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  1. 2019 CRF 450 L

  2. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Just saw the bike in person and spoke in person with factory Honda guy who’s ridden the bike. Makes power in mid 40s and wheelies out of the box. It’s a good looking bike. Anyone who gets one won’t be disappointed
  3. 2019 CRF 450 L

    “4. It Makes a Lot More Than 24 Horsepower There was a rumor going around that this bike only made 24 hp and we can say that is completely false. It looks like a European Honda site mistakenly posted the CRF250L’s hp number for the 450L’s. We asked Honda for a publishable HP number for the 450L and they said it was in the 40s. For dirt bikes, Honda (all OEM’s actually) don’t give out HP numbers since there are so many variables in dyno’ing the bikes. Also, Honda added that there is only a 4 hp difference between the X and L and that the cams and cam timing are exactly the same.” http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/things-to-know-honda-crf450l/ Consider yourself schooled.
  4. 2019 CRF 450 L

    The 25hp claim is a bogus claim. It’ll make power close to the CRFX numbers
  5. Big Bear 6-16

    Probably the funnest ride I’ve had to date. Weather was perfect. Scenery was amazing. And a good mix of relaxing fire road and tough technical to keep things interesting. Oh and we stumbled on a great place for beers and sandwiches for lunch! All around perfect recipe for a dual sport ride. And big thanks to Pete for giving me some premix along the way. I owe you some beers bud.
  6. Klim Cow Tag Event

    I would never let dust or heat stop me from riding. Life's too short and there are too many good places to ride to be a fair weather rider.
  7. 2018 big bear dual sport

    I’m down to go with you guys next weekend
  8. Help me wake this little dude up a bit!

    Ditch the exhaust and put on an FMF pipe on. Easiest way to lose weight and gain power
  9. Saw the original 24HP claim and thought nope. No way that would work. But now seeing it’s within 4hp of the X (which is easily just the difference in exhaust and tuning), it’s starting to look enticing. Weight doesn’t consern me too much. A good suspension setup has always been more important to me and if you’re so concerned about having to pick up a little extra weight you should stop dropping your bike so much . Might be time to trade up the ole 250L this fall and keep at least one red bike in my garage.
  10. Yeah that was a nail biter! Kept thinking the horn was going to go off just before he made it. Talk about a buzzer beater!!
  11. Yeah they’ll probably have the replay available later today. I won’t spoil anything for ya but it was a good one
  12. Bummed to see Cody Webb won’t be in the final. Broken foot and possible knee in practice
  13. CNF 100

    Cool loop. 150mi round trip from my garage. Glad I put the big tank on and now I know the max range on that tank
  14. Live coverage this weekend on Redbull TV. Starts 9am Saturday for pre-race stuff. 5am on Sunday for final. Packed field as usual. Really interested to see how the Alta bikes do on this huge stage.