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New Tusk Highland rackless vs Moskomoto reckless 80 v2

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Sitting at home being quarantined and I am looking at the new Tusk Highland bags. I figured I would pull out my Moskomoto reckless 80v2 and start comparing them. I cant wait for the Luggage Rally. Being able to compare luggage next to each other is a great thing. 

In looking at these bags overall, they are very similar in size. 

The Tusk Highland Rackless with 33L medium top bag and both accessory bags weighed in at 15lbs (luggage scale)

The MoskoMoto Reckless 80 v2 with stinger 22L top bag weighed in at 12lbs (luggage scale)


Top flaps or top bag holder

Tusk went with one large coming from rear of bag with Molle attachments


MoskoMoto has two smaller flaps. One coming from front and one from rear, both with small pouches or Map pockets


The big difference lies in the side bags. MoskoMoto has an open carriage which carries the dry bag where as Tusk has gone with an enclosed roll top side bag with a dry bag that goes inside of it. The pockets or bags on the Tusk luggage are slightly larger than the carriage/ bag on the Moskomoto luggage. 





The next big difference in the side bags are the pouches. The pouch on the MoskoMoto are sewn on and attached were as the pouches on the Tusk bags are removable and attach with a Molle system. The Tusk accessory pouches are a little bigger.

- MoskoMoto has come out with the Reckless 80L Revolver. It now has detachable "aux pox" instead of the sewn on attached pouches.





For the top bags that are available for this luggage there are two choices with the Tusk luggage. There is a 33L bag - medium, and a 22L bag - small. The small bag will come with a tent pole bag. 

The MoskoMoto reckless 80v2 came with the 22L stinger bag. 

I have the medium 33L bag next to the 22L stinger. The 33L bag is huge. The other obvious difference is the 33L is a top loader, where as the 22L is a side loader.



Last comparison would be the price.

Tusk Highland rackless luggage with Medium 33L or Small 22L (sm includes tent pole bag) top bag and both accessory bags are  $449 Msrp of $599

Moskomoto reckless 80L v3 Revolver (no longer make v2) bags with 22L top bag and both "aux pox" attachments are $745




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Weight: 6 lbs with all included components


Weight: 4.5 lbs (with included Hot Springs Heat Shield and 3 Dry Pods)

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