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  1. Are we riding this weekend or repairing KTM's? Lets talk on the fire about this KTM issues. Dont think that my 1977, 350 GS had a CS.
  2. I don't have concerns, is just that I am not ready for more pee gravel and sand with the 1150 and gear. We will find a way around and for everyone. Will bring my radio. what frequency do we use? found the FH
  3. FREE GEAR to Donate !!!

    How about the Tank bag?
  4. Sorry, We leave on the 2/24 to OZ and finish where I left off last year.
  5. Life is fragile!

    Yes, I remember this face, 2 young to die. R.I.P.
  6. wood splitter

    For the bobcat, It would not even warm up for the amount wood I have. For the rental, I consider this if nothing comes up for a 12 pack.
  7. wood splitter

    I got this 2, but I am 2 old 4 this kind of splitting.
  8. wood splitter

    Does any one has a Wood splitter I can loan out for a weekend or during the week.? I have dry wood what I like to split ready for the fire pit.
  9. BOX Canyon

    i just found this footage. https://ronslog.typepad.com/ronslog/2018/10/box-canyon-flood.html
  10. Smokers Rule

    Simple tool made in POLAN.
  11. Did anyone road the Box canyon lately? I had to turn around yesterday (with my Truck and Camper) after 12 miles down from the freeway. Looks like a nice ride for the Adventure bikes. It is closed, but there is a way around the barrier.
  12. BikeSlut is leaving.

    Sorry I will be in LV for the SEMA show.
  13. I am working on it. Will pick up Tires tomorrow and have it down on the calendar.