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  1. Traveling with a truck: Suggestions?

    If security isn't much of a concern I'd say tarp and a cargo net. Lot cheaper than a shell or trailer and has worked fine for me in the past. But if you're worried about your stuff getting stolen, I'd go with the shell if you can find a good deal. Pulling a trailer cross country kind of sucks (gas mileage suffers greatly, finding a parking spot can be tricky at times, and maneuvering in traffic is worse)
  2. Kugs Tecate run!

    Are you using the exhaust to inflate that air mattress???
  3. http://enduro21.com/index.php/usa/2606-lost-coyotes-mc-puts-on-special-hard-enduro-event The hard enduro sounded pretty cool and got some nation wide attention. I did the race on Sunday and that was no joke either. I think I finally got what I was asking for in an enduro. Wicked downhills, gnarly uphill and too many rocks to mention. You'd be ripping up one of these hills pinned because of how loose it was but there were softball size rocks hidden everywhere waiting to pop your tire up and throw you off line. One hill I never made it up and just took the alternate route around. Tried it twice but couldn't make it more than half way up before almost looping it out. Made me realize I really need to get back in shape. Finished 62 out of the 64 that did the full five tests but I finished!
  4. Decided not to do the hard enduro but I'm 93% sure I'll be there for the Sunday race at the same location. Planning on camping out Saturday night. Kind of a cool format. Do five laps but not consecutively. You can take breaks between laps. Never done it that way before so should be fun. Planning on entering Vet intermediate class so I can do the "hard" loop.
  5. Out riding this morning and came across this nature. Never seen a nature like this before.
  6. Sportsman class scored on furthest finish? Thinking about it....
  7. Lark Sat/Sun AUG-12/13

    Yep it was an awesome ride. Rode some stuff I've never done before and really enjoyed it
  8. My tube stems keep falling off

    I was thinking about going to mousse actually. I was also thinking it might be the tire. It didn't start doing this until I installed the new desert version AT81. Maybe I'm getting too much traction? Or maybe my rim lock is worn out and not gripping as well as it used to.
  9. 3rd time in 4 rides. It's starting to get really annoying. Any suggestions on how to keep from ripping the valve stem out? 2 times it was a ultra heavy duty tube, the 3rd a regular. I powder them pretty good when installing and make sure the stem is perfectly straight in before setting the bead. Rim lock is plenty tight too. Tried going higher tire pressure last time but still ripped out. It's the rear tube by the way. Maybe I need to start using tube grease?
  10. Lark Sat/Sun AUG-12/13

    At the tree Sunday morning 7am-ish. I'm also still going to ride a couple hours tomorrow morning around 9ish same place
  11. Lark Sat/Sun AUG-12/13

    I'm out for Monday. Have an appointment now. Sorry
  12. Lark Sat/Sun AUG-12/13

    Uncle Kenny! About time we ride again