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  1. hodnettjj

    Speed - Out ??

    This thread would be better with pictures...
  2. hodnettjj

    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    His Baja Track will live on at Dual Sport Maps.com I have followed those tracks, and Goofy Footer, every trip I have been down there. I was just showing some friends the tracks for a possible ride between Christmas and New Years. I have been thinking about the few interations I had with him.. Just a really really good guy...
  3. hodnettjj

    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    I can't believe this. I am floored! We lost one of the good ones for sure! My condolences to his family.
  4. hodnettjj

    Recommendation for motorcycle accident attorney

    I recommend John Rosen http://crash-law.com/ He is a fellow rider and has been to the dash and a few other SDAR related camping events. Good luck with your case.
  5. hodnettjj

    Husaberg 570 vs KTM 500

    Thanks for the info... I look forward to swapping out the dizzer later this year...
  6. As the focus of the day 3 photos... they aren't spectacular... Tim has done a superb job with the write up so far I'll let him finish...
  7. hodnettjj

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    I was inspired to slim down my camping gear to better fit on the bike...
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Baja Goofy Knows^^^^^^^^^^^ I can't wait until I get to go down again...
  9. hodnettjj

    Any opinions on this product (CB Radio)

    "Slide right in to the Rocking Chair Bandit!!"
  10. Any chance you'll be doing one of these mid-week rides the 1st week in Jan? I know it's a bit far out...
  11. Nice to see this report... Last time I saw you, you were almost getting washed away sleeping on the beach at Bullhead City...
  12. Sounds like another successful Bullhead trip!! Are there any more stories from the Maverick's? That place was like a Jerry Springer waiting room when I went last time. There are so many options to ride out there. Sorry to see the Bronco has finally succumbed to the desert...
  13. Thanks for the heads up... I should be in town for that... I think I'll get 4 tickets, just in case...
  14. Thought I would adjust it based on my 2 trips.. :-)
  15. The Mighty Marines of VMM-161 the Grey Hawks out of Miramar. http://www.3rdmaw.marines.mil/Units/MAG-16/VMM-161/ Great ride report! Thanks for sharing... i believe this was Downs squadron...

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