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  1. I'll echo the 950/990 sentiment. Love my 950. Never had any issues blasting through sand, even with full camping gear. When in doubt throttle out
  2. I'm looking forward to getting back like you can't believe. I'm jealous of all the Ken S adventures I'm missing out on
  3. Well I'm out. Deployment got extended.
  4. Anyone else thinking about racing it? At Glenn Helen put on by D37 Prairie Dogs. From all of my extensive research it's considered one of America's toughest enduro races which really peaks my interest. A lot more tight technical and wicked hill climbs and waterfalls not so much full throttle desert. Haven't seen anything definitive for this year's format but last year's was divided into 3 races. First race is qualifier for second race starting position that's novice friendly nothing crazy. Second race is qualifier for final and really ramps it up on difficulty level, have to finish within 45min of leader to qualify for final. Final is real stupid with lots of insane hard enduro and enduro cross type obstacles (not really expecting to make it to final but would be cool to watch the pros do it). All you have to do is finish the first race to get finisher pin or whatever swag they'll be giving out. I'm like 95% sure I'll be going.
  5. Have about 4gal of premix that I sadly won't be able to burn. If anybody wants it stop by with a gas can. VP100 mixed 60:1 with redline
  6. Had a blast. Glad I was able to get my dune fix for the year and ride some place I've never been before. Sorry there weren't any kart wheels this time around
  7. While everyone else was getting fat on turkey I was out doing this Dont let the first 4 minutes fool you, the second half was anything but graceful. Crash at 7:15 for those who like to see me take dirt naps
  8. Now I'm really pissed I couldn't make to either. Sounds like it was fun. I've really been looking for a challenge. Well that and some sort of redemption considering I've gone over the bars my last 2 races
  9. D38 race the same day I'm torn!
  10. I made it to where Brian is in the picture but going the opposite way. It was a lot more washed out though. I thought about trying the rock ramp to the left but the area around the bottom of that was really washed out too. Would have had to take a pretty big step to get up and over. Would've been a high risk evolution and I didn't want to take a chance getting beat up before the race on Sunday. I'll come back to it someday though.
  11. After a crappy day at work I convinced myself to load up the bike and head out to CC. On the drive down 8 a glorious rainbow and dark clouds showed me the way. I knew the conditions would be perfect for a ride. Once I got there and unloaded I couldn't wait to get going. The smell of fresh rain and premix were just the aphrodisiac I needed. I rode up Kernan to 1 then down 9 to 2. Decided to try 3a after hearing about Uncle Kenny's recent success. I made it to the top of the v-notch but decided the only way I was getting over the last rock was to ghost ride the bike over and I didn't really feel like taking the chance of smashing the bars or busting a radiator. Especially since I just replaced my bars after my last bike flipping crash. So I turned around and went to 11 and did some of the jeep trails off of 11 and went down ranger. Then back to the truck under the cover of darkness.
  12. Yeah dude I'll look for you guys just let me know your general location on race day