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Race Tech Emulator Install

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Race Tech Emulators I found a great "how to" on the ADV DR650 thread and added my own touches (didn't say I was smart)

Distech's install worked perfectly. Thx for that! http://www.advrider.com/forums/showt...+dr650+rebuild Read his thread first as mine is just some personalized additions to Distech's outstanding post.

Definitely follow his advice on the homebuilt tool measuring 30mm. I took a caliper and wandered to several stores and came home with the 28.?mm and it turned in the tube. Find a good hardware store and get the right one to start. I tightened the bundle but it turned during heavy hammering (to get the allen head loose). I ended up drilling at a 45 degree into the nut, thru the bolt & inserting a screw in the hole to "pin" the two together.

Here's the stock spacer, spring & bottom washer with inside tube dropped down.


Frontless DR


Measuring the compression relief holes, 20mm center to center.


Build a fluid measuring device that suits you. I'm pretty sure I'm a decendent from the Murphy clan so I built one that wouldn't allow me to drop it in while measuring. It also hung in the center of the tube and was easy to see when it contacted the fluid.



After pouring the recommended 14 ounces of fluid in and cycling the fork to get air out of it (easier with the emulator out), I tried dropping the unit in the tube. It got crossed up so I hung it from a magnetic tool and lowered it into the drink.


Use the spring to hold the emulator in place and pull the magnet off of it.


If you have a mechanical tool grabber, it's probably easier. I didn't.

Get the emulator to seat in the tube, remove the spring and complete the fluid pour.

In cutting my new spacer, the instructions said to draw a line all the way around to keep the cut even. This was my way of doing that. Set the caliper and work your way around the tube.


Cut, debur & final surface on my $2 Home Depot glass with 320 grit.


Got this cool (at least I think it is) tool from Motion Pro http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/partno/08-0412 Thx Kelly!

It's blue, anodized aluminum & I need it.



It worked as advertised and made the fork alignment "bounceless" for a no-binding result.

Got the forkskins installed, lubed everything and torqued everything according to the manual. Black fork boots on the way to Yokomo.


It was sure nice getting the "solution kit" from Procycle as everything I needed was included. Keep in mind I got heavier springs which are shorter than the stock ones so I set the (now too short) stock spacers aside & used the provided (kit) spacer material. My son-in-law did emulators also but with the stock springs. He cut the stock spacer (I'd recommend just getting some PVC ) which was time consuming.

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Frontless DR


I can ride my DR like that :)

Great write up, I want to do that eventually, but will probably sell the DR for a better sprung bike that weighs about 90 lbs less instead :blink:

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Let us know how the test ride went. I have revalved dampers on my old KDX, but feel that the emulators might be the way to go for increased trail performance.

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Trophy- I appreciate the time it takes to attach the photos- like just doing the project isn't a pain enough, you document it with pics for the club

And for some people the pics makes it understandable because for some, the words is hard

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