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Idyllwild 6-14

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Went up to a ride on Mt San Jacinto.  We were to start down at Cranston fire station and ride up to Idyllwild for lunch and then return. 6 riders showed.

Jeremy ktm 690

Blair Husq 310

Tyson 450l

Andy ktm 500

Mark Harley 800

Myself ktm 500

As we started up the mountain I was really surprised at all the shooting that was taking place right of the trail. Many people shooting into these little canyons. Beginning trail in Bee Canyon was an easy ride up.  Had to get through all the people and jeeps. We then planned to go up a Black Diamond jeep trail. As we stopped and looked up I was surprised at the climb of the trail. From our intel it was a climb at the beginning. Pictures never show the real steepness of the trail.


If you lose momentum your done.


Jeremy went back down and cleared with clear trail and momentum.


We took a break after getting through that section.



We thought that was it. NO. It was a constant hill climb full of sections like or worse. Each section had a certain challenge. I had no traction. The bike was set up for HIgh Speed desert racing, not trail climbs. I would lose traction on the 2 ft wide line and then slide into a bike sized rut or hole. Then you are stuck half way up in sand trying to climb out a hole on the incline. I had not ridden a small bike in a few years, so my skills and fitness were not were they should of been. Flipped the bike over my head several times. 

Action shot on different trail later in the day. On the way back from a look out.


We then headed up to Idyllwild for lunch. It was full of tourists. Lots of bikes of all kinds. Seemed they were having some type of fair.  We got some stuff from the market and took over a closed business patio and had lunch.



After lunch we headed back down a easy decent trail back to the vehicles. 

We did a little over 70 miles on the day. 

All in all it was a great ride. Great group of guys. Big shout out to Blair and Mark who helped me through the tough stuff.












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I know that trail well.  It is Indian Creek truck trail.  Not really any switchbacks, fairly straight up and down, until the last few miles at the top.  Many adventures back in the day, going up and down.

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Nice Job! Great pics. I like the video. Looks like you all had a great time.

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