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  1. Alaska Throwback

    I can keep this in mind, I have booked 2 months OZ again for early next year.
  2. Tools, tubes and water

    Last Year on the freeway in LA, Fix with the Clamp from the Charcoal canister, made it home and did the final fix.
  3. 50/50 in/out, we leave on 9/13 to CANADA for 3 weeks. Will see if I can get loose for some hours.
  4. Tools, tubes and water

    Today = Beach day. Chico and the BMW went to the beach and took me to. On the way back we stopped at Cycle gear for a pair of PIT Boots.
  5. Tools, tubes and water

    OK, the bag is 11#, not included the fuel hose, Spare light bulbs and Toilet paper. But I took the end muffler off (11#). So I am good. I think on a bike like this it dos not matters. For my TT600 I will have less tools and more special tools.
  6. Tools, tubes and water

    In front on top of my Tankbag.
  7. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    OK its not this aggressive, I had the TRACTIONATOR GPS on my GS1150 and I liked id. 8400 miles on asphalt full loaded. Noise, who cares, the bike is louder. And I will go back to a full set MotoZ. Should get 10000 miles on a 250ccm.
  8. New member intro from SD

    Welcome to the dirt/street rider Gang.
  9. Its like every thing else in LIVE. A STOP sign is a STOP sign, not a ROLL OVER sign. A RED light is a RED Light, not a I can make it Light and last (Or not) You should not talk/text on the PHONE wile driving....................
  10. Palomar Divide 9-2

    Must have lost it after Lunch. I Did see it in ANZA.
  11. Palomar Divide 9-2

    What a nice way to start the new retired week. Getting up at 6AM is not my way anymore if I don't need to. Today I needed and it paid negative back. I where tire during the whole ride, might also come from the painkiller I take the last days. First group meet with 3 more riders at Packard's in Ramona and right into the dirt. Black Canyon, Mesa Grande to the Hideout. here we picked up (MIKE?). after a short stop we made it to the entrance for the Palomar truck trail. Easy pace, no lay downs only one broken rear shock with ride retirement. After lunch in Anza we split up, 3 Mopeds went on to Thomas MT and more. Me and KTM 1190 Mike went home. Good ride and know is time to enjoy the rest of the ???? day weekend. Thanks for posting.
  12. Tools, tubes and water

    And as promise, here my tool / part list for the BMW 1150 GS BMW 1150 GS tool list; Daily on my bike. Set screw driver, 2 tire iron, tweezers, steel brush, spark detector, vice grip, side cutter, flat plier, flashlight, brass caliper, brass feeler gauge, small knife, Voltage check, Torx inserts, Allen insert with adapter socket, Scissor, open box wrench, ratchet, sockets, Allen wrench, pliers, Loctite, spark plugs, bag with fuses, hose clamps, bale wire and electric tape, 8 quick straps (tire change help) 5 feet electric wire, (safety Inspector), 5 feet fuel hose with Quick connectors, tire fix kit with 5 CO2 bottles, Air compressor and some additional tube patches with rasp and glue, 911 reader, spare light bulb, spare batteries, First aid stuff, sun lotion, and last and least Toilet paper. All tools are matched for the BMW use.
  13. Tools, tubes and water

    Dickkopf German? I have all tool and parts with me all the time. Yes there is some weight, but I can give fuel to a other bike, with out sucking it from the fuel tank. Thanks to BMW. A full tool set to change a tire, fix a tire, and even to adjust the valves if I need. I will make a list tomorrow after the ride.
  14. For riders from Ramona , or who like to join in. I leave Ramona (Packard's Cafe) at 7 AM and ride to the Hideout meeting point via, black canyon, mesa Grande. Group will leave from Hideout at 8 AM. Alles Klar??????
  15. 7:00AM leaving Packards Coffee Shop, Sunday 9/2/18. to Hideout via Black canyon, Mesa Grande.