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  1. Zubb

    My SPOT Renewal

    My wife does a similar drill with Sirius Radio each year. I don't even know what the rack rate is for renewal with them because Barb never pays it. They keep lowering the price until she says ok, we'll keep it for another year. I think she gets it for about half price or so. But ya gotta call. Funny thing, she does the same with our TV provider as well. They always lower the price and improve the package.
  2. Zubb

    Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    No Tom. We're going to Stone Brewing.
  3. Zubb

    Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    Have had the parts in my hot little hands for awhile now. I think you purposely sabotaged the install when Dan owned the bike just so I'd come back and put more money in the jar at the next tech day. I'll likely do the fork seals at home. It's pretty simple on the big BMW's. But I'll still come to the tech day. Maybe you can help me change the air in the tires, or show me how to clean and lube the chain.
  4. Zubb

    Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    1) I'm in (if the date still stands) 2)do you think a couple BMW fork seals is beyond the scope of the day? who knows . . . could turn into another real money maker for the site based on the last one.
  5. Zubb

    A rider escapes the Camp fire

    My bosses in-laws lived in Paradise. They lost 6 homes between them. They also lost their jobs as those business burned to the ground. Relocating 6 related families and looking for new jobs in a new town . . . it's a lot for one extended family to endure.
  6. Zubb

    Life is fragile!

    So sorry Jim. Sad also that family and friends may never know how and why. It's a strange scene for an experienced rider.
  7. Zubb

    Jump starter

    I've had a cheap off brand for about 5 years. Never fails to charge the phone, headset, iPad and yes, start the bike-Tahoe-Benz. I keep thinking I should buy a "good" one, cause I don't want to be stranded out in the boonies. But this one keeps on ticking. On a whim, I'd trust about anything sold by Costco.
  8. Zubb

    Tricks for lifting a Big bike

    The monkey lift is my 'go to' when I help others lift their bikes. Folks usually look at me weird when I tell them to just pick up the bike while I'm hanging my arse off the side of it. It's a great method.
  9. I bid a hun'erd dollars on that right now! I'm insured for crashing. You insure it for a long tow home. It is a KTM after all. ---- very cool trip Paul.
  10. Hey, that's pretty cool. What I really like about it is the lack of 'group rides', which can sometimes get a bit dusty, monotonous, restrictive etc. And any reason for riders to get together share stories, campfires, beer and such is a good thing in my book. Demo ride new bikes? what's not to like about that? I wish I'd have been creative enough to produce an event like this and make a few bucks doing it. You never know though, often enough 'promoters' take a loss. I hope it's extremely successful and the concept grows. We are in a dying sport right now when in my opinion it should be growing exponentially. Kudos to the promoters and I wish them well. If I have time enough I'd like to run up there and check out the event and it's vendors, but not sure that'll happen.
  11. I've done a couple 1,000 milers at around 18 hours each. I think the key is to have the bike set up to fit you well and help keep you in a proper riding position. Your bike probably fits you well. My old 850R worked well for this, and my ST2 was the best ever as I did quite a few 800 mile days without feeling bad at all. It's great knowing you can do it without too much problem as it opens up options for planning other trips. For example my son (in Seattle) and I can each do about 800 miles toward each other, then ride together for 2 or 3 days and come home, all in a 4 or5 day weekend. You're the man Tom!
  12. You're right, and I did enjoy it. Pushed my skill levels up and for the first time I dead clutched it down some hairball stuff. I learned another / better way to get a big pig down stuff when you run out of 'other' skills. The day increased my confidence again because I pushed a skill boundary. I think I've decided that whenever I go on a full days off road ride here, I'll put on the nobbies. Those K60's are a good tire, and a better tire aired down; but I always seem to find myself *needing* more here in SoCal. There's a lot of sand in this cat box!
  13. fun exciting learning how to ride your bike in dirt learning what your limits are something you might not want to do but others do ok, enough of my smart-ass responses. Please take them as tongue in cheek. Tom - I would put it on par with the day ride up to the mine. Only steeper in sections. And you are correct in that video and pics never show the real angles and perspective. I would argue that sh*t does happen. Happens all the time. Half the members here have broken plenty of bones, tumbled bikes down embankments, run out of gas or low on water, had breakdowns from missed maintenance, etc etc. All of us pretty much always look backward and think of how they would do it differently next time. Perhaps I didn't qualify things enough in my report - it wasn't intended to be a detail of what decisions were made by whom and why. My intent was to make light of a tough day. Hopefully you can re-read my post from a slightly sarcastic and jovial perspective. I never for a second thought the ride leader was incompetent and if it came off that way then I apologize and should be more careful about phrasing in my posts next time. A good time was most definitely had by all and the folks on this ride weren't looking for Disneyland level safety. They ride motorcycles. And of all the folks I've ever hung out with, the lead riders of this group are the two I'd bet my life on when things get tough. And yes, I actually mean that. (sorry Tom but at least you're a close 3rd). The tough thing about discussions like this is that it's almost impossible to not sound judgmental, and defensive at some point without writing a hundred page thesis of qualifying statements. So I'll assume there's not too much of either here and hope the readers do the same. I love y'all like family.
  14. I would agree if it were planned for properly... as in TKC80's, and some sand riding clinic work first. Some folks struggle to work up the courage to hit the deep stuff with a bit of speed. And slow riding this stuff is quite difficult (as you see in her vid). What I thought was really cool is that after a very tough day - no whiners in the group. Even the guy with the broken foot. Good people, lots of courage, and everyone was up for doing it again when the next trip comes up. As for planning, I suppose every one of us has found themselves in stuff they hadn't anticipated. It's called motorcycling. And that's what makes it Adventure!