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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Ended up just pushing the pallet with the Bobcat. Piece-o-cake!
  2. Hoping someone can help me determine the quickest and best way to move a pallet of pavers off my driveway and onto the grass in my back yard (without unstacking, lugging, and restacking them). Driveway to be demo'ed here in the next week or so and I need them out of the way. Demo crew will have a Bobcat and said they could push the pallet into my garage, but I would prefer to locate the pallet in the back yard and not use up garage space. Is it possible (and make economic sense) to rent fork services for an hour to move the pallet? Anyone here do that kind of work? Any suggestions or company recommendations are greatly appreciated! Location is in Pacific Beach. Thanks! Chad
  3. RIP Brother Arnie.
  4. Hey Amok... I was going through my garage this past weekend and pulled down a Harbor Freight bench top media sprayer with media. Have a bit of unused media as well. You are more than welcome to borrow it. PM me with your cell and we can make arrangements if you still need it. Chad
  5. Happy B-Day George!
  6. HDB Ultimate hand guard set for KTM. Off my 2012 350 XCF-W, but I believe they will fit most 2012-16 off road models. Includes right and left guards, top clamp with a couple switch holes, swivel bosses and unused threaded bar end inserts with tap. I think I have new white and black plastics as well. The guards are generally in good shape. May need a bit of reforming for a precision fit. Also, may need longer bar clamp bolts than stock. Not sure I have the ones that came with the set, but looking for them. Available new for $150. I'm asking $80. Reply or PM me with interest or questions. Thanks!
  7. Kenny... 1Kstep and I will be out there to try and meet your group. Don't wait for us though. We'll look for you if we don't see you at the tree.
  8. Donation sent. Can someone PM/email me the access PWs for the members only forums? Thanks for all the hard work on the site!
  9. 1Kstep and I talked with some Jeepers at McCain on Dec. 30th. (We thought it odd for Jeepers to be at McCain.) They were inquiring about any good jeep trails in the immediate area and we told them nothing great at McCain, but CC was just up the road with great stuff. (Not giving them much credit for knowing the area for jeep trails ;). ) Then they told us they had just come from CC and the gate going up was closed there as well. They were able to speak with a ranger who informed them that the FS (might have the proper agency wrong) thought there was risk of road washout damage from the rains, so the FS decided to close the road up to CC. Also mentioned the Pine Valley gate fire road, but they said that road was boring, so appears they were not mistaken about where they were when speaking with the ranger. So possibly (hopefully) nothing more than rain related??
  10. Awesome!