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  1. I'll help with stuffing packets/registration
  2. Please put me on the list.
  3. If only there were a 950 cc (or so) enduro type bikes - that weighed close to 400 lbs. You'd think someone would make something like that.
  4. Glad to see you pulled the trigger on the EXC. How are you liking it compared to street riding?

    For me, I don't miss the street AT ALL!. Way too many lunatics texting, doing their make up, and probably half drunk.


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    2. jawhitmoyer


      Well, for maintenance, you can pretty much double what they say. I have switched to Rotela full synthetic without issue. I have 190 hours and my valves haven't changed since my first check, so I think they are way more reliable than the book would indicate. 

      Let me know when you get street wheels. I have thought about it myself.

    3. eddie


      Warp 9 sumo wheels installed.  The bike is insane.

      A friend in Colorado recommends Silkolene PRO 4 PLUS 10W-50 for all his dual sport stuff.  

    4. jawhitmoyer


      Send me a pic. I use Shell Rotela T6 full synth. It's for diesels, and doesn't have the crap tat gums up the clutch. 

  5. We had a fatality on a street ride about 3 miles east of the CALFire Rincon station on the 76. We waited 30 minutes for help.
  6. In. Andrea is such a badass.
  7. A friend of mine bought this thing, tricked it out and then after some fire trails and street riding decided he had zero interest in dual sport riding. Total mileage = 1831 (as of 2016-06-22) Work performed when purchased it at 1269 miles: IMS 115521B2 Electric Blue Large Fuel Tank - 4.0 Gallon Capacity 2x Trail Tech 752-301 Black Vapor Stealth Computer Pirelli XCMH front with new HD tubes Dunlop 606 rear with new HD tubes Oil change 10W40 Synthetic 1.8 L New Oil filter New Air filter New Motion Pro Replacement Throttle Tube (01-0093) Double Take Mirrors IMS Pro-Series Footpegs 295511-4 Renthal fat bar CR HIGH 605-01 BU Pro Taper Universal bar mount to raise it only 3/4" Cycra Probend CRM for 7/8" Handlebar Blue Cycra Replacement Triple Clamp Side Mount System for Probend Handguards Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag installed on tail $4000 includes installed mods and all stock parts. WAS this NOW this:
  8. 2014 500EXC mirrors and kickstand

    Thanks - kickstand ordered. PMB - Did you change out the stock footpegs?
  9. Back in the saddle

    Call me when you're back. It'll be great to ride with you again. I'm hoping my learning curve isn't as sharp as the first time.
  10. Hands-on Gun Show

    Are you home?????
  11. Back in the saddle

    After some time out after a street get off, I am back in the saddle. After torturing myself about it for 6 months, I picked this up last Friday. See ya'll out there.
  12. 2014 500EXC mirrors and kickstand

    Did you find a better alternative that that kickstand?
  13. Toolbox

    message sent
  14. 2009 450 EXC KTM Plate

    Wasn't the EXC factory plated for CA? Is it the R model? NADA Kelly I'm looking, but think it's a bit much for a carbureted 450.
  15. I'm in discussions with a guy selling a '14 500 EXC. He tells me he got it from someone who crashed and broke their arm so got rid of it. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm wondering if any of the miscreants on this site have knowledge of the bike and how badly is was wadded up after the crash. Bike currently has +/-2800 miles on it. PM me if you have any information - Thanks! Effin Eddie