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  1. Made it to Montrose CO. Setup camp and wait 4 the night . Tomorrow I will be at Pikes Peak. Las night I took a hotel. Large thunder and lightning. Road closures with mudslides from the Durango fire. Long delay.
  2. Rode the first 400 mil. Dipped 3 times into the river and stopped here. Now I am on my way to Grand Canyon.
  3. I am bored at home and decide to leave today. What a good live with beeing Retired.
  4. I will activat the tracker on Tuesday morning for the one who like to watch my progress: https://share.garmin.com/share/UdoPutzke2018 Please no Text or coments thru this link since it is taking my Home cumunication away and I wont take a PC (is defect) with me. Thank you for understanding.
  5. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    I have one (40L) and dont use it.
  6. DR650 no Question ask.
  7. Smoking deal diesel oil

    That's sound good, will stop there tomorrow. Normal I run the Amsoil in my Power stroke, but I also run it for 20000-30000 miles with a separate micro bypass filter. Thanks.
  8. Serviced and load up the Bike for the San Diego 2 Halifax trip. Ready to rock and roll. Plan is 5-6 day's via Sedona, Pikes Peak, Mount Rushmore to Minneapolis and get a new rear tire installed. Than north into CAN (Thunder bay, Toronto, Quebec, Halifax, Main, - - - - -Indiana, Iowa, (National Motorcycle Museum) and slow down to SD.
  9. Carl, Nice report and for sure a nice Trip. I hope I can do it safe to.
  10. I will place the INREACH link later.
  11. looks like a nice neighbor hood up there, only the white stuff is what I don't need. Will read thru your report later.
  12. I am not cutting out, just save this for the next trip.
  13. Nice ride, Is on my next to do list.
  14. Sound good. I will try to place my INREACH link later.