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  1. Kenny... 1Kstep and I will be out there to try and meet your group. Don't wait for us though. We'll look for you if we don't see you at the tree.
  2. Donation sent. Can someone PM/email me the access PWs for the members only forums? Thanks for all the hard work on the site!
  3. RIP.
  4. 1Kstep and I talked with some Jeepers at McCain on Dec. 30th. (We thought it odd for Jeepers to be at McCain.) They were inquiring about any good jeep trails in the immediate area and we told them nothing great at McCain, but CC was just up the road with great stuff. (Not giving them much credit for knowing the area for jeep trails ;). ) Then they told us they had just come from CC and the gate going up was closed there as well. They were able to speak with a ranger who informed them that the FS (might have the proper agency wrong) thought there was risk of road washout damage from the rains, so the FS decided to close the road up to CC. Also mentioned the Pine Valley gate fire road, but they said that road was boring, so appears they were not mistaken about where they were when speaking with the ranger. So possibly (hopefully) nothing more than rain related??
  5. Awesome!
  6. Got up and gutted it out... Respect!
  7. "Skycamproductions"
  8. Nice! Love the just out of frame fist pump on the "successful" pass! (They were all successful in my book!)
  9. I have worn the Asterisk Cell for about 6 years now, maybe more. Mine have the "web" backing. See here. The newer models come in either strap back or boa closure. Asterisk's web page is here. I like mine a lot. They are not the most comfortable, but not uncomfortable and the sense of protection you cannot put a price on. I've taken a few diggers and they have definitely provided protection that otherwise would have been a potential disaster (sides of knee and patella). Nothing crazy but normal falls and bumps up against rocks, etc. I have worn them all day (6+ hours) riding trails in Moab without feeling like I needed to get them off because of comfort issues. They are easy on/off so no issue with throwing them on for short rides as well. I haven't really researched and compared the various other models out there, and I know there are a number. I can't tell you whether the Cells are better, worse or more, or less comfortable. I would recommend the Cells to anyone without hesitation. Also, Asterisk offers replacement of web backing and tune up for my older model for under $100, so you can replace worn/torn webs, laces, eyelets, etc. every couple years or as needed and have a pair of braces that will last you almost forever. I would imagine they do the same for the newer models as well. Hope this is helpful. Not a lot of diverse information, but at least some! Safe rides! ** Edit -- I see that Asterisk is sold out of most models on the website. Seems I also recall a shop telling me that Asterisk will no longer sell through retail outlets. Soooo... They might be difficult to find. I will try to confirm.
  10. I think there are a couple of posts here that address riding rules / etiquette / suggestions. Start here: http://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15520-more-suggestions-for-informal-rides/ (From the Gospel according to Slut... Thanks be to the MC gods.) Check the other pinned posts (at the top of each forum) in the "Informal Local Rides & Who's Going Riding" forum. I think there are a couple in there. If you have a specific question, ask it. Everyone is happy to educate and better to know before you ride than learn the hard way on the trail! The best (and really only smart) way to negotiate a blind turn is SLOWLY (and stay on the right side, just like on a road). My $0.02.
  11. Here's a link to a post on the D38 bulletin board with details on Scott's services. Some of you know / knew him and may be interested in attending. Also there is a link to a go fund me page if you just want to help with a small donation to the family of a fallen brother rider. Safe rides! http://amad38.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6294&sid=bc18d136e95292c2af5e529fae4676b2