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  1. husky rear rim

    Laced up a new set of hoops on my 300 awhile back after the stock hoops started looking like microwaved bacon. Interestingly enough the least expensive hoops that I could find online were on Amazon. Then I bought the spoke and nipple set from Slavens. There’s an application chart out there on the interwebs somewhere to match up your bike to the Excel rims for use on stock hubs.
  2. Nice. Last year it was just one loop done 5 times but then again it was put on by a different MC. Great format either way.
  3. Nice. The series next year is going to be GOOD
  4. Maybe something like this could work as a temporary fix for your broken pipe mount tab. An electrical cable mount.
  5. So was it six different loops or was it the same loop six times?
  6. Personally I wear contacts when I ride which isn’t always the greatest. I typically wear more breathable goggles which after a long day of riding in dusty conditions can lead to contacts drying out but if I wear goggles with thicker foam for better dust blocking they tend to fog more easily. Most goggle manufacturers make OTG (over the glasses) versions of goggles.
  7. Jump starter

    Good for “3000 circles”. Must be quality.
  8. Can’t make this one but I’ll be at the D38 race the following weekend
  9. Did this race last year. Signed up for the Exp/Int loop which was lots of technical and gnarly hill climbs. Couple hills were prone to log jams. I heard the the Nov/Beg loop was more desert whoops and high speed stuff. Pick your poison. Roll off the start based on class and skill but after the first test it’s whenever you feel like it. You can stop at your pit for as long as you like between test as long as you roll off the line for your final test before the cutoff. I timed it last year to where I rolled off the line for my final test with 5 minutes to spare.
  10. Multiple alarms and reminders already set on my phone. Will be standing by as soon as registration opens
  11. From FB: registration opens 6pm on October 10th. $150
  12. Golden fattie question

    Get the Shinko
  13. Had a blast. Single track and mini enduro cross course made for a fun race