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  1. A great read regardless of being a decade old thread. I just rode the mighty 190 a week ago and it was extremely memorable! Thanks for a great write up and pics.
  2. Ouch. Rental vacancy rate is less than 1%. Hopefully you'll find a hook up here.
  3. Man am I glad I clicked on this thread..... Well done sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. all you skinny bikers, I can see you changing dino oil every 500 miles or so. Anyone run the Nutellla Rotella oil in the big Bimmers for 3,000 miles a pop?
  5. and by the way ... how is it that you and I were both thinking about picking up a tracking device at the exact same time ? I hope you get this done before your "what I did on my Summer vacation - Tour". Make sure you put me on your emergency email list so that when you push the big red button, I'll have no option but to jump on my bike and come rescue you in Alaska.
  6. SPOT-X

    Great insight / information guys. Seems like every time I turn around there's another 'must have' widget trying to pry a wad of C-notes out of my hands....
  7. PM inbound in 3, 2, ....
  8. ...... wait..... what did he say? ..... and where's Veronica?
  9. SPOT-X

    There must be a reason folks keep upgrading their devices. I'm looking for something with 3 basic functions. 1) wifey can follow my progress online. 2) when no cell signal is available, the button that says "don't worry baby, I'm just fine". 3) HELP! Are SPOT users finding that they really want more than this?
  10. ......... hey have you been reading my mind?
  11. Windshield refraction issue

    Comes in a spray can. It’s generally loved by all. Some folks paint their car with it. 🙊👎🤮 its reported to be very durable. I would just as soon suggest truck bed liner spray as my son had perfect performance from that on various parts. But that’s permanent. I’d say try this cause it can be removed (I’m told). Check YouTube. It’s everywhere. Let us know...
  12. Windshield refraction issue

    I Plasti-dipped the inside of my screen. I love it. It creates a flat black background for the phone I will soon be moving up there as well as my Valentine. The whole cockpit looks better with the larger black background. Seeing the front of the fender or front wheel is a non issue, and if it's gnarly, I'm standing anyway. With Plasti-dip, if you don't like it, just remove it.
  13. @Oracle I'm still here if Uncle Champs check bounces.
  14. Cool Motorcycle Poem !

    Thats great, and only a rider will ever really understand.