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  1. Casa Machado Restaurant 3750 John J Montgomery Dr, San Diego, CA 92123 Located in: Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport Good food and plenty of parking.
  2. Not something what I attack with my GS 1150.
  3. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    I always have a map and $15 compass with me.
  4. But the US has World champion"s in Football, Baseball and what is the 3rd??? I have been to Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Italy, to all the TT races in the 70th with Bike , tent and a bottle red vino. One of the best time in my youth.
  5. Just go on the weekend to Palomar Mountain and the Mulholland drive And you have the same there.
  6. You will find the naked Girls at the "BowenRanch / https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/deep-creek-hot-springs-trail Hot Spring" but you have to hike.
  7. Wildcat / 67 / 8 weekdays

    Not me. I am retired and sleep in.
  8. The next step (what moto to get)

    619-622-0799 Daniel klx400
  9. The next step (what moto to get)

    I just got an offer for a 2003 KLX 400. I have personal interest I the bike or sale. contact me if you need the sellers contact.
  10. Kelly, please send me the shipper information for the bike to Virginia.

    1. Zubb



    2. Zubb


      disregard above.

      I sent an email to you @ .putzkes - fahrspass 

      It's a forward from my son that shows the contact name and the 5 page contract so that you can see what that looks like.  Let me know if the email didn't go through and give me a new email address to send to.

  11. '04 1150GS ... it's perfect

    Did you sold her to Usbekistan via Western union check? LMFAO
  12. Great to hear and I will try to get a bike for the next years DASH.
  13. I like this place but 1,250.000 for a lot in the middle of nowhere with Border view.
  14. GPS Question

    http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap62seriescomparison.html check this out and you have to make a decision what you need. I don,t need 200 tracks, this will get very busy to search.