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  1. Palomar Divide 9-2

    Bummed I missed it. I spend Saturday changing both tires, rejetting, replacing bad seals etc... Bike was all done, then at 11 pm I got a text from an old friend asking if I wanted to ride MX instead, so chose that. All set for next trip
  2. So I am a newb at GPS can I get to coordinates? I live in Ramona and am looking for trails to ride. TIA
  3. Looks pretty good for me, in town changing tires on the car, need to stop off and grap a sparkplug for the bike and change the netting. My exc is running rich, with this temp it will be really low on power
  4. so what is the meeting time? I need to see if I can arrange my time with work
  5. Hopefully by next week, I'll have all my lights, blinkers etc installed so I can take it out on the road
  6. Voyager pro

    wow I wrote that and I have no idea what that was lol fat finger my phone. The last pic looks like a voyager pro? that screen looks better than I though it would
  7. Voyager pro

    You one looks just like the pro?
  8. Voyager pro

    I ordered the regular one with the orange housing, it showed up yesterday and I kind of don't want to open it because I have having thoughts on the pro as well. The buddy tracking is not very far, I spoke to a support tech about this and it's 1.5mi line of sight. So mounts, hills etc will have a drastic reduction in the range. One thing I like about the pro is the blue tooth but that's a lot of extra money for blue tooth and color. Maybe its overkill for what I need it for and that's just to follow a line
  9. Julian area 5/4

    My KTM is almost ready. Got my plate, my taillight/brake and switch are coming. I am off for a race this weekend so my prep has been on my other bike.
  10. bump for price drop. If I sell it to someone in here $200 goes to SDAdventure riders
  11. Cool, got all back fees paid last week and spark arrestor is in excellent condition. Now I need to get work to lighten up a bit so I can go for a few days.
  12. Selling my beloved Ducati. Needs nothing at all. Bike itself has I think 37K on it but, some of you know, It threw a rod so I replaced the motor from a 2008 Ducati 1098S That bike had 12K miles on it. Moto Forza did the motor swap and while the motor was out they did the full major service and a full check. Also has a few fuel filter. I have the spare motor still for spare parts mainly the heads and jugs. Motor was swapped 800 miles ago Has the Termignoni Carbon exhaust with the race ECU, reflashed for the new motor I have a spare pressure plate for the clutch Carbon front and rear fenders Rearsets Quickshifter Upgraded adjustable levers Quiet cover for the clutch if you don't want it to sound like a Ducati Forks were just rebuilt with OEM seals and bushing rear seat solo seat rear pegs smoked wind screen clear windscreen new tires New Chain Extras (additional price) Spare marchesini rear wheel with a Super Corsa SP tire that about 60% left Spare front super corsa SP tire that's about 90% left Spare Counter Sprocket Tire Warmers Front Stand Rear Stand Seal Driver Chain Tool and Axel Tool May have a full suit worn twice no scuffs or scratches and a Generator This bike is exceptionally clean, most Ducatis seem to be sold right before major services are due. This was just done, so its good to go for a while OEM oil filter only and High End Oil I have all service records Price WITHOUT EXTRAS $6500 obo
  13. Is a plate required or is a green sticker allowed?