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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I love the idea of a Helicopter ride
  2. I'm heading to Sedona next week. No bike, resort type trip. Were going to the Canyon on Thursday and doing some train thing other than that I'd like to do some hiking, exploring. What are some "Must do-Must see's" while I'm there?
  3. I'm There
  4. Three things that are important to me. Enough room that I can stash my gear either inside or in a vestibule when it gets nasty, full screen with a removable fly for those amazing clear dry nights and free standing
  5. Going to have to step out on this one C-daddy. Finally booked my Baja trip for the 8th so need to save my $$ to throw at some Dorado! Ha,, Have fun!
  6. Yeah Barbara fit right in with the crew and she can twist it up with the best of us!
  7. I just got news that my brother in law has passed away. I'm heading to Phoenix Friday for the weekend to hang with familiy so I'm going to have to miss this. Way bummed all around.
  8. Another lesson is the importance of having a reliable emergency contact. Man, if things were bad and your contact doesn't answer the phone right away it could be ugly.
  9. Lockhart Basin is awesome and that waterfall section is Whoo Hooo!
  10. Very cool! Happy Birthday Mimi!
  11. Were showing up on bikes, right?
  12. Good Job Guys!