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I wanted to post this as many people use their phones to visit the site so they do not get the whole experience of the website. 

We have added a featured members photo window at the top of the site. Photos of members rides with links to their write ups will rotate in the window. We have also added a weather update that will alternate in that same window. 

We are working on something (like a tab) that can be put into members posts so that I can know if the original poster is comfortable with me sharing it with other social media. This is a public forum and people can see anything posted, but I do understand that we are more than social media and that some people like the club atmosphere more than having things posted on other social media outlets. This tab will also help us search photos to be shared in featured windows. More info will be sent when we finalize the process.

Finally we are reworking the Home Page. It is being completely revamped and we are trying to bring in some social media windows so that events/ rides / photos can be shared on it as well.

I hope everyone enjoy's the upgrades.

Thank you

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Cool.  Looking forward to seeing the end product.


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