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  1. Late to the game but yeah I own a 1098. That last of the raw power ones. It is amazing on racetracks. They run hot so you butt get warm. I had a 1299s for a demo for a week and ride them on a track once in a while. The electronics on it are extremely refined and it is so easy to ride it feels like your cheating. As other have stated, the maintenance cost is higher, but then again the grin is bigger riding them too. Something about the Italian machine when you hit turns sets it apart from others. (even the bmw S1000r)
  2. Can you share the trails for the wind and mud caves? Please
  3. Prepping for my TAT trip in July, my rings decided to let lots of blowby. Been too busy to repair it, so now the motor is back together and went back to stock compression/cams etc... Anyways I really am excited to get out and explore again. I just need to get the subframe back on and reconnect my wires (Street legal YZ450) So, the wires are a bit of a pain. I might hit stuff around Ramona or ?? I'll check back tomorrow I hope if I get this time to finish the build
  4. Hi, how do I get the passwords for the member areas?  Thanks


  5. 5k-ish miles
  6. My experience is not with KTM, but Honda and Yamaha, Aftermarket seals never last as long. My Ducati the seals were literally 5X the cost of aftermarket. I change my own seals and with factory seals, they still leak around 7K miles so I opted for aftermarket. Make sure you change your bushings as well while your in there. It helps keep the seals from wearing out
  7. I am interested, I also have a coworker interested
  8. welder

    Shoot, that was me, I missed your call. I was in a meeting all day long. Sorry I missed you
  9. If the stand is still available, I will take it
  10. Can't make it tonight, I have my supermoto tires on right now and stuck at work until 8
  11. I am in line too, how much for 1?
  12. So the sag off the stand is "race sag" that is the 95-110mm. Static sag or "free sag" is measure wheel off the ground then the bike sitting on the ground at rest. Static sag helps you determine whether or not you have the proper spring in the bike for you race sag setting. You need to check with your bike's manual but I think its supposed to be between 20-30mm. So if you set up race sag to 100mm, then static sag is 10mm, you cranked the spring too much and you need a stiffer spring. if its 40mm, you have almost no preload and you have too heaving of a spring in there. Race-tech has a spring calculator in their website, but my experience has been the calculated spring rate is 1-2 sizes too soft. Now my only experience is motocross, 20+yrs and I am fairly new to dualsport. I have a race tech sag tool you can borrow, I need to find it though. It fits in your axel and mounts where a seat bolt is. I makes it so 1 person can measure it. I am in Ramona and I know it's at my buddies shop in Miramar somewhere. I'll look for it tomorrow.