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Ktm 990 Nav upgrade

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On the last sunset ride I discovered some issues with the Ktm 990. First my fans were not working. Then my Zumo decided to quit working as we came down the mountain. I fixed the thermostat. Pretty easy fix. I replaced with a lower temp thermostat. 

The Zumo was a little more involved. I did not want to scrap the Touratech mount for the Zumo and spend a bunch of money to replace with another system. The old Zumo was locked in a mechanism attached to the mount. I had to cut the screws to look at what I had to play with. 



Once off I figured I could make an adapter plate and reuse the Touratech Nav mount. 


I wanted to be able to mount both my Garmin Montana and my phone. I had the power cradle for the Montana so I attached it to the plate and attached the ram mount for the phone. 



Turned out well enough. I will use it. I may trim and add some more rubber to the mounts, but for now it will work. I am hoping to do the same on the 500 when it arrives so share devices easily between bikes. 




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