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  1. Lockhart Basin is awesome and that waterfall section is Whoo Hooo!
  2. Very cool! Happy Birthday Mimi!
  3. Were showing up on bikes, right?
  4. Good Job Guys!
  5. mmm,,, Assuming the Safari for my 525 wont work?
  6. Down for an XL
  7. Ladies and Gentleman we lost a good one on the 4th. I don't have a lot of details other than he went down doing what he loved. I wont go into what this guy has meant to me over the years just know that he had the "right stuff". He was a Orange County Dually, Father, Grandpa, and had not a single enemy in the world. His name is Gary Hackman. Next time you have a cold one raise it to him. If I get all mushy here he'll kick my ass when I see him again in Heaven so Nuff said,, shut up and ride!
  8. I have to go to LA for work but hopefully will make it back in time
  9. I hear ya, really didn't want the Turbo. I can get myself in "OH CRAP" mode quick enough with this thing at 100hp.
  10. Yes, I found the perfect one.
  11. Yeah, me too. Paypal sent just now
  12. Awesome trip and big time Thanks to C-daddy for leading the ride and the hospitality at the river! Tons of great riding out there for sure! I'll post some pics when I get a chance
  13. Absolutely!
  14. Drink Beer, Ride Motos,,, not necessarily in that order! Happy Birthday C-Diddy! Thanks for all you do for the club!