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  1. Pinion is in the loop. Dash wouldn't be the Dash without watching guys skate down HA hill on their blinged out adventure bikes!
  2. viewing ads

    me too
  3. CID Birthday?

    Zeno! Great to hear from ya buddy! Lets all get together and do some Suds! CIDS birthday is a great excuse!
  4. XL Short Sleeve and I'm in to sweep with the Kugs and Van. We normally set the room on Friday when I get there
  5. I get it. The exact reason why I do Desert Rat on Pro Bowl weekend. Notoriously the best weather weekend for the Dez is another. I'm going to hit 400 again this year! Hope to see ya at the Dash!
  6. I would like to go on record formally protesting the movement of this event one week later on the calendar this year.
  7. Rear brake question

    No. Its tight. I haven't taken the time to mess with it. I'll probably wait until next year!
  8. Rear brake question

    That's my thoughts. Guess I'm going in!
  9. On my 01 KTM 400 the outer pad of the rear brake stuck on and scorched itself. I took the wheel off and I cant push the piston in at the caliper. If I open the bleeder it goes in smoothly. This seems kinda weird to me! Any tips, ideas?
  10. Meeting Malcolm Smith

    What an awesome experience!
  11. Sedona

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I love the idea of a Helicopter ride
  12. Sedona

    I'm heading to Sedona next week. No bike, resort type trip. Were going to the Canyon on Thursday and doing some train thing other than that I'd like to do some hiking, exploring. What are some "Must do-Must see's" while I'm there?
  13. Schwinn get together 11/14

    I'm There