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  1. It was my first attempt at this race so I had set my expectations pretty low and I can say I walked away with my head held high and some good knowledge for how to prepare for and and what to expect for next year's race. I finished the second loop with about a minute left to start the final loop. Mentally I wanted to go the distance but physically my body said no. Major cramping in my legs and I was at a point where I knew if I kept going I was going to get hurt. I'll be back again next year more physically prepared. Course was super fun and you couldn't possibly get any better conditions. That chocolate dirt was very nice
  2. 2019 CRF 450 L

    @Bp619 True. At the very least it gives the bike some credibility.
  3. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Spotted a 450L finishing the Tecate Enduro yesterday. Must be a halfway decent bike if it was able to get through that course.
  4. Ride on. I usually bring an EZ up to put over the bed for weather protection while sleeping and I have plenty of cold weather attire. Thanks for the heads up
  5. Got moved up to minute 33 on latest revision. Can anyone point me to the driving directions to RSC? I’m pretty sure I know where it is but just want to double check so I’m not driving around lost like a stupid gringo. Also I’m planning on camping (air mattress in bed of truck), is that a good idea? I’m kind of a noob at racing south of the border
  6. I’m going to leave Friday afternoon. I’ll look for you guys once I get there
  7. 100% chance of rain on Thursday. Hope it holds up
  8. EICMA Milan November 6, 2018

    "Weight ready to race (without fuel)" Good luck winning a race without any fuel
  9. Flying with helmet (airlines)

    Took mine as a personal item once. Put it in helmet bag and stowed under seat during flight.
  10. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    So would the "SDAR frequency" be considered a restricted frequency as mentioned in this notice?
  11. And I'm in. Paid up and confirmed
  12. husky rear rim

    Laced up a new set of hoops on my 300 awhile back after the stock hoops started looking like microwaved bacon. Interestingly enough the least expensive hoops that I could find online were on Amazon. Then I bought the spoke and nipple set from Slavens. There’s an application chart out there on the interwebs somewhere to match up your bike to the Excel rims for use on stock hubs.
  13. Nice. Last year it was just one loop done 5 times but then again it was put on by a different MC. Great format either way.
  14. Nice. The series next year is going to be GOOD