes, don't let her stuff a bunch of handmade eclairs in her purse and your pockets. That's just tacky.
  3. Your wife. Fly her out and take her to brunch in the Trump Tower. Then let her shop the miracle mile. Seriously. She'll never forget it.
  4. Tom who? Oh yeh, that guy that used to live in San Diego...
  5. You should have bought Alyeska's trailer! Since this was an extended trip, it might be helpful for some folks here to know what you didn't need. How much of your load did you not use and not need? Very cool trip Udo. Welcome home.
  6. great to see your updates Udo. Thanks for posting up. See you soon!
  7. Tire cupping

    If you’re not using a tire pressure gauge then you’re probably not gonna be able to minimize the cupping. When I get lazy and leave my tires air down 6 to 8 pounds below manufacture recommendation, the cupping and overall where increases dramatically. When I’m heavy on the front brake pretending I’m still on a sport bike cupping increases dramatically again. This is minimal on a road tire but fairly drastic on a 50-50 adventure tire. Keep in mind I’m on a 600 pound pig If you’re having fun don’t worry about it. The minute you start changing your riding style to try to squeak another 10 or 20% out of tire life you begin to defeat the very reason you ride to begin with. Tires cost money, tires are disposable, wear them out and buy more. Just one or two days in the desert on sand and rocks will beat the tar out of my rear tire because I love to roost. I’m not gonna stop roosting just to make the rubber last longer. Remember, safety third. Have fun.
  8. I went thru the same evolution a couple years ago. Klim Krios fit me extremely well. Was on my way to buy one when a NEXX got in my way for about $400 or so. Pro - Nexx is light weight, but well built and to me 'belongs' in the $4-500$ category. VERY good airflow! Moderate priced super adjustable fit. integrated Sena com if you buy up to it. I did. Is extremely comfortable in 100 degree heat on my GSA at GSA offroad speeds (2nd gear and higher). NO 'kite effect' at plus100 speeds on the highway behind my stock windshield. Even when I turn my head at speed. Other long distance ADV riders tell me its the best helmet they've had as well. Con - service from NEXX is non existent. good luck if you have questions or problems. The com Sena built for them is crap. Worst product in their lineup simply because half the time it just doesn't work. Sena will not support it. Nexx is supposed to. See comments above. The liner will have a shorter life span than my Shoei's. But it's also $200 cheaper. ---------- If I were riding skinny bikes, I'd get a full on cheap MX helmet. For sure. Since I ride a fat pig, NEXX is a perfect compromise really. It handles my waterfalls of sweat quite well. The Shoei . . . not so much. In fact not at all. I will NOT take the SHOEI on dusty off road rides. All it does is make sweat- mud inside my lid. My next helmet, you ask? It will be Klim Krios. I'll pay the price and give it a whirl. I ride 350 days a year so I try not to let price dictate what I buy (too much). It all amortizes out over the life of the product. -------------- PROTIP #1: Based on a presentation I sat through with one of the top helmet importers in the country . . . . I would definitely go try on the HJC ADV helmet. It's cheap (in the $2's?) and is built to the high end specs for safety. Might be one of the smartest ADV helmet values right now ........... IF IT FITS YOUR MELON PROPERLY. I think this is the one I'm referring to...... http://www.hjchelmets.com/hjca/portfolio-item/ds-x1-awing/ Come to think of it, I had a HJC lid for road riding a while back. Couldn't find a single thing to knock it. PROTIP #2: Go to a helmet fitter. Do not try this at home. See a professional.
  9. ... just think about how much cooler it will be to ride baja with a tin cup on your head?
  10. I can't believe it took them this long to make a move toward ADV. Also heard they are dipping the toe into sport bikes again soon. Adapt or die, right?
  11. Good to hear from you Udo. Looking forward to more pics and stories!
  12. Needs some Apes and longer front forks too. Yeh, stick that front wheel out another couple feet or so, and clamp a couple milk crates to them for luggage and weight distribution. The Ape hangars will help keep the rider in proper position. This thing will rule Baja. braap, braap, BBBBRRRAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!
  13. Hope it's a hard tail. would be way better in the sand if it's a hard tail.
  14. First thing to do is rip that dam can off the side and run her wide open in the parking lot with a straight pipe. The way God intended.
  15. Noobie from SD

    You might want to start by creating a signature. Unless of course you want us to call you M122568 instead.