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  1. Who’s going to show me all the good barbeque places. Hope to do some more rides with ya before you leave. Wish you the best!
  2. If ADV Bum does not take them I could use the boots. One problem. Won't be able to pick them up until the end of October. Won't be back in town until then.
  3. Great write up. Thanks. That's one of my favorite vacation spots. I love to ride the trails north of Mammoth Lakes. They just go and go forever. We usually go up there at least twice a year. Spring and fall. Fishing is great! Lots to see in the surrounding area. I use to mountain bike that area, but to old now. Ha ha.
  4. That's for all the photos Ken. Bet it was a great ride!
  5. Very cool. Lots of fun to look at areas from years past!
  6. A little more east county history. https://russelrayphotos2.com/tag/historic-u-s-route-80/
  7. Great read Mikey. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great ride with great people. Enjoyed meeting a lot more riders and talking experiences. oh,,,,,and loved the heat!!!
  9. Ok ok ok I want to go. IN!!!!
  10. Did you say JAY'S BBQ???.???? Me like Jay's BBQ.
  11. Imperial National Wildlife Refuge , Arizona
  12. Los Pinos lookout use to be one. Very cool history.
  13. What's a KLR???
  14. Eagle Mike's Eagle Mfg & Eng 380 Vernon Ste D El Cajon CA 92020
  15. Donation sent. Thumperbob