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  1. I think it's all on their property
  2. That's a really fun course. Been doing that for years. Did you ride over the log bridge? Its towards the start
  3. Pokey151

    Question about CO2 inflators

    Thanks for the info and advice. I have 3 screw in canisters, I should order more and practice with it
  4. I picked up a CO2 Inflator It came with an adapter for a schrader valve and the bicycle valve ( I don't know the name) Anyways, for the shrader valve it appears there is no center pin that I see on any gauge or air chucks to fill the tire.Did I get a defect of one or is this normal and because the C02 cartridges such high pressure it automatically pushes it in through pressure?I am trying to find out before I end up having to use it and find out it's defective thank you
  5. I am not sure if this pic is too large but here is entering the canyon. I think I am going back Friday with a couple friends if anyone is interested
  6. Ok, thanks. See you there, I'm excited. I've done nothing but fire roads
  7. So I am in, I just dont have an air pump. I have spoons, tube patch kit but no air. I ordered a co2 but it's not due in until monday.
  8. Well tomorrow, I need to hang xmas lights, buy a Xmas tree and decorate, was my bike, change the oil and check the valves. If I get all that done, I can make it
  9. Do you guys drive out and unload the bikes or do you just ride out. I have a stock tank on my 450EXC so I do not know the maximum range.
  10. I am trying to get my schedule clear for this. I'd love to go
  11. Hmmm. I might be able to pull this off.
  12. Looks great, is that Fish creek? Never been but seen pics. Too bad I was at work today
  13. Fox will most likely be flooded out, I wonder if it will still happen?
  14. Thanks guys, I could not get off work today. With a little more notice I can arrange time off. Circus Finger Bee Canyon is great visually, it starts at Hemet and is a 4x4 trail (easy riding. Just need clearance for a vehicle) so it goes up to Idyllwild) if you dont want to ride in town, non plated vehicles can go also. Up towards the top its stunning. I love it after a rain. As of now we are planning Friday but if the heavy rain continues to Friday then it may get pushed to sunday, but nothing is set in stone. The pace will be an easy pace if my friend goes. But due to the layout, you can peel off and get on it for a bit. Then wait for the slower riders to catch up. That's usually what i do. I'll PM you my number and we a can link up 8f you want to join us. I am open all weekend but the storm will dictate when we can go
  15. Pokey151


    See, I would love rides like this!