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  1. Very cool. Lots of fun to look at areas from years past!
  2. A little more east county history.
  3. Great read Mikey. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great ride with great people. Enjoyed meeting a lot more riders and talking experiences. oh,,,,,and loved the heat!!!
  5. Ok ok ok I want to go. IN!!!!
  6. Did you say JAY'S BBQ???.???? Me like Jay's BBQ.
  7. Imperial National Wildlife Refuge , Arizona
  8. Los Pinos lookout use to be one. Very cool history.
  9. What's a KLR???
  10. Eagle Mike's Eagle Mfg & Eng 380 Vernon Ste D El Cajon CA 92020
  11. Donation sent. Thumperbob
  12. I could use them if you still have them.
  13. Another great ride with great people. Burrrrrp! I want more ribs!!!!!!
  14. YUMMMMM!!!!