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  1. We watered the horses near Descanso in prep for the evening gallop Jim probably hates the fact that I don’t care where we go. It’s always a great route. I hereby name Sir Jim - Chief Navigation officer extraordinair. Thing Valley Trail is awesome! Look Jim! It’s a purple throated left wing warbler. Certain obstacle arose but eventually we found our way Campo. Tacos. Locked and loaded. We missed crashing into Tom by about 30 seconds since that’s about how long it takes to water the bushes and snap a pic. I noticed up top that if you stand close to the towers, your hair stands up. Unless of course you’re like Tom and me. When Jim gets quiet and slinks into the shadows, just let him him go and know he’s on the hunt for photos. Atta boy Jim. Go get ‘Em.
  2. I'm in for tonight. I'll leave La Mesa at 2pm and take the long way 'round. Dos burrito's y cervesas. Muy bien!
  3. Actually I can do that. But will save the details for my big speech at the meeting. (Just kiddin' ADVbum)
  4. Hmmmmm.... perhaps this is just what I need. Dos burritos y dos cervesa's. Maybe this time we can keep the group together.
  5. Kicking a car door didn't work out so well for Chief Petty Officer Zach Buob last year. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Woman-Accused-of-Running-Down-Motorcyclist-in-Road-Rage-Killing-CHP-305502841.html I'm not trying to get preachy, just think it's good for us all to help each other be smart. It's a zoo out there.
  6. Great!!! It'll be good to meet up and see some of the members. I'm thrilled to stand in as Guest Speaker as well. I'll give a riveting 30 minutes presentation on mortgage rates, various loan products and how to get pre-approved for your dream home! Or . . . . you can find someone to talk about motorcycles.
  7. Recommendations for Big Bike tires

    Some of us might want to observe from a safe distance. Like next to the beer fridge. Let me know if you can accommodate an observer with extra beverages in hand.
  8. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    Thanks for posting Dan!
  9. Yes, keep the anger in check. Don't let some A**hole steal your joy. Get his plate if you can but it's usually quite easy to maneuver far far away from idiots like that.
  10. KEY WEST

    You did NOT wave to those Harley guys did you??? Cheesus Cripes! Hand in your Dual Sport card as soon as you get home Dan.
  11. Kelly, please send me the shipper information for the bike to Virginia.

    1. Zubb



    2. Zubb


      disregard above.

      I sent an email to you @ .putzkes - fahrspass 

      It's a forward from my son that shows the contact name and the 5 page contract so that you can see what that looks like.  Let me know if the email didn't go through and give me a new email address to send to.

  12. New member in San Diego/ Temecula

    Great slide photo! You can ride with behind me anytime. Welcome aboard ! Untitled by Kelly Goertzen, on Flickr
  13. so . . . very . . . . tempting. Will you throw in the house and a bottle of whiskey?