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  1. Crazy good tire store

    Hmmm... not sure I remember exactly but IIRC it was around $25 a wheel + $10 each for beads, about $70 ttl. I brought my extra set of spoked GS rims with worn out Tourances still on. They replaced them with my internet bought tires and balanced with beads at my request. If you hang around long enough, they just might stick a beer in your hand. I won't be going to buy tires online anymore.
  2. well I can't go to Ensenada as much as I'd like, but let me know what evenings you'll be hanging out and I'll be there with enough beer to share. sounds like a fun opportunity!
  3. Crazy good tire store

    They mounted my tkc80 front and K60 rear. I bought them online before I discovered their store. No problem for them, and I learned I could get these tires through them for a little less than I paid online. Which is a bonus . . . the important factor to me is the service. I like these guys.
  4. Dang that was fun!! Great seeing everyone that showed up. The burgers after were awesome too. And a good time was had by all.
  5. La Mesa rider on a big bike. I could be talked into this today....
  6. Damn! Dan. I'd have that girl all roughed up and dented within 10 minutes of ownership. Want to just loan it to me for a few days? She's a beaut!
  7. .................................................. dang, that's so cool.
  8. Motorcyclist killed trying to outrun cops

    It's that 'passenger injured' thing that really bothers me.
  9. Bastards. I on the other hand rode around town. jealous.
  10. Pocket jump starter

    I have a cheap chinese one, don't know the brand. Lightening bolts painted all over it so it must be good. I charge it and then keep it in the briefcase or drawer or on the bike for months a time. So when I need to use it, it's usually down to 10 or 20% of its charge. Almost dead... it started my bike twice, my Tahoe 3 or 4 times, the Benz once. My iPad and phone a hundred times. A few weeks ago on a winter DV ride, my phone/GPS couldn't handle the cold temps. So I put the phone in my right pocket and Battery in my left and ran a cord. Charged up the phone. Then I put the phone back on the handlebar so I could watch the map, leaving the battery in my pocket but plugged in. Phone worked all the way home in spite of the cold. They are awesome. Even the sh*tty one I have. I think it's almost 4 years old now.
  11. Sunday - Wife and I took (the Tahoe), 8 east to Ocotillo then north on S2 to Borrego arriving at the Golf course about 11:30am looking for a spot to have a beer and lunch. Borrego was a nightmare. LA traffic on it's worst day. It took us an hour just to inch our way through town looking for a place to eat that didn't have a line out the door w/ 45 minute waits to get seated (let alone get your food). Oh if I would have only turned around and went home on S2. The crawl home through Borrego and Julian was excruciating. Miles and miles and endless miles of 2-3 mph creep on the highway. There was no way we were going to try to find food in Julian either and just turned south on 79 which was heavy with traffic as well, but at least it was moving at good speed. We finally got to Alpine and stopped for our 'lunch' at 5pm. Beware.
  12. Can y'all tell me if the brown squiggly lines on this map (primitive roads) are passable in a 2WD Tahoe? Wifey won't get on a bike, but I'd like to take her here this weekend to see some of the bloom. I think it would be a great way for us to spend a day. All suggestions welcome.
  13. I'm not buying it. It looks like fossilized ribs from a monstrous prehistoric monster of sorts.