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  1. New legs

    George is the man. Wouldn’t take my bikes anywhere else
  2. Got there about 0630 and temps were still right around 70. Did a quick loop and got out of there. Truck was reading 90 at 0930 as I was leaving
  3. The Hideout

    Nice! I was super bummed when this place closed so it’s good it’ll be up and running again soon. Hopefully they did some work on the restrooms because those were....yikes
  4. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Flipping the visor up works great if you’re on a solo ride or leading a group but if you ever plan on riding with a group and you’re not on point you’re going to have to deal with dust at some point and you’ll wish you were wearing googles. I second the 100%’s. Swapped to those a few years back and have been lovin’ them ever since.
  5. The parts department is probably already working on that
  6. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Dualsport helmets are worthless in my opinion. Too hot and not enough airflow for off-road use and terrible aerodynamics for extended street riding at highway speeds. Sure most of them allow you to remove the visor to increase high speed comfort on the interstate and/or remove the visor to allow the use of googles but who really wants to be that guy who has to stop on the side of the trail/road to fiddle around with his helmet while the group waits. Unless you’re planning on doing a substantial larger amount of street miles than dirt miles just get a dirt helmet and deal with the slight discomforts of using a dirt helmet on the street (like increased wind noise which can be remedied by bringing some ear plugs). You really can’t have the best of both worlds so you’re better off having at least the best of one.
  7. Dirtbike Mag Husqy 501 vs Beta 500

    I’ve heard Beta forks are kind of garbage in terms of strength and reliability. Hopefully they’ve gotten better in the past few years because the Beta sounds like a pretty decent machine
  8. If it has the same firing sequence as the current HD lineup that’d be a hard pass
  9. Jamul practice track up for sale?

    Does the price include the crazy guy living in the trailer who collects your gate fee?
  10. If You Were 17 Today - What Bike Would You Buy?

    When I was 17 I was sitting in class in my Jeremy McGrath jersey day dreaming about a CR250R
  11. If You Were 17 Today - What Bike Would You Buy?

    Trick question. 17 year olds these days are too busy staring at their phones to care about motorcycles.
  12. Tecate Hot Trail ride day 11AUG2018 RSV start

  13. Regulator/Rectifiers

    Hmmmmmmm I can’t imagine a different rectifier making a difference but I could be wrong. I can see somehow reducing the electrical loading on the system would make more power (less electrical loading = less counter resistance on the alternator = motor spins freer making more power) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Rode the gnarly stuff in the park. Then got out of there quick. It was getting hot.